What did you wear on your wedding day?

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Romance is in the SY house today.

Well, it will be after work and family stuff is done. I’ve booked a caterer so I don’t have to cook tonight. I’ve chilled the champagne and we’ll get out the fancy Royal Doulton flutes and toast to nine years of marriage.

If you’re new here to SY, I wrote a little bit about our wedding day here but I wanted to ask the question: What did YOU wear on your wedding day?

I wore a Wendy Makin gown – the top of this gown was originally strapless. Strapless gowns are not my friend so Wendy changed it to suit. The pearls I’m wearing were my late mum’s Mikimoto pearls (a gift to her from her parents on her 21st).

And yes, I would still wear something like this today.

Nikki Parkinson Styling You wedding gown  Wendy Makin Bridal Designs

Photo: Images by Lou O’Brien 

What did YOU wear on your wedding day? Tell me about it … or even better … upload a photo in the comments section (you just click on the landscape icon in the comment box).

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  1. I had to come back and upload a pic, we got married last Saturday! I wore a vintage-ish gown that I bought online and flowers in my hair because I could. x

      1. I love love love your gown, Alex – it was just so YOU. (Which I think is the best compliment for a wedding dress ever.)

  2. You looked simply stunning on your wedding day Nikki. And a big Happy Anniversary to you and Mr SY, you make a gorgeous couple!
    We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday, and will be spending this weekend away together, just the two of us, at our favourite hotel The Langham, Sydney (formerly The Observatory Hotel). I will arrive Friday afternoon and enjoy 3hrs of pure bliss in the day spa, thanks to my gorgeous hubby!
    On my wedding day, I wore a Maria Coppolino gown with a beautifully beaded silk bodice. If I had my time over again, I would probably choose something different, even though I still love my gown. But with age has come confidence in my body, it’s voluptuousness and my ability to see some of my better features, which would lead to a different choice of gown.

    thanks for giving us the opportunity to re-live our wedding days, every girl loves a wedding!

      1. Thanks Nikki, how sweet of you! I married my best friend and we have been head over heels in love for 15 years now. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist posting a couple of pics on instagram over the weekend!

  3. Happy anniversary Nikki – I love the little belt on your dress, haven’t seen anything quite like that. You looked gorgeous!
    I’m married 2.5 years now, still feels like yesterday. I love the dress, but if we ever renew our vows I’d try something else – so many stunning gowns out there (and so many stunning brides in the comments). What a great idea getting everyone to share!

      1. I had it made at the last minute, from a tiny little place in Pyrmont. You can’t quite see it but there’s a beautiful big white feature on the other side with a couple of diamantes… it was really cute!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary Nikki!

    I married in July 2011 at Spirithouse in Yandina.

    My sister-in-law and I went shopping twice and quickly figured out that white wasn’t really my colour. I tried on a peacock green bridesmaids dress for sizing & I was sold! Nikki Hearne, a seamstress at Twin Waters made me a gorgeous soft gold bolero jacket and did a few alterations to the dress. My bridesmaids who came up from Melbourne surprised me by wanting to wear the same thing, which they found on special in Target! I had asked the florist to make them bouquets of peacock feathers so they could take something home with them but the message didn’t get through…

      1. Oh it’s stunning. My friends & family in Melbourne are still raving about it. But I didn’t choose it – it was the ONLY place my husband wanted to go!

  5. I’ll never know why but I cut my own fringe the night before my wedding in the early 90’s. My crooked fringed couldn’t be salvaged as I would have ended up looking like Friar Tuck. I wore a full ‘meringue’ tulle dress with a massive petticoat underneath which was sort of coming back into fashion back then. My beautiful bridesmaids stole the show with bubble hem dresses off the rack from Myer. I have no sewing skills but made their pillbox hats which I still love all these years later. Later in the night,my veil caught fire from a candelabra at the reception whilst I was ‘working the room’. The marriage also didn’t last but we have remained friends! I think this photo really captures the 90’s. 🙂

  6. I wore a “fish tail” gown – slim fitting, then flared into a train from the knees. Satin with lace, beading, crystals, pearls, more beading – no it wasn’t the 80’s but you’re close! May 1990 actually 🙂 There’s no way I’d fit it now but I loved it then and wouldn’t change a thing, I felt like a princess.

  7. Hi Nikki, so glad you’re doing a wedding blog. I’m mother of the bride next Feb and am really struggling with what I should wear. The wedding is at a barn near Ocean Grove Vic. My problem is I’m 5’10 or 11 so finding it hard to find a dress that’s an acceptable length. Any ideas you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I’m 47, size 10 and not an “old” Mum but don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb either hahaha. Thanks Nikki 🙂
    Oh, BTW, I got married in 1988 and was pregnant, I wore a true to 1980’s style mango orange dress complete with baby’s breath in my hair and white court shoes…………….

    1. So 1988, Julie!

      Re the 2014 weddding, how about something like this: http://www.zambezee.com.au/index.php/online-store/product/346-mela-purdie-audrey-dress-black OR



      You’re slightly shorter or around the same height as a lot of models so when looking online you can work out where those frocks would sit on you. The ones I’ve referenced are all knee length but still gorgeous and feminine.

  8. I made my own wedding dress. Ivory satin, fully boned and double lined lined. Took me about a month as I was working full time and pulled it out when I could. I adjusted a vogue pattern so that I could have a slightly longer train. As it was a winter wedding I borrowed a vintage fur from my sister in law that had belonged to my husbands and her Mum as she had passed away the year before.

  9. Gorgeous dress, Nikki! I was married in March 2007, and still absolutely love my wedding dress. I had it made because I’d always wanted to go with an asymmetric shape but NO-ONE was doing one-shoulder dresses at the time. (If I’d gotten married a year later though, they would have been everywhere! D’OH!) Croce Colosimo made it, and let’s just say I absolutely smashed the $2k budget I’d set for myself.

  10. What a lovely post. Happy anniversary to you and your bloke. You were a beautiful bride Nikki – your dress was gorgeous. There are lots of gorgeous dresses and beautiful brides in the comments too. I love the joy and vibrancy of weddings and am enjoying all the pictures.

    We were married in 1997. I wore a Wendy Makin frock too. And loved it. I drive past Wendy Makin’s shopfront near the Gabba most days on my way home from work and always look up to admire the frock in the window. I love seeing the changing styles, all stunning.

    Hope you had a lovely night. With catering! Very fancy.

  11. Marriage #1 1981 on my 21st Birthday. It lasted a whole 18 months! The sheer over lay on the skirt had to be sent to Sydney to be sunray pleated…very “on trend” for the 80’s, along with the babies breath in the bouquets and hair :-). The attendants are my sisters, who ranged from 5’9″ to 4’10″…their shoes went from stiletto to flats trying to make the heights more even. It was Townsville…local dress maker. I went all out for the second wedding……… 🙂

  12. Nikki, you look absolutely stunning! Considering I just got married, I think I’ll seize the opportunity here. Here, I am in a red and gold brocade sari with a dull gold blouse or choli, all complimented with ancestral gold jewelry. The first pic captures the ritual where we’re taking the first seven steps of matrimony or Saptahpadi, with each of the steps representing a different vow. The second shows the jewelry. We will complete 1 this Jan!

  13. You look gorgeous Nikki! Mine was a blue and white striped sundress!! The ceremony involved the celebrant and our two best friends, and we had a reception 12 months later to celebrate with family and friends. Married for 27 years this December!!

  14. woops sorry everyone as you can see new to this and have posted my photo to many times and don’t know how to get rid of it – sorry everyone

  15. Thank you for sharing such a stunning photo, I love your dress. I had my dress and veil made by Leonard Derecourt on the Gold Coast who captured my dream dress. The highlight of the day was definitely marrying the most amazing man who has taken care of me through the good times and the bad, I love this photo as it was the first moment captured after saying I DO!

  16. My 1st wedding was in 1974, (39 years ago!!!) and as I was a bit of a rebel decided to wear white with little pale blue spots and very girlie and frilly as was the fashion then. Definitely not me at all but went the whole way with the wedding thing. Was in love with the idea of a perfect wedding.

    Probably knew it wouldn’t last.

    So for my 2nd wedding I wore a bright yellow sundress with navy blue spots this time.There was just me, hubby and an big fat Greek office worker called in to witness from the District Commissioner in Limassol Cyprus who performed the ceremony. Unfortunately there were no photos (camera didn’t work), and I didn’t have time to organize anything special as we were there just for that from a kibbutz in Israel. From that no frills wedding we are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary next month. So from my point of view it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are marrying the right person for the right reasons.

  17. Happy Anniversary!

    I loved my San Patrick gown. I had the Billy (bilbao) design. It was called brown, I told people it was Latte. That sounded better. In hind sight I’d wish I had worn something more colourful in teal.

    I left my gown shopping til the 6 month mark. That turned out to be the cut off date for some Designers. In the rush of deciding the ladies never measured me. They guessed my sizing. I was trying to imagine what the size 12 would look like if it did up on my size 18 body. Then Spanish sizing is different to Aussie sizing. Three days later I realised what happened and asked for specific measurement details. I discovered I had to loose over 20cm off my waist to fit into my gown! I thank the spanx, my 3 times a week personal trainer, and the general suck-in ability of a wedding gown structure.

  18. All the brides and grooms look fantastic congratulations to you all. Our anniversaries on the 28 of this month 7 years. I made my own dress and hand sewed the glass beads on the photo never do Justus to dresses, I just loved the colours as I walked and we hade an exceptional day. all the best to you all. 😉

  19. I love your dress, and wedding look. Its so you!!! You radiate happiness and isnt that the most important thing onj your wedding day!
    I wore two custom made dresses, made in China… I loved both my dresses and they fitted like a glove

  20. Been married 4.5 years. I wore a Peter Trends gown that I customised to be a bit less cleavagy! The dress weighed 10kg and my custom grown black magic (very dark red) roses weighed about the same!

  21. Hi Nikki,
    You look so radiant and stylish. Happy anniversary!!!
    22years ago so no digital pics..(.sorry), I married my gorgeous Greek australian hubs. It was in my sisters garden…I wore a duck egg blue pure silk sari with gold border and fine dots and traditional jewellery for our simple afternoon civil ceremony. Then changed into a pretty gown for our cocktail party…made from a magenta coloured sari with stunning gold work in a style very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn …fitted , cap sleeves, and with long over skirt/train..very 50s!
    It was a sweet meaningful day with respect to Aussie Greek and Indian cultures and I wouldn’t change a single detail. X

  22. I confused my poor Greek in laws with a sari inspired gown! We had beautiful rich coloured orchids as part of the tropical asian theme and I am Scottish-Australian.

    I still love the richness of the colours …
    Congratulations on 9 years!!

  23. Happy anniversary! Our five-year anniversary is coming up next week. I had a bespoke dress made by an Irish designer, Sharon Hoey – I fell in love with the corded lace on the bodice and particularly on the back. Luckily for me we had two wedding parties – one in London where we were living, and one six months later back in Australia – so I got to wear the dress twice (and have two honeymoons!)

  24. Happy anniversary!

    I wore a silver gown I snapped up off a clearance rack for all of $50. I had some lace added to make it more ‘bridal’

    For the ceremony I wore a sliver organza veil and wrap and swapped them for a sequin bolero and feather headpiece for the reception.

  25. Happy anniversary!

    I wore a silver gown I snapped up of a clearance rack, it cost me $50. I had some lace added to it to make it a little more ‘bridal’

    For the ceremony I wore a silver organza veil and wrap and swapped them for the sequin bolero and feather headpiece for the reception

  26. Happy Anniversary. I wore a sliver gown that was marked down to $50. With the addition on a little lace it was exactly what I wanted.

    I wore it with a silver organza veil and a dark silver metallic wrap for the ceremony and swapped them for sequin jacket and feather headpiece for the reception.

  27. Happy Anniversary! We have been married six and a half years. I would probably choose a different dress now, but I loved mine on the day. Our families have Scottish heritage so the bridal party and our Dad’s wore kilts. Everyone looked great. My bridesmaid’s wore black so they wouldn’t clash with the different tartans.

    I don’t have a good picture of the front of my dress with me alone, but it had a lace panel, and lace along the bottom. It was ivory, and had straps as I am not a strapless girl.

  28. Happy happy Anniversary here’s to many many more. We got married in 1998 and I wore a gown by Emoda. Maria beautifully modified it for me.

  29. I wore an Ivory two piece dress and the lace bodice was strapless and had crystals sewn on it. The skirt was an A-line. I didn’t want a puffy dress. I wore the bodice with a black skirts and pants to black tie functions after that… but sadly I can’t fit into it anymore. 🙁 My wedding was 8 and a half years ago.
    Happy Anniversary Nikki. I love your dress too.

  30. Love all the photos in the comments!! I wore an off the rack Forecer New dress and we eloped to Bali! I’ve not worn it since, but would love to.

  31. Happy anniversary!
    I love your wedding dress…so classy and beautiful.
    I wore a Paul Hunt dress…luckily he was in the process of cleaning out his warehouse so it was unbelievably cheap.
    It was the first…and only…dress I tried on!
    Caitlin from Mother Down Under

  32. Love your dress Nikki – we got married 16 years ago – and I still love my dress (haven’t been able to part with it) It was made by a local designer in Toowoomba (she made my bridesmaids too)- I had a piece of lace that I loved and she worked around that…. Cant remember her name now….

  33. Oh Nikki, I love seeing photos from your wedding, you look so happy and gorgeous! We were married 10 years ago and I wore a simple ivory silk dress which was originally strapless and had shoestring straps added. I wore it and my veil to our private screening of Will and Kate’s wedding (was so cool to have Mum here dressing up in gloves and pearls – I don’t know who was more tickled, my little girls or me remembering Mum waking my sister and I up for Charles and Di’s wedding!) … but other than lending my veil out twice, my dress has been retired. Enjoy that bubbly – congratulations to you both xx

  34. I got married when our son was 5 I wore dusty pink dupion silk that a local dress make made she even made the hat which had a piece of vintage lace that a friend gave me. even though my mum said I wasn’t dressed as a bride I felt very bridie

  35. We had our 14 year anniversary in April and I wore a GOLD dress that my husbands grandmother made for me! I loved my dress, not sure i would choose the same now though 🙂

  36. My wedding was pre-digital photos so I have nothing to share online, but I want to give a shout-out to my dress designer Brad Webb (Darb Couture) – he was awesome, the dress was awesome and needless to say I felt like a princess in a duchess satin full full full skirt, daisy-covered organza lace bodice with tiny capped sleeves and a low scooped neckline, my grandmother’s white sapphire necklace….I felt like Grace Kelly, which is how all brides should feel I believe. Nothing beats having a dress made just for you!

    Happy anniversary Nikki!

  37. Happy anniversary Nikki! Mine was last week. This is my favourite comments section of all time!!! Love that so many readers wore non traditional options. You were absolutely gorgeous. I wore a simple strapless Bella Donna gown- I loved the lace. Sorry it’s sideways

    1. I had to look twice to see if it was a photographer getting all arty with it … stunning gown. Bella Donna is/was a Wendy Makin label. She knows her bridal stuff. And yes, agree, love that so many people did their own thing!

  38. I wore a black floral $25 dress from Big W (removed the front thigh-high pockets, it was looking too Raggedy-Anne with them!). It was a secret elopement in Thailand – secret even from me until a few days before 😉
    If I had known when I packed my bags… I may have taken something else. But… no regrets at all. In fact it turned out to be very “me”.

  39. I absolutely love what I wore – a strapless bridesmaid days that I had made in white, with a gorgeous big overblown silk gardenia at my hip. No troubling corsetry, miniature buttons or fancy train. And it had pockets – POCKETS!

  40. My wedding was 8 years ago (can’t believe that!) I wore an ivory gown by Marianna Hardwick – the only dress I tried on and since it was at her yearly clearance event I got it for half price.

    It was strapless, and with only a small amount of beading on the bodice. My fave part was the gorgeous, rich, fabric that draped so perfectly and was pefect for a winter wedding. Speaking of which, I decided I MUST have an off white faux fur wrap so picked that up on ebay :)) and the lovely ladies at MH provided me with some fabric that matched the dress to replace the white coloured ribbon ties it came with. x Nicole

  41. I wore a dusty pink long flowing Lisa Ho number, with spaghetti straps. Mum bought it for me in Paddington, her, me, Linda and Leigh all went out for steak sandwiches afterwards.

    Because I already had Max, I felt like I wasn’t “allowed” to wear a bridal veil. So got my hair swooped up and a big beautiful pink lily put in there. Like I was going to Hawaii.

    Have an AWESOME time tonight Nikki, you look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding dress. xxxxxx

  42. I got married in 1980 ( child bride)! I wore a very simple white swiss cotton dress which I had made & cost me about $80. I carried a bunch of pink franjipanis & also wore them in my hair, I still love my “wedding story”. Congratulations Nikki, I hope you have a great day.

  43. Sometimes I feel a tiny bit sad that I didn’t wear white and have a long fluffy gown, but mostly I love my dress of ‘midnight blue’ with my beautiful hat. I’ve worn both a number of times and always feel pretty special.

  44. My dress was an off the rack Cue number – ivory with lace overlay; and shoes – none were needed! We eloped and got married on Cable Beach Broome at sunset. No guests, just ourselves, the celebrant and a photographer (who also became one of our witnesses :)). So romantic, joyous and sexy as anything what with the sun, salty air, champagne and to die for backdrop! Such a stress free, fun process and took only 3 phone calls to organise. Ten years later I wouldn’t change a thing … and I’ve worn the dress many times (It helps that it stretches ;)), including the 2 other “weddings” we’ve had, one with the new wedding ring I had to get after the original was stolen. We are serial marry-ers – but just to each other :).

  45. This is from my 1995(!) wedding – I bought the dress at Parramatta somewhere, and it cost $1300. I have it in a box somewhere. I still like it, although these days there is NO chance I would fit into it!! I am pretty happy with our wedding choices and wouldn’t change much – and hubby is still around nearly 18 years later 🙂

  46. Happy Anniversary to you both. Enjoy the day and have a wonderful evening with your loved ones.
    My now Husband and I went to high school together over 31 years ago. We both had a thing for each other. Well I had ‘the hots ‘ as I call it for him. He was in Yr 11 at the time and I was in Yr9 back in 1982. We only knew each other for one year.
    We never went out with each other back then but we met up at our High School reunion in July 2011.
    We have been inseparable ever since. We got married on the 12/12/12 at 12pm. It was the most amazing day I could have ever imagined. He is my soul mate. I have never met such a wonderful, caring, loving, generous, trusting person before in life and we now get to share our lives together.

  47. I don’t actually have any photos from our wedding, as we surprised everyone by getting married at our farewell party before we moved from Brisbane to Cairns, a little over 2 years ago. I wore jeans, ballet flats and a burgundy silk batwing top. Seeing as it was a second wedding for both myself and the man, we decided we didn’t need all the hoopla.
    It’s been wonderful looking through all the comments and pictures and putting faces to names today though – how fantastic!!

  48. Happy Anniversary, your dress is beautiful. I wore a prom style dress, my Mum’s pearls and the BEST leopard print peep toe stilettos. Still love my outfit! My dress was bought in a hurry as I had to have an operation and cost a massive $90 in Myer, shoes were 4 times that haha!

  49. Hi Nikki, Happy Wedding Anniversary! This is me in my halter neck wedding gown – I love its asymmetrical skirt and flattering ruching around the waistline. I’d still wear it today – we got married at Culcreuch Castle in Scotland back in 2003 – this photo was taken by the Loch. My husband worse his tartan kilt as did most of the male guests! – wasn’t he handsome! Lynn 🙂 x

  50. I love these comments and gawking at all the beautiful wedding dresses. We had a small-ish wedding almost 12 years ago, and I wore a silver lace Escada skirt with a dusky pink silk cardigan by Collette Dinegan, with hat made to match. I love my wedding outfit to bits.

  51. You look beautiful Nikki! Simply stunning.
    It was my first anniversary last Sunday (15th), here’s my wedding dress by Allure Bridal. All lacy and pretty

  52. Agree with you on the strapless dresses Nikki, they aren’t my friend either. Your gown is so classic, gorgeous! I wore hot pink suede heels, which sadly didn’t end up in most of the photos, but I would still wear the dress (wedding was less than a year ago!). I actually got to wear it twice becasue we had the reception on a different day to the ceremony 🙂

  53. Agree with you on the strapless dresses Nikki, they aren’t my friend either. Your gown is so classic, gorgeous! I wore hot pink suede heels, which sadly didn’t end up in most of the pro photos, but I would still wear the dress (wedding was less than a year ago!). I actually got to wear it twice becasue we had the reception on a different day to the ceremony 🙂

  54. You looked polished & elegant Nikki, I wouldn’t expect anything else! Happy Wedding Anni, what a huge week of drinkies it’s been for you 😉 My wedding was arranged quickly & budget was tight so my dress was an off the rack CUE number. A modern 50’s inspired design with pockets in the skirt. It was white, affordable, ready to wear & comfy so it was chosen.

  55. This is me and my mum arriving on my wedding day. I was 7 months pregnant so had to buy a larger dress and have it fitted around my belly. Our daughters (both aged 6) were my flower girls and oh so cute! We got married at a beautiful winery in the Swan Valley and it was about 40 degrees! I didn’t get my bouquet until we arrived as I had asked everyone to bring a flower as a blessing and my sister put them all together and handed it to me just before I walked down the aisle.

  56. Just over 15 years ago I wore a pale gold off the shoulder dress with short attached sleeves and a very full skirt. I loved the tiny ribbon roses with cognac crystal centers embroidered across the breasts and trailing across the top of the sleeves and the endless row of covered buttons down my back. My veil was fingertip length and died to match with more of the ribbon roses on the comb.
    My dress was from Diane Lewis Couture and I will always remember how I felt like a princess and stayed in my dress as long as I could on the wedding night.
    I sold it afterwards for almost what it cost me, as we needed the cash to buy our home, and this was the only way I could justify the expense.

    I do still have my veil and more importantly the same husband!

  57. Lovely! Just like your blog, Nikki. I so love reading it. You and I seemed to be rocking a similar vibe on our wedding days. I still love my dress and wouldn’t change a thing.

  58. Lovely! Just like your blog, Nikki. I so love reading it. You and I seemed to be rocking a similar vibe on our wedding days. I still love my dress and wouldn’t change a thing.

  59. This is me in my wedding gown in 1963. My daughter in law wore the same dress 28 years later. Chantilly lace. Made by my mother.

  60. My wedding was 28years ago so no pics on this computer to upload,but i think their is one on my IG feed somewhere! Very 80s dress and veil and beautiful orchids as a bouquet.I would not wear a dress like that again but I am not planning on getting married again so that’s ok:) Happy Happy Anniversary Nikki and Hubby you looked stunning and that dress was beautiful,have a lovely evening.

  61. Happy anniversary, what a special day. I recieved a text message from Hubs on Friday, while I was sitting in a Problogger session. It was seven years since he proposed, what a treasure, I missed it completely! My dress was made by a loved dressmaker, Mai a gorgeous Little Asian lady. Disaster on the wedding day, when I was getting dressed. The zipper broke {or Zipple, as Mai called them} and Mai had to travel 25 minutes to my folks home, rip a zipple out of one of Mum’s jackets, head to their neighbours {who have the sewing machine on the kitchen table, threaded ready, threaded and waiting} Mai put in that borrowed zipple! And yes, I can only refer to zips now as zipples.
    This is my favourite photo, not a great one of the dress, but shows that we are still smiling 7 years later – and thats all that matters really.

  62. No photo but black vinyl hobble skirt, double breasted black wool & velvet knee-length coat with detachable red tulle & silk bustle, black Victorian riding boater with red silk & tulle, flat black boots. Boots due to broken knee. Also held riding crop & single red rose. No bouquet. Well, you asked 😉
    I can’t remember what I wore for my divorce… A big smile, if memory serves!

  63. I was married 14 years ago – on a budget of $3000 ($1500 of which was spent at the bar) My dress was $69.99 from Rockmans and I had my dressmaker Aunty modify the neckline from a boat neck to a sweetheart neckline. The veil was borrowed and the tiara was the local Miss Showgirl tiara I borrowed from a friend. It was a very intimate affair with family only at the ceremony, photos by a friend and a cocktail party for the remainder of our guests. Friends still comment to this day that it was one of the most enjoyable weddings they’ve been to.

  64. We are less than traditional…I banned photos so I’m telling my sister off for taking photos in the main photo haha. And yes, Ben is wearing a jesters hat (sitting in the judge’s seat in the local courthouse where we got married).

      1. Haha I don’t resent it now because I like the story 🙂 And the jesters hat was only logical, we got married on April Fools Day!

  65. I absolutely loved my Karen Willis Holmes dress. I would wear it again. It was timeless!

    I’ve only just found your blog Nikki. I don’t know how I coped so long without it!!

  66. My gown too was Wendy Makin….a peach blush colour…not sure I would wear this colour today…I would change everything and elope!!!!!

  67. Gorgeously simple and elegant Nikki, beautiful that it’s timeless and classic. Here is what I wore on our wedding day… My mum bought the ivory lace for my dress in the Istanbul grand bazaar after me despairing that it was either going to send me bankrupt or not be what I wanted – I wanted loads of lace, with a warm latte lining and train (which I bustled for dancing at the reception). I did not want the ‘wedding uniform’ of a strapless gown either, I originally had visions of a lace back and more simple front but my shoulder blade ‘wings’ are ridiculously sticky-outy! Ha! Our wedding was on my family farm (we’re farmers too) and was based around our love of the land, underneath my lace skirt I wore my favourite cowgirl boots for photos in the shearing shed and with my horses. I also had a killer pair of heels for the ceremony, my mum nearly died when I said I wanted to wear my boots! I love my dress and get it out every time I’m at my mums to oh and ah over it. I wouldn’t change a thing about what I wore either. You can see more of our wedding here: http://www.shesowsseeds.com/our-wedding/

      1. Thank-you Michelle, lots of people ask me if I would change anything about our wedding and I honestly wouldn’t 🙂 That’s pretty awesome I think!

      1. Thanks Nikki, that was our number one goal – to have a wedding that screamed ‘us’. Our guests walked into our marquee and said ‘It’s like Emma exploded in here!’ LOL! Perfect.

  68. 22 years ago. A fitted ivory silk dress, sleeves and cowl neck, with detachable train. I felt beautiful and smiled so hard all day that my face hurt when it was all over. I had a full veil which sat beautifully over the train- the veil was used as the mozzie net over the bassinet for my three children. It had wonderful sentimental value and looked beautiful.
    I have never packed the dress away – in fact, I put it on every wedding anniversary and the kids think I am hysterical (when they were little they thought I looked like a princess walking down the stairs in my dress – now they just think I am funny). I sit with my husband, the love of me life and we drink a glass of champagne and remember the day.

  69. You look beautiful Nikki and Happy Anniversary. My wedding was nearly 25 years ago so I don’t have any photos to upload. My dress may look a little dated, well it was the 80’s, but I still wouldn’t change a thing.Life has not always been easy, however despite everything that has been thrown at us my husband and I are more in love now then we were 25 years ago. Enjoy your special day and always make time to be together. xT

  70. Congratulations on your anniversary! I was married at 25 (10 years ago) and had a budget and no idea what my ‘style’ was so there are lots of things I’d change about my wedding. One thing I wouldn’t change is the marriage. My husband is without doubt the best person I know.

  71. Stunning Nikki. Mine was handmade by a local seamstress and I couldn’t have been happier. Winter wedding, champagne satin, long straight skirt split up the back for moveability, long sleeve beautifully shaped top with an endless line of covered buttons down the back. Gorgeous hat and very simple jonquils to finish. If I could fit into it I would absolutely still wear it today!

  72. Nikki you look beautiful, that dress is so flattering 🙂 I wore an MXM Couture dress, the girls did a wonderful job of making me look like i had a volouptious body 🙂 I felt like a classic Hollywood star!

  73. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
    Finding a fabulous designer that is flexible to change, is the key to looking and feeling beautiful on your wedding day. Your dress looked stunning, such a classic un-dateable design.
    I wore a knee-length dress and coat with bright red Kurt Geiger heels – nine years for Jonny and I in December too!
    Have a wonderful evening x

  74. You look gorgeous Nikki! Happy anniversary. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary recently. On my wedding day I wore an off the wrack Alannah Hill knee length dress as she’s my favourite designer. I’ve already worn my the dress since my wedding – I wore it to dinner on our honeymoon in New York.

  75. Oh Nikki, what a gorgeous, classic dress. Just beautiful. Congratulations on your 9th anniversary.
    My inspiration was the wedding dress of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. I chose an Amanda Garrett frock for its simplicity. The silk was so delicious; it was like wearing milk! I would definitely wear it again.

  76. I made my wedding dress. And the bridesmaids and flowergirl’s (I smocked that one in matching silk and emvbroidered a big loveheart made of grub roses on the front) I have a few skills in that dept. It had ruched sleeves and a bodice that sat a little bit on top of the skirt then it had hand made matching silk flowers around the neckline. Yes I would probably wear the same dress again, though I would change out the accessories! I wore it all the day and even left the reception in it- no change out clothes( going away outfit) for me. I raised eyebrows in the foyer of the hotel!

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