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I love a business success story. Yes, I do.

And Birdsnest very much fits that criteria.

What was once a small boutique in a regional NSW town has grown to become one of Australia’s most popular online shopping destinations.

It’s the example I mention whenever the owners of small boutiques bemoan the rise of online versus bricks and mortar shopping. I like to open those retailers eyes to how they can expand their market well beyond geographical boundaries.

All with the power of the internet.

It’s not just a matter of “build it and they will come” either. Just like a physical store, successful online retailers need to create a space that makes people want to come and visit – and buy from – often.

My favourite part of the Birdsnest site is the “styled outfits” section, which helps women visualise what they would need to pull a total outfit together.

The next step in this online store’s story is the creation of its own label – That Bird Label.

The label is the result of surveying 50,000 Australian women and understanding what they want in a fashion label.

We know that more than 50% of us think we have tummy issues, and 51% of us love wearing blue. This really gives us an amazing insight into what Australian women want,” says founder Jane Cay.

The collection of mostly dresses is designed beautifully for an Australian summer, using natural breathable fabrics and a whole lot of colour.

Here’s the model wearing my favourite piece from the collection. I love a shift style. It just works for me, being not in the possession of a waist and all. And the colours? Just love.

The model

The Model and Me That Bird Robbie shift dress

That Bird Label @ Birdsnest Robbie shift dress in splash print $99

and me

The Model and Me | That Bird Robbie shift dress at Birdsnest

That Bird Label @ Birdsnest Robbie shift dress in splash print $99 (I’m wearing size 14)* | Swedish Hasbeens clogs (bought on sale at Jean Brown) | Gorge Design bag | Samantha Wills ring | Epheriell Designs necklace $48*

This was one of the outfits I wore at the recent Problogger Event at the QT Gold Coast.  It was day two and I wasn’t feeling so fresh after the networking party the night before. I don’t know about you but if I’m ever in this position and remaining under the doona is not an option, I opt for bright colours in my clothes, a full face of makeup and a bright lip. Pink or coral will do the trick.

This doesn’t really change what’s happening on the inside (a deep and burning desire for hot chips) but it sure can fool a lot of people.

About the @stylingyou necklace … the gorgeous Jess Van Den created this for me last year. At blogging conferences, you are more likely to know someone by their Twitter handle (yes, we’re that geeky) so wearing this was perfect and got me out of wearing the conference lanyard, which really didn’t coordinate with my outfit at all.

Tell me, do you shop at Birdsnest? Bought anything from the new label? Been to a conference lately?

PS. If you want to see some of the other outfits I wore to the conference, click on over here.

* These items were sent to me for editorial consideration


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  1. I bought this dress from Birdsnest based on your recommendation.

    I wore it to an engagement party on the weekend and TWO people asked if I was pregnant. I am not.

    I can’t fault the service at birdsnest but that dress is an awful cut on and it’s very expensive for the material it’s made out of.

    I am so disappointed that you would recommend a dress that is essentially a gorgeous sack.

    1. I’m very sorry that the dress hasn’t suited you Kate. It’s not a sack on me and I can only recommend based on what suits me. If you felt this way when you tried it on, maybe returning it there and then could have been the way to go? The cut is not awful, it’s just obviously not meant for you.

  2. I love that you get a hand written note with your parcel, it is such a personalised touch and goes so well with the excitement of trying yournew clothes on.

  3. Ok. So I loved Birdsnest anyway, but have just had a squiz at their new range after reading your post. I love almost all of their pieces! And they are affordable too – gotta love that!
    Way to go Birdsnest Girls! xo

  4. I love that dress and you look freakin amazing in it Nikki! I love bright colours all the way. They always look good on me and when you know you look good you feel good. 🙂

  5. Hi all, I’m new here. Think I have been a bit of a lurker – but I’m out now! Been a Birdsnest fan for a while – found it early last year internet surfing (which is how I found SY a couple of months ago – googling for advice on what length skirts go with what style boot etc). Love the colours Nikki – you look great. I love colour too, but struggle when it comes to choosing shoes and accessories. Never too late to learn, though!

  6. So the bacon at the buffet didn’t do it for you? 🙂 I’m really loving styled outfits at the moment, it’s useful to learn visually how to cull your wardrobe to useful pieces – especially for travelling! Also, I bought a bike on the weekend & I’m curious what the fashionista wears for bike riding/walks etc 🙂

  7. Beautiful dress Nikki – it looks gorgeous on both you and the model. I have bought a few things from Birdsnest and love their service and of course the style outfits. Very clever little birds!! Also you will be pleased to know (because no doubt you have been having sleepless nights about it) I got a pair of printed pants. Finally. From Seed – they are gorgeous!!

  8. I love this dress on you Nikki, you look fab. I browse Birdsnest often, love the styled outfits and their lookbooks, but yet to purchase because I live overseas, I predict it won’t be long though! xx

  9. I’ve been buying from Birdsnest for a couple of years now, I love the hand written note that accompanies your order and the super quick processing and postage (which is an area that a lot of online retailers let themselves down)

  10. I just love that Birdsnest have a button you press online with each outfit “will this suit me”? Puts all the guessing work out of online shopping. Small boobs? Tummy? Long legs? Brilliant!!

      1. Totally agree with those summer arms! They just panick in the heat. Isn’t the price of this dress fab too! Gotta e happy with that 😉

  11. I am definitely a Birdsnest fan. The service is always fantastic. I love the look of that dress and I love how you keep demonstrating that the fashion rules don’t always apply. I have been told many times that high necklines like that should be avoided when you have a larger bust. I actually prefer this on you because I think you give it shape. Yet another piece I would have never thought of buying from the model pictures but seeing it on you makes it look totally different. I got so many nice compliments about that Maiocchi bye bye birdie dress you featured last month I think I might need to start wearing more colourful designs like these. Do you think I could get away with wearing this style of dress with flats? I also like the look of this dress in the orange wavy stripes print.

    1. Oh definitely you could wear it with flats – you’re taller than me too aren’t you? So it would be a perfect length. I’ll wear mine with my pink Zoe Kratzmann flats (featured on the blog Saturday) or some black flat sandals.

      1. That’s a very useful tip about the neckline Nikki. I will have to remember that for future purchases. Yay for dresses that work with flat sandals! The pink ones will look fantastic.

  12. I’ve only recently found birdsnest and adore the That Bird range… that dress is stunning; just my colour/s and such a good price! Hmmmm

  13. just love Birdsnest and have been a dedicated customer for some time. I remember in the “early” days a little extra gift would arrive with your purchase…..such a lovely touch!!! Fantastic website….buy online today and generally receive in 2 days time. Never returned anything!!

  14. I have been eyeing off some of that Label That Bird for a while,I have loved Birdsnest for a long time and I am also love the styled outfits even if you aren’t buying sometimes it can give you inspiration from shopping from your wardrobe and as I am not the owner of a waist either I usually choose the no waist or a tummy styling guide.I love this dress on you Nikki ,and I also am a great believer of bright colours when not feeling too fresh (what is it about hot chips?) I even crave them or bacon when i am really tired or both!
    You certainly look fresh in this dress and i like your shoes with it too,Love the Model and me posts.

  15. I love the dress Nikki and it looks fab on you. I love birdsnest. I have bought quite a few things from them over the past few years. Their customer service is exceptional, personalised and super fast – I couldn’t fault them. I have bought a maxi skirt ( from their new line and have received so many compliments when I wore it – so it must be a winner 🙂

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