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There’s no escaping the humidity and the heat when in Bali.

Except, of course, if you remain in an air-conditioned room or standing in a pool drinking cocktails.

I totally endorse those two options – and may have employed them myself while in Bali last week – but there comes a time when you need to get out. To venture beyond your villa and explore.

For those times, I like a light, flowy frock in a breathable fabric. The flowy is important to me (if I have things constricting my body it just makes me sweat more), as is some sleeves for sun protection.

On this particular day we were going from lunch to afternoon drinks, changing venues but not returning back to the villa for a costume change.

It was the perfect opportunity to bring out this dress from the current Binny collection.

Nina Proudman Offspring fans will remember Binny for this skirt in Season 4. Binny is just of the many independent Australian designers that get picked up to feature in the wardrobe for Offspring – and deservedly so.

Stay tuned for news on what’s being featured from Binny on Nina in the next season of Offspring currently being filmed in Melbourne.

In the meantime, here’s the model wearing the Binny Bosa Nova dress.

The model

Binny Bossa Nova dress

Binny Bossa Nova dress $259

and me (at lunch)

Binny Bossa Nova dress at Motel Mexicola

Binny Bossa Nova dress* | Misano sandals* | Samantha Wills arm party | Sophie Kyron earrings

and me (at sunset drinks)

Binny dress, Misano sandals, Samantha Wills arm party, Sophie Kyron earrings

If you’ve already clicked through then you’ll see that this dress has sold out online. It’s still available in selected boutiques around Australia so if you’re keen, email Binny with your location and she’ll help you find a store.

I’m wearing the size 14 and it’s just ok across my bust (my bust is a 16D). The dress also features small gold bells in its detailing so there’s no chance of ever sneaking up on anyone in it.

Postcards from Bali

This trip was so short. It was fun to re-visit favourite places and to discover some new ones.

I do love Mexican food and Motel Mexicola is new to Seminyak since my January visit. It was pretty quiet on this particular lunch day – the whole of Seminyak was quiet as it was a Hindu religious day and many of the shops were shut – but I imagine with a big crowd that it has an addictive energy.

The menu is simple and cheap. My pick from the menu? Jugs of margaritas for $30 and $3 fish tacos.

Motel Mexicola, Seminyak, Bali

Margaritas at Motel Mexicola, Seminyak Bali

Motel Mexicola, Seminyak, Bali Motel Mexicola, Seminyak Bali

Pork and pineapple salsa tacos at Motel Mexicola, Seminyak Bali

After lunch we met up with the rest of our group and our drivers for a 30-minute trip to Ayana Resort at Jambaran.

Ayana is a stunning place to stay and is now on my wishlist but it’s also home to the Rock Bar, an amazing bar and restaurant on the rocks of the bay at the bottom of cliff that you reach via an inclinator.

It’s extremely popular – especially for sunset drinks – and can only hold limited numbers, with a priority for guests staying at the resort.

We didn’t get there early enough so rather than still be standing in the queue watching the sun set without a cocktail in our hand, we moved to the resort’s Sunset Bar on top of the cliff.

Queue for sunset at The Rock Bar

Nothing like a statement drink in a watermelon to set the mood.

Watermelon cocktail at the Sunset Bar, Ayana Resort, Jambaran, Bali

Sunset at Ayana Resort

As night fell, so did the numbers at the Rock Bar. So we all took the trip down for one drink and vowed to come back and stay for a proper session.

Glowing drinks menu at The Rock Bar

Have you been to the Rock Bar? Or Motel Mexicola? Love a loose and flowy dress for summer?

PS. We stayed at Bali Villa H2O in Seminyak – it’s simply stunning and perfect for a large group of people. You can find more details about it here.

* These pieces were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  2. And the award for Best Dressed Woman on a Holiday Ever goes to…Nikki! I have loved these posts not only for your outfits, but also for feeling like I was having a ball in Bali along with you and your gorgeous girlfriends.

  3. Nikki, we are kindred spirits. I have that dress. In anticipation of a trip to Bali. Unbelievable. You are a bad influence on generally because I’m so inspired by your posts. Yet I bought this one all on my own!

    PS I want a friend who can teach me to me pose like that! Gorgeous pics.

  4. I adore this dress! Colours are gorgeous, is so chic and cool for Bali. You have given me such great ideas for summer dresses.

  5. Wow, I love these postcards. They set the scene and are helping me plan a holiday not to mention what I can wear on it. If you don’t mind me asking, are they Gorman sunnies? I just bought myself a mint green pair (for Christmas of course!) and thought they looked the same! x

    1. They’re Karen Walker Vanessa … more postcards to come. It’s a great holiday. My posts earlier in the year might help more for a family trip – grouping with one or two families and staying in a villa can make it very cost effective too. Only problem would be lack of pool fencing for young kids. Have a post coming about organising a girls’ escape too.

  6. Love the colours in that dress. And I love the statement drink in a watermelon! Might have to conjure something up along those lines for summer.

  7. Yes of course I do ,I love a cool flowy dress, I love that dress on you Nikki the colours are beautiful! It is very much right up my dress loving alley.I love all your Pics from Bali they are stunning,especially the big pineapple on the wall one ,very Nikki and the Sunset pic so beautiful,I am glad you had a Fantablous time and you got to relax and drink cocktails while standing in the pool,that watermelon drink is very pretty looking as well and I am sure it was lovely.Thank-You for sharing with us Nikki,Bali is on my wish list for next year!

  8. Wow wow wow! These pictures scream resort holiday!! and I think I need one too:-) That dress is pretty and light and you look great in the earrings too..I actually love your whole collection really!

  9. Yes, yes and yes! We had sunset drinks at The Rock Bar for my daughter’s 21st! Beautiful, stunning place especially at sunset. A memory she’ll never forget…. Popped into Motel Mexicola for a sticky beak and quick bevvy in July after coming out of Bodyworks. Loved it!!!! Amazing decor. Didn’t get time to have a meal there but my daughter and I are having a mother/daughter week in Bali in Feb and at meal at MM is locked in!!! Flowy, dreamy dresses in the tropics – what more can I say?? I love them…

      1. I think I might give Bali another go either later this year or next year. I live in Perth so its so close !! I enjoyed my last trip but did not love it . To me Bali is the kind of place you have to visit a few times to work out whats what. Last time there was a group of us, we fitted a lot in, next time I would like to explore Seminyak, and maybe stay a few days at Ubud as well to really relax. Loved your post Nikki as always, I could easily live in that dress, love the colour !!

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