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There are two gadgets on our kitchen bench that get daily love – our Thermomix and our Nespresso machine.

The Nespresso machine cost us about about a eleventy billion times less than the Thermo and, if I were inclined to do the numbers, which I am not as I’m not a numbers woman, I’d no doubt find that it’s easily paid for itself over the past 12 months.

Unless going out to meet up with others, Mr SY and I now happily take our daily caffeine fix at home. That’s a whole lot of takeaway coffees we haven’t spent money on.

Mostly we’re one-coffee-a-day peeps. He likes a mid-strength flat white. I like a sock-it-to-me, full-strength long black.

This is why the pod coffee system works a treat for us and why we have his and hers pods stashed and ready to go.

The only downside to the Nespresso pod system? You can’t buy the Nespresso pods at the supermarket with the rest of your groceries … you need to buy at the “boutique” or online.

We’re pretty lucky as Mr SY works in the city and is not adverse to a little lunch-time emergency caffeine shop but this can be very much a hassle for those without such easy access.

Enter stage left, Piazza D’Oro L’OR Espresso pods, that not only fit a Nespresso machine but can also be bought at the supermarket, and you have a caffeine supply solution that doesn’t require army-like pre-planning.

L'OR Espresso pods - review and iced black coffee recipe

What about the flavour, I hear you ask?

We’re fans. Big fans.

Mr SY has taken custody of the Lungo Elegante (05 – “overtones of woody cedar, fresh almonds and a hint of nutmeg with a light golden crema”) and I’m very much at home with the Lungo Profondo (08 – overtones of almonds, liquorice and a hint of delicate caramel topped off with a golden crema layer).

These Lungo blends are the newest additions to the L’OR stable of nine varieties with intensities varying from a 05 to a 10, as well as a decaf blend.

Each of the L’OR blends we’ve tried creates the perfect crema and a coffee that is free from any bitter aftertaste.

How these pods differ (apart from easier availability and slightly lower price – it works out about 64 cents per pod with L’OR and from 68-84 cents a pod at Nespresso) is that they come already perforated and wrapped in a foil package for freshness.  Nespresso pods are only perforated as you place them in your machine.

Summertime caffeine hit

Some days it’s just too damn hot for a hot coffee.

On those days I channel a little Greek Island romance and whip up an iced coffee inspired by these we ordered and drank when on Santorini 12 years ago.

Iced coffees and dessert on Santorini Greece

I remember at the time being surprised that they were iced black coffees. Then I remember being even more surprised that I very much liked them anyway.

In some ways they’re more refreshing without the milk – but if that’s something you can’t give up, don’t. Just add milk to taste afterwards or substitute out the water entirely for milk.

What I do like to add to my iced coffees – and you’ll find it in this iced black coffee recipe below – is a little sweetness. Not with sugar but with maple syrup and/or vanilla extract. They really seem to complement the flavour of the coffee.

And if I’m indulging, I try not to be a piggy wiggy like I clearly was in Greece (in my defence, it was the best Backlava I’d ever tasted). I’ll nibble on some dark chocolate and raspberries, creating a trio of pretty much my favourite foods.

Iced black coffee with maple syrup and vanilla

Iced black coffee with maple syrup and vanilla
Recipe Type: Drinks
Author: Nikki Parkinson | Styling You
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
This is a simple but tasty way to get a summertime caffeine hit. If you want to add milk, feel free to do so.
  • 1 L’OR Espresso Lungo coffee pod of choice
  • 1 tsp pure maple syrup
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup chilled water (or substitute for milk)
  • 1 cup ice
  1. Insert pod in Nespresso machine and press the “big cup” button to make about 1/2 cup of espresso coffee
  2. Chill in fridge for two hours or overnight
  3. Add chilled espresso to a glass or jar
  4. Add maple syrup and vanilla extract, stirring to combine
  5. Add ice
  6. Add water or milk
  7. VARIATION: mix all ingredients in a blender or Thermomix for an iced coffee frappe


Styling You and L’OR Espresso have a $100 Down That Little Lane voucher to give away to one lucky reader who might like to update the cups, out of which they drink their coffee.

To enter, answer this question:

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Comments 29

  1. My first coffee of the day is at breakfast and I have a plunger one, if I am out and about I’ll have a Latte` or if at lunch in my favourite cafe` I love to try their various flavours a different one each time

  2. My favourite way to indulge daily in a little caffeine hit is with friends. Failing that, sipping a strong mocha whilst catching up with friends ‘virtually’ on Instagram does the job!

    1. I can one-hundred percent vouch for Peta’s coffee preference – she’s definitely not averse to sending her iced coffee back if the barista has been a little stingy with the whip!

  3. I have my own version of a long macchiato. I don’t have a coffee machine of any type, so I make a cup of black instant coffee and stir it furiously until I get a little froth on top. Love it!

  4. White and one. In a big mug at breakfast time, and a half sized serve at morning tea. My other favourite way to drink it is at a cafe with a friend.

  5. I have recently been having my coffee with one tablespoon of cream, suprisingly good. I also now do my morning shake that way replacing milk with water and adding the tablespoon of cream.

  6. My husband makes my favourite coffee in our home machine but he works away so I have to hang our for when he gets home for my favourite brew. Guess I should get him to show me his techniques!

  7. My favorite way is when we are away in our caravan. What is better than a coffee and the knowledge that I dont have to do a thing. The nespresso machine for the caravan was a worthwhile indulgence.

  8. My favorite way to enjoy coffee is to have it in bed served by my lovely hubby 🙂 it doesn’t get any better than that.

  9. My favourite way to drink coffee it to make a frothy milky cup of cafe latte and sit quietly on my own, just be still, breathe slowly and savour the peace, the flavour of a lovely brew and some me time. A time to gather myself for what lies ahead, bustle, busyness and whatever else it may present… a precious communion with the new day.

  10. Ahh coffee – the day is not complete without a cup (or more!). My fave way to drink it is when I’m tired, when I’m grumpy, when I’m shopping, when I’m nagging (which is not often!), when I’m commiserating, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, and when I’m bad (only joking – it rhymed!).

  11. The best thing about the Nespresso machine is how easy it is to use…..for my children! My favourite way to drink coffee is in bed, at some awful hour of the morning, my 12 year old daughter makes me a double pod with a little milk and brings it through for me. I can barely string a sentence together (my youngest two are really working the night times) and my eldest knows it will benefit everyone if I get a little help first thing.

  12. Any way to drink coffee is my favourite!! Cappuccino, Espresso, Instant coffee, Iced Coffee, Irish coffee. No day is complete without coffee!

  13. My favourite way to drink coffee is in the morning.
    The coffee is lovingly made by my gorgeous barista (my husband), and we sit together in our backyard, sipping our delicious coffees while watching our hilarious puppy bounding about.
    My favourite way to drink coffee is surrounded by love.

  14. My favourite way to drink coffee is the slow weekend morning coffee. Made in relaxed circumstances – white coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a little honey.

  15. My favourite way to drink coffee? As often as I can! I am a 5-8 cup a day girl usually 🙂

    My go-to coffee if a Caramel Machiatto, but in summer I like to mix it up and get the best of both worlds, so I make up these amazing Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles – I discovered the recipe here:
    and have been addicted ever since.

    They are amazing! Rich, creamy and refreshing, and I also get my caffeine hit! Double win 🙂

  16. My favourite way to drink my coffee is either a not too strong Cappuccino with lots of froth (lactose free milk) and a fair bit of adult strength Vittoria Dark Chocochino on top,no sugar and very hot and I like a caramel latte as well.
    I too have a coffee machine which was super expensive and it has too paid for itself over the last 2 years I have owned it. Being lactose intolerant a lot of coffee places do NOT have lactose free milk and if they do they charge extra for it ,so I enjoy my coffees at home ,most of the time.
    Thankyou for the recipe Nikki I have only tried a milky version of iced coffee and will give your recipe a whirl!

  17. Best coffee ever was in Cambodia earlier this year.
    We had risen at 4.30am to meet our guide and driver in the hotel foyer, and picked up our picnic breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries. We were then driven to the back gate of Angkor Wat and had about 30 minutes walking around in the dark with torches, just the guide and the two of us, before another group arrived. We eventually made our way around to the front of Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise with a couple of hundred people; then continued our guided walking tour of this amazing monument until 9.30am- at which point we were hot, hungry and in dire need of caffeine.

    Our guide took us down to a local cafe where we could view Angkor Wat from a slight distance and eat our breakfast picnic, as long as we purchased a drink. And what a drink! Coffee made the Cambodian way where it drips through a cup into a glass, add ice and top up with condensed milk to taste.Sweet, strong and cool it was the perfect compliment to a once in a lifetime experience.

  18. My favourite way to drink coffee is with my bestie. She moved from Canberra to the sunny coast 3 years ago so if I only indulged when I saw her it would be a while between drinks. My daily fave is a decaf flat white with a teaspoon of rapadura sugar. Decaf because I love coffee but fully caffeinated seems to not like me.

  19. I freeze any leftover coffee from my plunger in ice cube trays and add those to my iced coffee, or to milk with chocolate to make a mocha.

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