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It’s about this time of year that wardrobe thoughts may extend to the party season.

If you’re lucky enough to have parties – or a race day – to attend, that is.

I like to get smart about these thoughts. I’m less likely to covet a frock (and it’s always a frock) that will do just one event. I like to know that a frock will suit the first event I have in mind but that it will also get back up and out of the wardrobe again for a different event.

It’s the kind of advice that especially applies if you are heading off to the races this spring carnival. You want that race day dress to work its magic for the day but then to reinvent itself for a Christmas party, yes?

I believe I’ve found one such dress that will do just that. Especially if Derby Day (November 3) is pencilled into your event calendar. Derby Day is traditionally the race day where black and white are worn. This year that will be so easy for everyone to pull off as that monochrome trend I keep banging on about – and embracing – is well and truly entrenched in the season.

This dress is in my favourite style – the shift – I’m wearing a size 16 so it skims my hips but still works up top too. Β The length is just right on me too, landing at the top of my knees (I’m 167cm) and it’s cool and comfortable to wear. The fabric is a cupro (reprocessed rayon) and viscose mix.

I first came across the relatively new Australian label Mossee when trawling the internet researching for this post about how to wear a maxi skirt. I love that the label’s design aesthetic is all about simple elegance.

These are the kind of pieces that you can add to your wardrobe, safe in the knowledge that they’ll work very well for you now but also into the future.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

The model

Mosse Two Tone Dress

Mossee two-tone dress $189.95

and me

Mossee dress Miu Miu sunglasses Red Phoenix Emporium earrings Nicholas heels Mogil clutch

Mossee dress* | Prada sunglasses (US purchase last year) | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Mogil clutch (a gift from two girlfriends that keeps on giving) | Nicholas heels (bought on the cheap via Shopbop … I have nude in same style and love)

Taking this dress from this party look to the races is as simple as adding a hat or fascinator. Stick with black and white headwear or choose to work in an accent colour. On Derby Day it’s strictly black and white but for any of the other race days, all bets are off … pun very much intended.

Oh and I’m very much in favour of the colour panelling in this dress. Those white side panels work all kinds of magic to create an illusion of a more narrow torso than that with which I’ve been blessed.

Got any parties coming up over the next couple of months? What about the races? Are you going to any of the spring carnival events?

* This garment was sent to me for editorial consideration


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  1. Hi Nikki, you look stunning, and I am loving your hair. I would also love to see on your styling you is something on women heading towards 40 and what to do with their hair. I am 38 soon to be 39 and I am having so much trouble finding a hair cut that suits, I like, and not to young or to old. Help…… Some women look lovely with long hair at 40 but for me I just don’t know what to do. I know your great with this. Hope you can help pictures ideas anything. Thanks Nikki looking fab as always. From Bec

  2. Hi Nikki, would you be able to give me some advice on styling this dress for an evening cocktail look, please? Add colour or metallic? Shoes? Help!

  3. Love that this has sleeves. Very elegant. My 26 year old son asked me today, how to work out what clothes are good quality and what won’t last. I said to maybe go for brands that he has been happy with in the past. I have no idea what brands these would be though, for his age group. Any thoughts?

  4. Another great look Nikki. I think this dress would fit perfectly into my mostly monochrome wardrobe basics. It’s a style I can definitely see myself wearing.

  5. I love the illusion the white side panels give. I really love these model and me posts and hands down I reckon you beat the model every time with your awesome styling. x

  6. Gorgeous Nikki. That is a beautifully simple dress that would work for so many things!! So easy to dress up, love the pop of colour.

  7. Gorgeous Nikki. That is a beautifully simple dress that would work for so many things!! So easy to dress up, love the pop of colour.

  8. Hi Nikki, my favourite model and me posts recently are this one and the Metalicus. I think the dress looks better on you than the model in both. I am going to a conference in a few weeks and have my Mum’s 70th after that. I am trying to be more organised with my outfit planning rather than just throwing something on at the last minute. Thanks for all of your tips.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Nikki. Love the simplicity. Brands Exclusive have a Mossee sale on. Obviously not this beautiful dress but other things at very good prices. Just in case anyone’s interested :).

  10. Love this dress – looks fab Nikki. I’ve always been a fan of black and white – just look in my wardrobe! Also love the length. So many gorgeous frocks are too short (I decided a few years ago that my knees are not to be seen anymore – exceptions of course for pool or beach). Speaking of which it’s dreaded swimsuit shopping time. Any plans for a swimsuit post? Please please please!

    1. Yes, yes, yes to swimsuits. Next week is Resort Week on Styling You ahead of my week in Bali. Stay tuned. And about those knees. Mine don’t look so good but dresses coming to just the top of them work best for me. Most flattering length for most.

  11. I love this dress on you Nikki,Very pretty and could be worn for a variety of functions,I like how you have paired it with the hot pink shoes as well.No nothing on my calender atm Though i have lots of birthdays and my 50th next month but i have not decided what i want to do yet!I do have Christmas Partys penciled in already and that sort of scares me as i am no way ready for another Christmas.

  12. Looking mighty fine! The panelling is great, didn’t realise what it was doing until you pointed it out. Have a great Monday, and good luck with the last chapter.

  13. Love the look again…on you.
    I too am tempted to buy this flattering and classy dress, would hold me in good stead for fancy end of year school events and for Christmas parties all schzooed up with one extra colour

  14. Love this dress Nikki! It looks like it’d be quite flattering on a big-hipped gal like me (I’m a 14/16 up top and a 16/18 on the bottom – small waist)… Might be the excuse I needed to head to the races this year!

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