Spring wardrobe essentials: shoes

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Have you been playing along with the SY spring wardrobe essentials mini-series? If not, you can quickly catch up to speed.

We’ve already talked weekend and casual wear and office or workwear.

In both of those posts shoes have been featured but, to me, shoes need a whole post of their own.


Because the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit.

Because shoes always fit.

Because you don’t have to strip off in a change room to buy shoes.

Because shoes can help you easily switch your outfit from day to night.

When it comes to updating your shoe-robe, it’s important to take a good hard look at what’s already in there to start with. Just like we do with our clothes.

I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of coming home with a new shoe purchase and finding a very similar pair already firmly installed in my cupboard. Going through this process before you shop is always a good idea. It’s also a good idea to mentally note any new outfits you may have already purchased or have in mind to purchase in your spring shoe budget considerations.

At the very foundation of your spring shoe-robe should be a black and a nude shoe in a height and style your lifestyle most needs.

Many of us have many lifestyle needs *cough* and need many shoes to fulfil those *cough* needs.

Far be it from me to judge.

Once you have the basics covered, you have my permission to give your shoe-robe an injection of colour.

With regards to styling, if you a going down the quality vs quantity shopping justification, look to shoe designs that err on the timeless style of styling but still offer a twist on detailing or colour.

Spring Wardrobe Essentials  spring shoe guide 2013

SNEAKERS:  1. Bensimon sneakers $57 | 2. Frankie4 sneakers $220 |   3. Converse sneakers $89.99

SANDALS:  4. Zoe Kratzmann sandals $220 | 5. Trenery sandals $99.95 | 6. Misano sandals $84.95

BALLETS:  7. Witchery ballets $89.95 | 8. Aussie Girls Love Shoes ballets $99 | 9. Country Road slipper/loafers $129

CLOGS:  10. Funkis clogs $139 | 11. Lipstick clogs $59.95 | 12. Spurr clogs $39.95

WEDGES:  13. Trenery Wedge $169 | 14. Country Road platforms $149 |   15. Zoe Kratzmann wedges $230

LOW HEELS:  16. Zizi by Florsheim kitten heels $159.95 | 17. Misano sandals $79.95 | 18. Country Road heels $149

HIGH HEELS:  19. Therapy heels $49.95 | 20. Wittner heels $169.95 |   21. Witchery heels $169.95

Style notes

I’ve broken down this collection of spring shoes into style categories so you can get inspiration that matches the types of shoes you’re most likely to need this season. You won’t necessarily need a pair in each category – in fact you may just shop from one category.

Whether it’s across one category or all of them, what you’re aiming for is both variety in your shoe purchases and shoes that work with existing and planned outfits.

Buy more in a category which is likely to yield more of the shoes you wear every day; less in the category that represents shoes you may only wear once or twice a season.

When it comes to comfort and shoes, I think this is an individual thing. Shoes I might find comfortable, may cause your feet to never speak to you again.

Tell me, have you made any shoe purchases this season? Which category did you purchase from? What’s on your radar for the season ahead?


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  1. Love the endless styles and colours of shoes available now, especially in online shoe shops. If you want to have some fun – you can design your own shoes – which will then be hand-made – at Shoes of Prey. Best news – it is an Australian company. I have spent several happy hours playing on their website. Trouble is I have saved several designs and can’t decide which ones to actually order!

  2. Very helpful and practical tips there! Especially love your practicality here. I haven’t made any purchases for the new season but will be on the look out for a pair of funky sandals.

    I have to say though, that I hate shoe shopping. On and off. Asking for different sizes, walking in them to test comfort – not that fun.

  3. My goodness, I can’t believe that I’m actually on trend with my clog addiction! My daughter couldn’t stop laughing when we saw SJP in a film and her character was being made fun of because she was also wearing them (I thought they looked terrific). My last pair where from Dragstar, so gorgeous with jeans, nice to have some height and so easy to wear all day.

  4. Guilty – Have bought 4 pairs of shoes in the last 2 weeks. A pair of nude/beige wedges and a pair of low nude/beige heels for an event, both of which arrived after the event (the wedges fit great, the heels not so, but I can’t return the heels so will have to stretch them in!), and a pair each of mushroom and black ballets. Would love a nice pair of sandals but find them impractical when walking through sandpits. Nothing worse than sand in the shoes!

  5. Shoes make my world go round. They are my starting point for an outfit – yes, I build my outfits around the shoes I want to wear that day. I love a sexy heel for work, a cute ballet flat or sandal/wedge on weekends here in the tropics, and get all excited about trips to Melbourne for the opportunity to wear boots. From your list today Nikki, numbers 14 and 20 have definitely caught my eye, although they might be a little out of my reach at the moment. Hubby and I do have an agreement though – as long as the shoes I have in my wardrobe are on regular rotation, there is no issue with adding to the collection. I do think I need to update my ‘casual shoe’ area though, as my wardrobe is full of gorgeous date night shoes and work shoes, but weekends I struggle to find something appropriate. I love looking down at my feet and seeing a pair of shoes that make me feel good.

    1. Ooh! Fit Flops! I’m going to thoroughly investigate these. My daughters and I walk everywhere and it can be really hard to find walking sandals.

  6. I could choose two from each row no problems, I don’t care about doubling up what I’ve already got because new shoes are the business! Tatty shoes let everything down.
    Practicallyspeaking, I am spying numbers 16 and 20 to give my Birks and clog shoe wardrobe a break and ballet flats, cannot get enough of them, love number 7. Converse for ever no matter what age, hello to my elderly friend who reads this blog who purchased the Marimekko version! Jealous!
    Ok, I love all the choices, all of them.

  7. Loving those Trenery wedges! I’m still breaking out my boots when I can. So love them with my skinny jeans 🙂 weather is all over the place at the moment. Thinking of relighting the fire!!

  8. Thank you for this post! I have just discovered Rivers and their very cheap (but oh so comfortable!) shoes. I have just bought three pairs of ballet flats, a pair of so cute gumboots, wedges and booties. I’m in LOVE, and feel (almost) ready for spring! Love Witchery. Their shoes are divine at the moment! x

  9. I have bought sandals from Witchery a pair of ballet flats and I need some low heeled wedges for dressing up dresses. I have my good higher wedges but they are for going out so I don’t have to wear them too long.Tell me Nikki are the clogs heavy when you are wearing them ? I am not sure about them because my leg does not like heavy shoes.Love those Trenery sandals and wedges and those Zoe Kratzmann sandals.Great post, nothing worse when you have the outfit sorted and can’t find shoes that match it!

  10. I so need to do the shoe wardrobe clean. So guilty of purchasing a pair to only find an almost identical pair in the wardrobe. On th spring clean list now. Thanks;)

  11. I was so confused by the numbering on the wedges, then realised there had been a typo – after two coffees and much concentration!

  12. This post was right on cue, I sorted my shoes yesterday , and found some forgotten ones. My wardrobe is very wedge heavy….with another pair arriving in post from sportscraft this week. I vowed to myself no more wedges, and some more sandals. Then yesterday I spotted a lime green wedge, and I’m still contemplating….but the clogs have given me an idea for an alternative. Great post.

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