How to use Pinterest to find your personal style

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pinterest helped my personal style

For a lot of women we develop our sense of style from those around us, those who raise us and the influences we pick up along the way. Maybe as we grow and develop into that style we are happy with it, maybe it falls away all together and we’re left with a sad version of what we used to call personal style.

The problem I had was being a size 20/22 in a world of fashion options that at the time stopped at a 14/16. Bit by bit I just couldn’t buy the items I liked. I found myself relegated to peasant skirts and blouses with a side order of badly fitting stretch jeans. Which for some is just what they were after. For me it was a fate worse than death. Or Crocs.

Bit by bit through blogging I found retailers who sold clothes built for me. Young, fun and sized to fit. I started to explore and develop a sense of style that was identifiably me. Then I found Pinterest. At first the women’s fashion category left me feeling isolated and alone. I wanted items for me, not more glossy fashion items that I loved but not for me.

Over time I learnt the ways of Pinterest. You might find these tips about how to use Pinterest to find your personal style useful too. I used the search function to my advantage and basically found my people. All the stripes-wearing, big-shouldered, tall girls who loved to follow trends and who weren’t really interested in fitting in. Gasp. I know, right. I was in heaven and piece by piece I put together the puzzle of my own look.

My Pinterest people helped me find new ways of wearing things, new retailers and role models. There were women who were pushing the boundaries of what I wanted to achieve in a way I could never have imagined. Soon I had found a look that was me. So very me. And most of all it was fun. Lots and lots of fun.

Pinterest Style - Suger Coat It

Some tips for finding YOUR style on Pinterest

  • Get your account ready by creating a MY STYLE board. Or STYLE INSPIRATION or LOOKS I LOVE. If you’re feeling shy use one of your three secret boards and pin away happily knowing no ones knows about your recent fashion obsession.
  • Check out the other boards this is pinned too section for other boards you may like to follow. I’m hoping that you know which section I mean when I say that. Take a look next time you open an image to pin it, it’s at the bottom.
  • Follow brands who clothes you like. For me some of the brands I love don’t stock a size I can comfortably wear. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the aesthetic they create. Follow along and find ways to incorporate those looks from retailers who HAVE caught up.
  • Use the search function and be specific. If it’s a stripe t-shirt outfit for a picnic you’re looking for, search for that. Then narrow it down to stripe t-shirt outfit or simply stripe t-shirt if that doesn’t work.
  • If there is a celebrity whose style you admire, search for them and start pinning the outfits of theirs that you love for future replication opportunities. Sure you may not be able to afford thousands of dollars for a neon Birkin bag, but you can add a pop of colour in a similar way.

So if you’re searching and nothing is really taking your fancy. You’re wading through the dozens of diet ads {don’t believe them, there’s nothing wrong with you} and abdominal workouts and you just can’t find anything you like or that inspires you. What now?

Start by following more boards and people who inspire you in this sense. The more images you see the more you will spot something that you love. The more often you’ll come across a pin that you would just LOVE to recreate.

Some aspirational boards for inspiration

Some fashion boards that are a little more accessible


Are you on Pinterest? Is finding fresh ideas for outfits something you do there? 


melissa walker horn suger coat it profile imageMelissa Walker Horn is the chief blogger at Suger Coat It, a blog about living the sweet life. Known as Suger, Melissa loves her family, too much butter on fresh bread and anything with stripes on it. She created the Confident You series and shares her love of fashion, the gym and cooking most days of the week on her blog or via her weekly newsletter. A social media addict and consultant, you will find Melissa anywhere you search for Suger with an e.    

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  1. Melissa I love reading you over at Suger Coat It, I’m still only half way there at accepting myself yet I look at other girls (esp you and Danimezza) and think you look amazing! It’s weird that I criticise myself and genuinely adore others?
    BTW, you have amazing pins, you rock a pencil skirt like no one else

    1. Thank you Jane! Acceptance and self confidence is something that you do everyday, I think, it’s like a muscle. So keep building that muscle. Because yes, it is weird but we all do it.

      THANKS! Lots of time at the gym in those legs. Haha.

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  3. I have used Pinterest a little bit for outfit inspiration but I think I need to use it a whole lot more. Thanks for all the awesome tips Melissa, I am sure they will help me with my quest. I have now followed you on Pinterest also. As much as the specific items you detail on your blog are not always available in my size I have been know to browse your posts quite often. I just love how you embrace your personal style and I have gotten outfit inspiration and then recreated with similar pieces. I am looking forward to seeing even more now with Pinterest.

    1. You’re so welcome Mindy! Thank you for the post browsing, I do the same thing with a lot of the fashion bloggers outside of the plus world. I love to pick up ideas from all shapes and sizes and see how it’s going to work on me. Or how to MAKE it work on me. See you on Pinterest! 😉

  4. I Love Pinterest and I am so glad you have found your personal style from there.You have a lovely style By the Way Melissa and I find Pinterest great for other things as well,Great post Thank-You.

  5. Great article! If I’m looking for an outfit to match with an item I have (say a black blazer) I put into the search ‘black blazer polyvore) which is also a great site for putting together outfits. They get posted on Pinterest a lot. I have so many ‘outfits’ in my wardrobe that i didn’t even know about thanks to Pinterest!

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