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It was a bit of a shock to the system last week … on many levels.

Organising and coordinating product and models for the photo shoot for my book in Sydney was a shock enough but experiencing cold weather again – in November – that was just a little too much for this Queensland girl who’d forgotten to pack a cardi and bed socks.

Thankfully my gracious host, Mrs Woog, was able to supply matching sweatshirt and socks as well as a nana rug for me to wrap around my knees while we watched a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon.

See, in Queensland, this is how we roll:  once the calendar clicks over to September 1, it’s like someone flicks a switch on winter and gives us a free pass, do-not-pass-go ticket to summer.

Even now, as I sit here writing, the doors are wide open, the air is still and I have a light sun dress on. No socks. And no Kardashians for that matter.

This September-May summer scenario means that I’ve long placed most focus on my summer wardrobe. Winter is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair. Summer is more a oh-my-God-you’re-here-already-but-I-still-want-wear-jeans-even-though-they’re-now-packed-away-until-April set up.

Long story, short, this is why I embrace the frock.

Casual frocks, dressy frocks and everything in between populate my wardrobe and see me through all manner of occasions that require me to look, well, frocked up.

And that’s where today’s Model and Me designer comes in.

I’m a huge fan of Masayo Yasuki and her label, Dogstar.

Dogstar is a Queensland-based label that has enduring appeal. Masayo’s designs are equal parts quirky and structurally beautiful.

You’ll find more than a nod to Masayo’s Japanese heritage but in the Laika collection you’ll also find this nod mixed with stunning prints and patterning.

This season’s Plume dress is no exception. Here is is on the model (heads up: it’s currently on sale).

The model

Dogstar 3/4 Plume dress | spring summer 2013-14

Dogstar 3/4 Plume dress $239 (on sale)

and me

Dogstar dress Zoe Kratzmann shoes Elk necklace Verily necklace

Dogstar dress* (I’m wearing size 14) |  Zoe Kratzmann shoes | Elk necklace | Verily necklace | Uberkate bracelet | Michael Kors watch

Dogstar dress Zoe Kratzmann shoes Elk necklace Verily necklace

Ok, so this is a dress that is not for you if you’re someone who needs to highlight and show off your waist.

I love that it’s a beautiful, soft drape from the bust because when things heat up I really don’t like being constrained by fabric. Plus, my short torso means that very few dress shapes actually help create the waist I wish I had.

And let’s talk about my arms, shall we?

There comes a point – as things heat up – that I totally get over my tuckshops and get them out there for the sake of comfort. A bit of fake tan action helps with my confidence.

Besides, the moment I saw that incredible fabric print and asymmetrical hemline, I just thought … tuckshops be damned.

And then I reminded myself that if I’m happy to strip down to a swimsuit, then what’s a bit of arm flapping between friends?

Are you a Dogstar fan? Is it summer already where you live? How do you dress to cope? 

PS. It’s a big week in the SY Household. Miss SY graduates from Year 12 and heads to Schoolies on the Gold Coast. I think I will be wearing big sunnies and waterproof mascara all week.

* This garment was sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I love the print on that dress! But sadly, I look like I’m wearing a potato sack when I wear dresses without a waistline. Very pretty on you though!

  2. Tuckshops be damned! I love it Nikki.
    I feel the same way when it heats up here in Sydney.

    Thanks to you lovely lady…I have just placed my first Bella Lido order! A Molly Maxi dress in the yellow dot (which I was a bit apprehensive to order, as I have to bare my bingo-wings…but thought, why not live dangerously) and a pair of caramel Roman sandals. After I saw the sandals on you in your jacket post I had to have them! I have been after a pair of stylish and classic caramel sandals for years, and they are just the ticket.

    thank-you once again for your blog and inspiring words. you rock my world!

    xx Manda

  3. This is a beautiful dress and you wear it well. I too am self conscious about my arms but once summer is officially underway (sometime in the next few weeks hopefully although you never know in Melbs!) I don’t give a rats and go with the flow.

  4. This dress is gorgeous and though I am one to need my waist highlighted I like those shapes for their comfort. You look wonderful Nikki and I hope you have a great week. x

  5. I love that print…and the pop of red. And I like that it looks like you can wear a normal bra with this dress…so many summer dresses that I like need a strapless bra and my lifestyle just is not a strapless bra lifestyle!

  6. Nikki that dress looks stunning on you!! After a week in the US I don’t know I should be buying more but I am very tempted!!! On that, I have to tell you my excitement at the NYDJ outlet in LA. The jeans are ridiculously cheap over there anyway but the day we go, the outlet shop had 50% off everything!!!! I got a pink pair for $10. Couldn’t believe my luck! Kate Spade also had 40% too! Good luck with Miss SY’s final week of school and schoolies.

  7. I think Disqus ate my first comment!

    Congratulations Miss SY and Nikki I hope your waterproof mascara supply is plentiful 🙂 x

    PS love the print on that dress. You look beautiful. x

  8. It’s a beautiful dress Nikki, and you look amazing in it! The fabric print is just divine! This style really isn’t for me, as I have too much boobage. But you’re really rocking it, as I’m sure you will with everything else you have going on this week. Congrats for getting to this point, and keep the tissues handy! x

  9. Congrats Miss SY! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, but in the meantime – celebrate!
    You look absolutely gorgeous once again, Nikki. Beautiful dress. Love the layered necklaces and those shoes are TDF!

  10. That dress is stunning Nikki! I love the print and the fabric ,very beautiful ,I have no waist either but do not mind a dress that just falls like this especially in the heat.
    Yes we have a few seasons in one week here in Sydney on Friday and Saturday it was so hot had the aircon running full blast and yesterday it was cool as is today,I always pop a Jacket in my bag or the car “Just in Case”.
    I feel for you with your daughter finishing year12 and going to schoolies it is a hard time for a Mum sending you a “Hug” and keep those sunnies handy:) Love this post and I bought a Camilla Kaftan(squeal) now just have to justify it to the other half ,I am going to put some of the blame on you!

    1. The print is so beautiful Lisa – it was love at first sight! SQUEAL to your Camilla purchase – you’re worth it – it’s a big year for you?!! How long till the birthday? You can just wear it every day for justification!! x

  11. Looking lovely, as usual Nikki. Love the splash or orange. I too am a great fan of the frock. Mainly because it’s easy – no stressing about whether I have the right top with the right skirt/shorts/jeans etc. of course there is still the anxiety over choice of shoes, handbag and bling, which is where you come in! Often a search of SY helps with that:) God bless and keep your baby safe this week (been through it 3 times so I know exactly how you feel) xx

    1. Ah, can I have you on speed dial for next week’s Schoolies? My son opted for a quieter week at Rainbow last year, so I’m a Gold Coast rookie. I went myself as a uni student Toolie back in the day of no IDs. Very different now – and Miss SY is still only 16!!! Eeek.

  12. How is it that your posts send me straight to the ‘buy now’ tab?! Well done! This looks great and those are perfectly lovely, normal arms. Not an ounce of ‘Tuckshop’ in sight- why are we so hard on ourselves?

  13. I love your dress and commitment to grooming. I wear a truckload of makeup and sparkly jewellery to divert the eye from the less-than-prime -parts of my being. And I stand by a tan. Or a fake one anyway. Have a great week. And can I just add that Fashion and nice frocks aren’t just for the gym toned 20 somethings in the 1st flush of youth. Nice frocks for All I say. x

    1. I’m very much in favour of the truckload of makeup and diversionary jewellery tactics … only included hair part shot in this post as it was freshly “blonded” that morning so a rare occurrence of good hair grooming. The week will be great. Emotional but great. x

  14. Nikki, my first thought was there is no way I can wear this dress with my EnormoBoobs with the straight across neckline and bustline pleating (pleating!!), and then I saw you in it, with our similar boobage and waistage issues!

    You’ve done it again! The asymmetrical hem creates movement and draws attention, not to mention the very clever print placement, plus the old long necklace trick works to draw the eye down. Love it!

    Oh and wide straps to hide boob scaffolding – perfect!

    Unfortunately, even on sale, I’m out of funds for new frocks, but I won’t steer away from this design in the future. Cheers xx

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