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I love a fashion label that kind of grows up with you but continues to reinvent itself to keep things fresh.

That’s what Sportscraft has been for me. I haven’t been around since its beginnings in 1914 (although some days it feels like it) but I do remember my mum wearing Sportscraft in the 1970s when she was younger than I am today.

When I was styling personal clients, I lost track of the number of people whom I “sold” into the label’s signature trench coat. I’m yet to come across a trench as well made for its price. Black or stone this is a wardrobe piece you’ll have working for you for years.

I love that these classic pieces are the cornerstone of the brand but that in the last few seasons, the design team has not been afraid to amp up the fashion trend side of things as well.

In spring 2013, I’m more than a little taken with Sportscraft’s range of “show pony” pieces, particularly the very popular polka dot pant.

I know. I’m talking up the printed pant. Again.

I can’t help it. I love a fun fashion piece to work back with wardrobe basics and my fave print after stripes would have to be dots. Combine that with the hotter-than-hot monochrome trend and I’m on that bandwagon quick smart.

Mind you, I am a little intimidated by the model shots for this post. The super stunning Samantha Harris modelled the pants at the label’s recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney show …

The model

Sportscraft spring 2013 MBFFS

Sportscraft spring 2013 MBFFS

Sportscraft polka dot pants $189 |  Sportscraft silk mix blouse $159 | Sportscraft jacket $249 (in store November)

And me

The Model and Me | Sportscraft polka dot pants; Sportscraft silk mix top; Red Phoenix Emporium necklace | Sussan blazer | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Alex Perry for Specsavers sunglasses

Sportscraft polka dot pants $189* |  Sportscraft silk mix blouse $159* | Sussan blazer (from two years ago) | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace |  Zoe Kratzmann wedges* | Alex Perry for Specsavers sunglasses | Sophie Kyron earrings (from four years ago)

The Model and Me | Sportscraft polka dot pants; Sportscraft silk mix top; Red Phoenix Emporium necklace | Sussan blazer | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Alex Perry for Specsavers sunglasses

I’m not a tuck-in kind of girl. Don’t have the waist for such things but I’m very happy with how this blouse looks when worn out as it’s sheer and still shows my shape. I’ve layered the blouse over a white stretch cami for daytime modesty but it would look gorgeous with a statement bra showing through as well.

This is a blouse that will serve you well for work and casual. It’s gorgeously lightweight. I’m wearing the size 16.

I’m IN LOVE with the pants. Seriously. LOVE. The cut is all kinds of fabulous (it’s elasticated at the back, hello comfort levels!) and the hand-washable silk fabric will be suitable well into summer. I’m wearing a size 16 as, like the blouse, I like this look on the loose and flowy side.

I’ve splashed a little colour with my necklace and jacket but I would also wear these pants with coloured shoes (think hot pink, chartreuse, aqua) for a bit of fun. A white jacket would be equally on-trend and fresh for this spring.

Now, about those heels. They’re from Zoe Kratzmann‘s latest collection. The height is right for comfort but the ankle strap styling turns the wedge into a fashion statement. And despite how my toes look in the photo, they’re not squished or hurting. That’s just how they look thanks to growing up in Queensland where shoes were an optional extra at primary school.

The pedi? That’s my CND Vinylux from three weeks ago still going strong.

Zoe Kratzmann Frolic wedge in ink

Don’t think you won’t see me wearing these pants again VERY soon. You will. They’re coming with me to the Problogger conference on the Gold Coast later this week. I’ll re-work them with a different top and shoes … maybe even some fuchsia flat sandals. Stay tuned …

Tell me, do you love a polka dot? On board with the printed pants yet? If so, share your printed pants story below?

* These items were sent to me for editorial consideration


  • Raquel Bebbington

    Very cute!

  • Poppy

    I’ve got polka dot pants from last year from Asos. Not silk, though, but very comfy. I love them with a white t half tucked in. They were great in Hawaii last month.

    I am loving those wedges. I’ve been looking for a thin toe strap shoe. And the wedge will make it easier to wear for a long time. You look great.

  • Maxabella

    Love the pairing of the soft green with the coral, Nikki. It really brings those pants to life. And I defnitely prefer a black shoe with the spots. You look great! x

    • I popped a pink last Friday for a bit of fun! We missed you at PBEVENT!

      • Maxabella

        I can hardly even look at all the fab wrap-up posts about the place, such is my waaaaaaaah state of mind at missing it. NEXT YEAR I WILL BE THERE. x

  • barbarabriguglio

    I am not a fan of the pants, but love the jacket. I also love that floral jacket on the model too.

    • Yes, the pants are crush proof!

      • barbarabriguglio

        Thanks Nikki
        Hopefully they will introduce a solid colour in this style… That would be bliss 🙂

  • Reannon Hope

    You look gorgeous Nikki x

  • michelle barrington

    I know the feature is the pants but I can’t stop looking at how fab the blouse looks on you. I would need to wear a 16 too for my bust. I have tried on several pairs of patterned pants which I loved but when I tried tops the combo together made me look like I was wearing pyjamas. I have found multiple pairs of pants I like but the tops are proving much harder.

    • I like how it flows over my bust and the sheer fabric I think is great for showing off the waistline of the pants. It is tricky re tops for printed pants. I’ve had most success with either black or white.

  • Perthite

    Oh Nikki, I’ve always been a big spender on clothes, but since I discovered your blog it’s ramped up! Your style advice is exceptional.

    I MUST have those wedges! Sold out in my size on style tread, but I will continue the search.

    I loved your recent Sasha Drake dress review and pre-ordered it for an upcoming mini- break in Singapore.

    I am now a regular at Zambezee online and have bought one or two (or three) Johnny Was shirts from a local boutique.

    I absolutely love these pants and shirt… Alas sold out in my size!

    Keep up the fab work xx

  • The Plumbette

    I have been eyeing those shoes for the last week in the tan colour but not sure on sizing… are they true to size Nikki? Love the outfit too.

    • The sizing is spot on The Plumbette. I’m a size 40 and am a size 40 in ZK shoes.

  • Relieved to hear that even Ms Styling You is likely to be wearing flats to #pbevent! LOL

  • Ella Spurling

    Nikki, you look fab! Love a polka dot and a print pant. Great combo! I made an impulse purchase of print pants last week and plan on wearing them this weekend. Those wedges are pretty special too. Look forward to seeing your outfit from the other coast!

    • Will you be at PBEVENT Ella? In which case yes you will see these. They’re packed already!


    Have you shrunk?
    I love the outfit, looks hot.
    cilla x

  • Johanne Taylor

    I won’t do a full tuck in as I have no waist, but I am a big fan of the half tuck or other variations on the partial tuck. I love the idea that I somehow got distracted mid-tucking.

  • Toula K

    I’m not a tucker inner either! Somewhere between my youth and now I lost my waist lol! Gorgeous pants and blouse. Love the look. I have one printed pair of pants I bought last season and I hope to venture out and get some more. I’m tired of sticking to my safe options like black pants or jeans. Need to get a bit more colourful and daring I think. You’re very lucky that you can wear so many different styles and they all look great on you.

    • I didn’t realise I didn’t have one as a youth but the styles were all geared to waists so I struggled to find any pants that were flattering. Do try and find some more – they are such a comfortable pants alternative for spring.

  • Kelly

    That is a gorgeous looking outfit! I am a recent convert to Sportscraft – really classic stuff. Still no printed pants yet but would be keen to give them a try.

  • Julie

    You look great Nikki, with jacket and without. Love your splashes of colour and your wedges. I have a black and white polka dot wrap dress from years ago, will have to try it on again. Not sure about printed pants on me…but then I do tend to take my time to jump on new fashion bandwagons! xx

    • And that’s perfectly ok Julie … do pull out that dress though and re-invent it for this season. The polka dot is big!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love those pants on you Nikki,they are lovely and could be worn with so many things.Yes i am in love with printed pants, I have 4 pairs now a new black and white pair which look like spots but are actually little diamonds ,a floral cropped stretch pair and my 2 pairs from last season a black with a pink and green bird print(sound horrid but are not) and an Ikat sort of print in a khaki and cream and black.
    You have a fab wardrobe of stunning pants Nikki and I love those Zoe Kratzmann wedges,I must invest in a pair of tan ones I think.
    Lovely model and me post and I don’t tuck in either as I have no waist!

    • Glad you like Lisa … and you are so set with your printed pants wardrobe! Impressed.

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Thank you Nikki, I like the comfort factor of the printed pants.

  • mary_j_j

    Nikki, you’ve done it again!! I see a little trip to the Sportscraft shop in my very near future. Those trousers look FANTASTIC on you.

    • I’d run, don’t walk Mary … just checked online and they’re selling fast!

      • mary_j_j

        ha, I went over to our nearest store, and ended up phoning the city store to get one of the last 2 in the state in my size ordered, paid for and hopefully delivered in the next few days!! Then I just had to buy a frock and some shirts whilst I was there!

  • Daisy

    As a Sportscraft fan anyway, and I remember my mother wearing it in the sixties, it is great to see it modelled by you, Nikki.

    I have always loved polka dots and will try these on but I am expecting that they won’t look good on me. I hope I am wrong! I am average height and a size 14 but have thin legs and always prefer a skinny. I have to display the bits of me that ARE thin! I also never tuck as I have a tummy. Ho hum. I love printed pants but don’t own any yet. Queensland is just so warm!

    • Do give them a try Daisy as I’m the same. The wind is blowing them in the photos a bit but the fabric is gorgeous and light that the way it drapes does allow your legs to still be the hero.

  • Marilyn Schroeder

    A blast from the past. The Sportscraft Trench! I bought mine in 1988 and yes, it did get several wears this Winter. After all I’m a Melbourne gal!

    • See, isn’t that the test of a good investment purchase? You can bring it out season after season.

  • Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    I just bought some printed pants from French Connection and was wondering how to style them. I’m not a huge white shirt fan, but I like this one. Great shoes too. I love a wedge. See you soon!

    • Printed pants are it and a bit this season, Laney. So much fun to wear and comfortable. See you very soon!!

  • Belinda

    Love love love those shoes!

    • They’re fabulous – Zoe Kratzmann knows how to make a wedge wearable and fashionable!

  • Sonya

    You look great in that outfit Nikki, it’s very flattering.One of your best!