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Editor’s note: Dear SY reader, depending on what time you read today’s post, I’ll either be on my way to the airport, winging it to Bali or settling in for my first cocktail at our villa in Seminyak. The occasion is my gorgeous girlfriend Simone’s 40th birthday. She usually celebrates her regular birthdays with a big girls’ lunch at home that extends to an all-night party when the boys are invited in at 5pm, so it seemed fitting to mark the big 4-0 in a way that took the concept of her regular parties up a notch. Six days ought to do it. There will be 11 women,  one villa, five bathrooms, very little sleep and a whole lot of First World problem-solving.

So, what’s going to change around here on SY this week? Not too much. I’ve got the wonderful Kim Abbate from Working Women Australia helping me out behind the scenes on the blog. I’ll be popping in when I can but in between times, Kim will be answering your comments under The SY Team banner. Plus, we also have a couple of posts already lined up.  I’ll be doing some writing while in Bali and, if the internet wi-fi gods play nicely, will have some “postcards” for you on the blog by the end of the week. In the meantime, you can follow along on Instagram or Facebook


Blame it on my nostalgia for the early 1990s but I have a thing for chambray or anything closely resembling it.

It’s one of the trends I did the first time round that I’m happy to embrace again. And again. And again.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of the pale denim pant or jean I talked about in this post.  I even took my own advice, went out and snapped up the Country Road pants to wear on the plane to Bali today. Very good move that one.

So when Sam, the gorgeous designer from Australian label, Ollie & Max (remember this shirt … and this shirt … and this skirt) emailed to say that she had a new pale blue shirt in her collection and would I like to try it, let’s just say it took all of two seconds to say yes.

I knew exactly how I was going to wear it for our already warm days – with white and an accent of light tan or nude accessories. It’s the same colour story as how I like to wear my Country Road pants.

Love the freshness of this classic combination.

This chambray shirt and white shorts outfit is something that I would wear, knowing that I’d potentially be in the sun longer than I like to be. This can happen at spring/summer social events despite my best sun-safe intentions.

The fabric on the shirt is 100% soft cotton. Yes, that means ironing but it’s an easy iron. Or so I’m told as Mr SY handles that sort of thing around here.

It’s incredibly light to wear – something essential in a sleeved-summer shirt – and the cuffs are buttoned so you can roll the sleeves up if you like.

What’s not to love?

Chambray shirt and white shorts outfit | Ollie & Max shirt, NYDJ shorts, Proof sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Bella Lido sandals, Dinosaur Designs ring

Ollie & Max shirt* $129.95 | NYDJ shorts | Bella Lido sandals* $85 | Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag | Proof sunglasses | Dinosaur Designs ring

Are you partial to a little chambray in your life? Love a good cotton shirt?

* These items were sent to me for editorial consideration


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  2. Very sophisticated, cool and chic. Chambray is making a major comeback and I for one am happy about it – though I’m not sure why! Have a fabulous time, Nikki and drink copious amounts of cocktails for me!

  3. Yes I love a cotton shirt especially a soft and comfy one ,You look lovely in shorts,and I love nude shoes with the blue and white.I rarely wear shorts as I am a real dress girl or a printed pant lover,Those CR pants will be so comfy on the plane and they will look chic when you get off as well.
    I hope your friend Simone has a lovely 40th birthday in Bali as I am sure she will and all your other friends as well and you Nikki take a well deserved relaxing break as you must be a bit worn out from all that book writing.Have a cocktail or 3 for me and Enjoy:)
    Looking forward to your postcards from Bali!

  4. Love that chambray shirt and all the others linked to too.
    Have a fabulous trip to Bali, so well deserved. I will look forward to your Balinese escapades and tips again…for my next trip!

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