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I have more than a soft spot for Metalicus.

Not only was it the first ever label I featured in my Model and Me posts – three years ago – but it’s a label that has long been a wardrobe friend of mine.

My Metalicus pieces just keep on giving.

They look as good as they day I bought them, wash easily and are back in my cupboard, hanging and ready to wear the next day.

I also love that each time I wear Metalicus, I’m kind of disproving the urban myth that you have to be size 0 to wear the label.

Yes, there are many pieces in each collection that are perfectly pitched at my beautiful petit sisters but what I’ve learned over the years is to look at each collection and scope out the pieces that will work for me.

Most of the label is a “one size fits most” scenario; some of the ponte pieces come in two different sizes but generally most of these stretch garments are designed to fit sizes 6-14. Not all will flatter me in the same way as a smaller size but there are many that do.

The dress I’m featuring today is very much one that anyone in this size range can embrace.

It’s not quite black, more a textural charcoal. Does that count as a summer black? I think so.

Let’s have a look at it on the model, shall we?

The model

Metalicus Faltered Tank Dress spring 2013

Metalicus tank dress $139.95

and me

Model and Me Metalicus Faltered Tank Dress

Metalicus tank dress* $139.95 | Oscar Wylee sunglasses* $98 | Dinosaur Designs necklace (a wedding anniversary gift from Mr SY) | Uberkate ubermemories heritage bangle* | Michael Kors watch | Misano sandals*

Metalicus tank dress and jacket | Oscar Wylee sunglasses | Dinosaur Designs necklace | Uberkate bracelet | Michael Kors watch | Misano sandals

Metalicus cropped jacket* $149.95 

I cannot stress enough how fantastically useful Metalicus jackets and cardis are. I know many SY readers are already on this bandwagon but for me, they are perfect. It can still get cool at night in spring so being able to roll and scrunch one into my handbag for emergencies is one of my trans-seasonal wardrobe strategies.

Are you a Metalicus fan? Bought anything from the new collection?

* Items marked were sent to me for editorial consideration


Comments 52

  1. Nikki, I found this crop jacket today on sale and cannot decide if I should buy it. I LOVE the colour but am unsure about the darts, they are borderline awkward with my less volumtious chest!! Thoughts? I have it on hold haha I’m wondering if they will relax a bit and not sit box-like on me x Tamsin

    1. mmm … I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that if you’re feeling borderline awkward in it in the shop I don’t think that feeling will lessen at home. My advice if you’re second guessing it is to not buy it.

      1. Ahh that is true!! Maybe I should be investing in a longline Metalicus cardi for these cooler days, thank you for your advice xx

  2. Love the dress. I’m torn by which necklace looks better, yours or the models. But you nailed it for me with those shoes. Well done. You look amazing.

  3. I LOVE metalicus, but I’m not sure it loves me, or that my husband loves it. He’s a fan of the more figure hugging stuff on me. I love the comfy fit of the layers (oh, how I love layers). But you have this sorted. LOVE that dress! x

  4. I’m on the Metalicus bandwagon. I haven’t been shopping for a while and haven’t looked at the new season things yet. I love Metalicus cardis and jackets best. They look great anywhere. I really love the one you’re wearing here – stunning! I’ll miss seeing the ocean in your posts when you move to Brisbane.

  5. The texture of that grey looks amazing…you’re wearing one of my fave colour combos…grey and coral! I so badly want to love Metalicus…and I do have a couple of their skirts…my issue is I need things that have a defined waist without being too fitted…and the majority of their style is either super fitted or super flowy. But, every year I keep an eye out hoping something will work on my shape 🙂

  6. You look fab Nikki, with and without the cardi. Love your sandals too. I have a soft spot for Metalicus too, in fact one of your posts gave me the confidence to give it a go, and I’m sold. Haven’t bought any new season pieces yet but love the merino-mix dress in dark blue I bought a couple of months ago – in our climate it’ll probably be trans-seasonal! I’ve made a couple of mistakes but they didn’t cost much, and now I know which pieces to go for. A great label! xx

  7. Love it! I have some Metalicus stuff but I think I bought the wrong sort of thing, the slip dresses – I feel self conscious and lumpy in them. I really like the lok of this dress though. I do like the cardis, they are light and cute.

  8. I love the Metalicus cardigans. I have three so far and I am sure I won’t stop there, they are so wonderfully comfortable. A little while back I tried one of their basic tops but when it arrived it was way too figure hugging for my liking. That put me off a bit and I was resolved to just sticking to the cardigans but I might have to rethink that now. I would not feel comfortable wearing the more fitted style dresses but something like this could be worth a shot.

    1. With the tops, Mindy the idea is usually that you’re layering at least two. Plus you’ll also find that the fabrics differ as well. Some are definitely layering pieces; others can be worn on their own.

  9. I love metalicus too – I have a few of their skirts that I have had pre babies, then wore them through 2 pregnancies & are still key pieces in my wardrobe. Must check out the latest season range

  10. I haven’t bought any Metalicus yet but a friend of mine is very enthusiastic about them. She is a size 20 and buys the dresses and layers them two at a time. She has said that the trick is in picking dresses without a seam in the bodice of the dress and because the Metalicus fabric is so amazing that it will stretch to fit a 20 no problem. And she layers them because the second dress makes lumps and bumps disappear. I have not yet tested the theory myself but I can see how it works marvellously on her.

  11. Not lately but I have sold older pieces and just love them ,I do like a cardi you can fit in your bag “Just in Case”.I really like the cut of this dress how it drapes,lovely style dress and it looks great on NIkki.Thank you for another great Model and Me Post!

  12. Too funny, Nikki! I am reading this at work wearing a black Metalicus tube skirt, loose purple tank and lime green and purple cardigan. I am no size 0 either, in fact when I’m carrying a bit of extra weight (like now), my Metalicus items are what I turn to again and again.
    The outfit you are wearing is pretty similar to what I wore through a trip to France, Spain and Germany in their late summer. The dress is perfect for dinner and drinks, and the cardis are great as they can screw up in a ball in your dayback when you are outside, then look great when you need to deal with air-con, or just want to cover up in a religious building.I find the items a little heavy for Asia where I prefer natural fabrics, but they have done me great service on trips to Europe and North America.

    1. Very funny! And thanks for sharing how Metalicus works in your travel wardrobe Johanne. I agree re Asia (tropical) … I won’t pack this for Bali opting for more kaftan/silks/cottons but even in QLD I can wear this most of the year. Just high summer out of aircon that it doesn’t.

  13. I’m such a dag at heart, but really you have me thinking about what I wear now – and I love that you are not model size, because I can get inspired by what you look like! Loving the shoes and the necklace in this and will be clicking through to Metalicus (budget pending). Thanks!

  14. Does anybody know if Metallicus caters for really small frames? I want to order online but I’m a size 6 and am worried that they’ll be too big all over. Not having tried any Metallicus before, it’s hard to imagine that one size could truly cater for all. Many thanks x

    1. The Audrey dress might suit you too Amy, as it has a seam under the bodice and the shape and length doesn’t swamp a smaller frame. Good luck!

  15. I love Metalicus too! It stretched with me in pregnancy and stretched back without a problem. My husband bought me this dress last year in red (to go with the 2 other red dresses he has bought me!) Love it though! So comfy to wear. I really need a cardi to go with it though. Do you think white? And do you think a long one would be ok?

  16. I love Metalicus too! It stretched with me in pregnancy and stretched back without a problem. My husband bought me this dress last year in red (to go with the 2 other red dresses he has bought me!) Love it though! So comfy to wear. I really need a cardi to go with it though. Do you think white? And do you think a long one would be ok?

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