How to wear sport luxe without looking like a teenager

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When you think of the sport luxe trend do you imagine crop tops, sports bras as tops, excessive fluoro or leggings as daywear?

I do! I’ve seen fashionistas at various events glammed up like kids from Fame the musical.

Trust me I won’t be wearing any of these items any time soon and I’m pretty sure you don’t envisage them in your wardrobe either. Sport Luxe is a massive trend for Summer 2013 but how can you pull it off if you’re no longer 18.

Firstly what exactly is sport luxe?

Well it does not mean wearing tracksuit pants and running shoes on a daily basis hence the ‘luxe’ part of the phrase.

It’s a casual look with a relaxed silhouette that is ever so chic at the same time. Perfect for day wear if you nail it correctly. It is very tricky because you can end up looking like an extra from a One Direction video and no-one wants that.

Here’s some tips on how to wear sport luxe without looking like a teenager:

How to wear sport luxe without looking like a teenager

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Style Tips

1. Keep it simple! Choose dresses in relaxed fabrics, like cotton, sheer or silk jersey with loose flowing silhouettes. The idea is for the look not to be too fitted. Comfortable and minimalist is the key. Wear with sandals, block heels, wedges or even baseball boots or high tops if you’re brave enough.

2. Go for colour blocking and piping for that sporty feel. If the relaxed look isn’t your thing, another take on this trend is colour blocking. Choose cobalt or monochrome for a classic look that is perfect for work and play.

3. Avoid crop tops at all costs. They are everywhere for summer. DO NOT GET SUCKED IN! It looks great if you’re Rihanna or Katy Perry but for the average woman on the street it’s an absolute no no. Choose sweatshirts, jersey tops, slouch tops, racer backs or tees. Basically anything else. Pair with jeans or slouch pants with heels for an instant wardrobe update.

4. Avoid jackets emblazoned with lettering, you’re not in high school! This is almost as bad as grown men wearing baseball caps sideways. Almost but not quite. If you think you can pull it off go for it. I would play it safe with relaxed bomber jackets in muted colours and boxy jackets.

6. For a modern take on the tracksuit pant why not try a silk pair? Yes I know I mentioned not to wear tracksuit pants but it depends on the type and I think you know the ones I was referring to. The jogging pants that no-one really needs to see me in apart from my husband and that’s even pushing it. Sport luxe is all about luxe fabrics, you could even try embellishments for that extra touch. Wear with block heels or pumps for a day look with a twist.

7. Go for one sporty item in your outfit and tailor the rest. You don’t want to go overboard! Just choose one piece and work you outfit around it. A baggy sweatshirt with a pencil skirt and pumps or a bomber jacket over a fitted dress look great.

8. Invest in a pair of block heeled sandals. These are the must-have shoes of the Summer and they go with everything. Versatile and easy to walk in, what’s not to love? They look great with pencil dresses, tunic style dresses and slouch pants.

9. If you want some style inspiration check out the Bassike range. They are the masters of sports luxe design.

How to wear sport luxe without looking like a teenager

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So what do you think of the sport luxe trend? Will you be embracing it or keeping it for the school run?

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  1. PS I couldn’t resist a bright green sweatshirt emblazed with a flocked letter K recently – it was perfect with my GAP cotton boxers last night for sofa snuggles, but it Shall Not Be Seen in Public!

  2. The one way to get away with a crop top, if you really want to, is to layer a loose cropped knit over a tube dress or pencil skirt and long tank. Keep the fabric luxe, rather than sweatshirt material, to avoid looking a Fame extra! x

  3. Babe, you’ve nailed it! I will be wearing, gulp, elasticated waist and drawstring pants all summer – printed and plain – rolled up with block heel sandals and a casual loose tee. I haven’t found a bomber jacket that loves me as much I love them yet, but I do have a variety of boxy cropped jackets that will do the trick. I love my crazy high tops too!

    1. Printed pants are the go and how great are block heels! I’m sure you know how to rock sports luxe hun. You don’t need a bomber jkt! x

  4. Your tips are spot on, Dee! I have a pair of Nike high tops that I like to rock with pleather leggings, an oversized tee and Zara anorak – that’s my very casual version of sport luxe! I am loving the block heeled sandals coming in – bang on trend and comfy too – you’ve gotta love that!

  5. Great tips there Dee!!! I’ve got a bomber jacket that I’ve worn a few times that would be great for that sports luxe trend…but I only wore it casually with my pastel jeans.

  6. Great read! Agree with all of the above points:-) Coincidentally I recently did an outfit post featuring a sports luxe look and I’m delighted that it followed these principles mostly!! Those Wittner block heeled sandals are right on trend this season *dreamy eyed* :-)))

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Kalyani. Would love to check out your spin on sports luxe. I need a pair of those Wittner heels! Stat. x

  7. I have never worn a crop top and won’t be now either.I did try to pull of this trend a few years ago with the classy sort of trackpants that you are talking about but I never felt comfortable,maybe because of my flat pancake bottom does not suit any sort of tracksuit like pant.I do like the Country Road dress and the block heels are gorgeous but I could not walk in them.Great post Deauvanne But I will leave to the younger girls!

    1. I think everyone is avoiding crop tops which is good to hear. Yes it is a tricky trend Lisa. You could just wear a colour block jacket or add statement bag to your outfit if the sports luxe look isn’t for you. x

  8. Great post, as always – but I’m afraid I have a bit of a gripe: those ads that change on the side of the page, all that switching over is SO distracting when trying to read! I know they’re just trying to stand out, but PLEASE could they not keep changing? I’v resorted to zooming the page to cut them out but it makes the typeface enormous!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Pagan. I’ll be reviewing my advertising policies for the new year – there will be always be advertising on this site as without it, there would not be a blog with consistent quality content as I would not be able to devote my time to it.

  9. Good tips here. My crop top wearing days stopped in the early 90s, there is no chance of me jumping back on board that wagon. This can be a very fun look and I love the pieces you’ve highlighted. A wee bit of glamour combined with comfort is nice to see. And I’m loving the Marc Jacobs sunnies.

    1. Yes it’s such a fun look Kathryn. Glamour and comfort does it for me. The Marc Jacobs glasses are divine aren’t they! They come in another colourway too. x

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