Spring wardrobe essentials: accessories

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How’s your spring wardrobe update going? In the 2013 spring wardrobe essentials series we’ve talked casual weekend wearoffice wear and shoes. Now it’s time to discuss my favourite part of the wardrobe … accessories.

You know my thoughts on accessories, don’t you?

They are the icing on your outfit cake. They can work all kinds of magical powers and take your outfit from zero to hero. Can I possibly add any more cliches right now?

The reason I get so excited about accessories is that it only takes the action of adding ONE piece to ignite these magical powers.

Yes, that’s right. ONE piece.

Now, you have my permission to add more but this is the advice I dish out to anyone who cares to listen because I know that it can sometimes be a bit bamboozling when people tell you to simply add accessories to your outfit.

I know, because until I got the hang of it – and the habit of it – that was me too.

The hang of it comes from starting with a small collection of accessories and “playing” with them with your outfits.

The habit of it comes from doing some playing every day.

To successfully play every day, you need to store your accessories somewhere where you can see them. Somewhere that prompts you each morning to put at least one on.

I guarantee if you do that and reach for an accessory every day for a month then you will be so in the habit of it, you will feel naked without.

I say … just do it. What have you got to lose?

Here’s a little shopping inspiration for you.

2013 spring wardrobe essentials | accessories EARRINGS:  1. Samantha Wills @ Zambezee $130 | 2. Red Phoenix Emporium $39 | 3. Atmos&Here @ The Iconic $16.95

WRIST WEAR:  4. Peter Lang @ The Iconic $59 | 5. Dinosaur Designs $130 | 6. Bluejuice @ The Iconic $24.95

BAGS:  7. Mimco $249 | 8. Verily $39 | 9. Target $8

SCARVES:  10. Witchery $14.95 | 11. Blue Bungalow $29 | 12. Witchery $14.95 

RINGS:  13. Lovisa $16.99 | 14. Samantha Wills @ Zambezee $69 | 15. Dinosaur Designs $128

NECKLACES: 16. Target $16 | 17. Eb&Ive @ Sequins and Sand $29.95 | 18. Ruby Olive @ I Love Lola $45

Style notes

You can find some more tips and tricks on how to store your accessories and how to wear them here. And if you’d like more advice on how to wear a necklace with different clothing pieces, check out this cheat sheet.

Treat yourself to an accessories update by adding in one or two pieces that freshen up your existing spring-summer outfits.

Conversely, do you have existing accessories that scream spring-summer but will work with a new outfit purchase? Pull them out and wear them.

Have fun with it. It’s amazing how adding an accessory can totally lift your mood – not just your outfit.

Tell me, have you made any accessories purchases this season? What’s your accessories addiction? Necklaces? Earrings? Rings? Wristwear? Scarves? Bags? All of the above?

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  1. Hi Nikki, I see “ärm stacks” all over Pinterest. Are stacks of bangles/bracelets still in fashion? I love the look.

    1. Yes they are – and you’ll see them bloom again this summer as arms get exposed. With jewellery, we’re seeing two different main trends – minimalist (fine chains, not many pieces) and statement – arm parties, big earrings and statement necklaces. My advice: go with what feels right for you on a particular day and a particular outfit. I swing between both looks.

  2. I’ve been trying to wear scarves more but I need to learn how to arrange
    / tie them properly – always look funny (or like i’m going to the footy
    !) 🙁

  3. Nikki I have a very important first world accessory question for you. When I’m wearing a statement necklace, I never know what earrings to wear. Something small and unobtrusive? Or something matching? (seems twee)

  4. I never accessorise. At the moment, I can blame a breastfeeding bub and get away with it, but I won’t accessorise when he stops either! This round-up MIGHT make me reconsider… thanks Nikki.

    1. Do you know what I always buy my friends having babies? The necklaces, bracelets and bangles that double as teethers … just adding one piece can make the difference. Doesn’t have to be a Christmas tree bauble scenario.

  5. To say I love accessories is an understatement. Earrings is the very least I will be seen in I’m afraid. Creating services my addiction that’s for sure.

  6. I am obsessed with scarves ( I know I’ve told you before!) but my biggest problem is finding ones long enough. I can’t stand a short scarf! I want a scarf that when looped around my neck loosely will still hang past my boobs & these are a little hard to find. I did however find a gorgeous one in Dotti the other day but i am still on the look out- you can never have enough scarves surely?!

  7. I love accessories too. So much that I had to buy a jewellery compartment hanger for all my necklaces and earrings. I make my own bangles and sell them on madeit.com.au when I have the time. I can make them to suit particular outfits so I don’t have to go looking for the right colour.

  8. I love all accessories i am afraid But I do like necklaces and rings and scarves the best. I keep mine in a drawer and they are easily found and rings on a cool hand ring holder,and scarves on a scarf holder .I do love The Samantha Wills Rings and the Dinosaur Designs rings very nice indeed.

  9. I particularly liked #s 1, 5 & 15 to scan down and find they are some of the top priced items – is this a skill to be proud of or worried by??!

  10. I confess to an accessory addiction. Nowadays instead of buying traditional souvenirs I buy lovely jewels and scarves when I travel. I often spend more than I would at home to buy special things that I intend to keep forever as my keepsake of a trip. For example, when we visited Cambodia I bought some local stones set into silver earrings and in Hong Kong a lovely chain with jade and Cantonese symbols embedded.I love looking down and seeing a special ring that reminds me of a great holiday.
    FYI: This weekend is the Dinosaur Designs warehouse sale at their Surry Hills head office in Sydney for anyone in the area.

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