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Nikki is currently taking a beachy break in Bali for a girlfriend’s 40th, but the emails keep coming in at SY headquarters.

Here are 6 of the newsy bites we thought would interest you most, Stylers.  Enjoy!

Trans-seasonal travel wear

Whilst on the topic of travelling…these pieces are made from 45% fine cashmere and 55% natural silk, giving them a no-sweat luxe feeling perfect for long haul flying.

They’re cut for a woman’s body, sitting over your hips so they don’t ride up (imperative when you’re stuck in an airline seat for hours).  The arm length is extra long, but can be pushed up – and will stay there! Fitted, but not clingy, the top is the ideal piece when you’re flying from one extreme season to another.

You can see the full range here, and be sure to check out the ‘The Pant’ which are also made from a cashmere/silk mix.

This is making me want to travel…

Everyday Cashmere stylish travel outfit

BOOBS…or is that Bonds?

Driving down the highway the other day, there was a huge billboard emblazoned with the word BOOBS.  It only took a millisecond to recognise it as the Bonds-style logo.  Nicely played Bonds, nicely played.

This is all to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new range of bras sized 8A to 16G.  They’re comfy, colourful and supportive: three very important factors when it comes to  lingerie, don’t you think?

The iconic Aussie brand has taken everything Aussie women love about Bonds undies and created a range for up top that’s just as comfy and stylish.  However they don’t stop at making your bust feel good in supportive bras, they’re all about breast health too.  Tanya Deans of Bonds says: “we first partnered with NBCF in 2007, helping to raise over $500,000 for the charity through fundraising via Pink Ribbon products. Building on our long history, we’ve committed to a renewed partnership with the NBCF that will focus on supporting research into the early detection of breast cancer and educating Aussie women about breast cancer prevention through regular self-checks.”

I’m in love the with bright colours and cute, yet supportive styles for bigger busts!

Bonds Boobs bra range

 Tropicalia by Ruby Olive

For seasoned Stylers, Nikki’s opinion on the importance of great accessories is no secret.  If you’re new here, let’s just say that a great statement necklace or bangle can take an outfit from zero to hero in the flick of a necklace or bangle!

Ruby Olive Jewellery & Accessories have just launched a gorgeous new range called Tropicalia.  It features bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings – all with a fun tropical feel.

The pieces embrace bright sunny days, and warm summer nights: think bright turquoise, sunshine yellow, rich tangerine and vivid lime.

Ranging in price from $18-$85 there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Ruby Olive accessories


Nancy Ganz shapewear

With the Spring Racing Carnival well and truly underway, what is better than a new dress to wear to the races?  Some shapewear to make you feel fabulous whilst wearing it!

Nancy Ganz’s extensive shapewear collection is the number one shape wear secret this summer, creating a smooth silhouette from sunrise to sunset. With an extensive range of shapewear designed for every outfit, they keep you smooth and supported whatever the occasion.

I love this Dream Fit Cotton Slip, which will smooth out the winter bumps under and filly’s frock.

See the full range here.

Nancy Ganz Dream Fit cotton slip

How to save your favourite heels at the Spring racing carnival

Still on the topic of the races, what about your shoes for the event?  Have you bought a stylish new pair to wear?  Will they still look so good at the end of the day after sinking into the lush, green lawn?

Starlettos have come up with something to protect your beloved heels.  These discreet little stars fit snugly onto the point of your heels to protect them from the turf at the races or even at a spring garden wedding.

Designed by Aussie woman Ilde Naismith-Beeley, they are priced at around $16 and come in a range of colours so that no-one will even notice you’re wearing them!

I love a clever, homegrown idea.  Especially one that saves my favourite heels.  Genius!

Starlettos shoe savers

Vera Wang at Harris Scarfe

When a world-renowned fashion designer collaborates with a local department store who are the winners in this scenario?  That’s right; we win!

Vera Wang is known for her modern and sensual designs. She has created a collection for Harris Scarfe named “Simply Vera – Vera Wang” which includes a range of contemporary women’s fashion, accessories, bed and bath collections & home fragrances.

In true Vera style, the collection is inspired by her artful prints, fabrics, textures, and feminine style. With opening price points of $59.95 for a pair of signature ballet flats to $69.95 for a beautiful knit cardigan, the range is all about making the Vera Wang lifestyle accessible to all Australian women.

You can see more here.

Simply Vera by Vera Wang at Harris Scarfe

Well that’s another wrap up of the newsy bites that we’ve come across, have you got something you can share?  What’s your favourite new find?

If you’re interested in seeing what styles Nikki is wearing over in Bali, check out the @stylingyou IG feed.


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  1. I haven’t got big boobs but would love to try the new bonds bras as I have tried them before and they were so uncomfortable and not a good fit!
    I like this newsy post lots of great things going on!

  2. Nikki, as a member of the EnormoBoob Gang, I can vouch for the Bonds for Big Boobs range. My favourite is the plunge in hot leopard. I felt supported and comfortable all day and loved the occasional flash of hot pink under my dress. I can buy three or four Bonds bras for the same price as one of my usual Big Boob Small Back bras at Australian retail prices (which is why I have to buy them online from the UK).

    HUGE fan!

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