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Newsy bites and style insights

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While Nikki’s been busy tapping away at her computer, getting page after page written for her book, some interesting and exciting news bites have been landing in her inbox.

Here are six of the style insights I thought would most interest you, Stylers.

McGrath Foundation: If you own ’em, know ’em!

Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has been touched by breast cancer.  Statistics show that self-examination is vital in increasing early diagnosis numbers, so the McGrath Foundation have a new breast awareness education initiative called Curve Lurve. It’s an innovative program aimed at empowering Australian women (young women in particular) to look after and know their own breasts and bodies – or in essence they like to say: ‘If you grow ’em, know ’em’!

Curve Lurve is tailored for all different age groups and not only does it come with a fun and cheeky FREE iPhone App, it is complete with resource collateral for high schools, workplace and communities to conduct regular breast awareness sessions.  I wholeheartedly believe that the earlier we teach young women the importance of self-examination, the better, which is why I was really excited to hear that the McGrath Foundation have included resources for high schools.

As for the fact you can set your own theme song?  LOVE!

The section for parents was really handy too; offering tips on how to start the conversation with your daughters (that’s on the website, not the app). All information about Curve Lurve can be found at www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au or you can download the free Curve Lurve iPhone app from the Apple App Store. DO IT!


curve lurve

Cooper St +

Iconic Australian brand Cooper St has just announced the addition of an ongoing new plus size range, Cooper St +. Pieces in the Cooper St + collection will be available in sizes 16-24, expanding the label’s traditional 6-16 size range. “We’re thrilled to launch Cooper St + into the marketplace, ensuring that Cooper St designs are readily accessible to a broader range of Australian women. We believe there is a definite gap in the market for fun, fashionable garments in bigger sizes, so it’s really important that we’re able to offer on-trend options for women of all shapes,” says Cooper St spokesperson Donna Bracken. I’m really excited to hear this, and can’t wait to check out the full range.

cooper st

The spray tan kaftan!

With the weather warming up, my legs will soon be on show and a spray tan is in order.  One issue I’ve always faced (and I’m sure I’m not alone) is what to wear straight after being sprayed.  I don’t want to wear anything close-fitting for fear of ruining the finish.  I’m also concerned about transferring any of my golden hue onto my favourite clothes. Of course someone has come up with a solution! Kaf.Tanned! Two young entrepreneurial sisters have designed a kaftan specifically designed to be worn following a spray tan.  At only $24.95 they’re a steal, and will save your clothes as well as your freshly applied tan.

Kaf.Tanned image 2 copy

A Cheeki idea for tea on the go!

I’m trying very hard to be mindful of what I’m eating and drinking at the moment, and that includes my liquid intake – coffee in particular.  I’ve made the switch to tea and when I saw this cute tea flask pop into my inbox from Cheeki Tea, I was intrigued.

Not only does it look stylish, but it’s incredibly handy and has an inbuilt tea strainer so you can sip your favourite loose-leaf brew on the go.  More importantly it’s BPA free and will keep your drink warmer for longer.

I can’t decide which design I like better.  What about you?


cheeki tea

Stuart Weitzman hits Oz

I’ve just read that Stuart Weitzman, famous for his gorgeous footwear designs, has hit our shores!  David Jones is hosting hop-in-shop boutiques dedicated to his footwear and accessories. Castlereagh Street in Sydney, Westfield Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction, Bourke Street in Melbourne and QueensPlaza Brisbane have opened. Adelaide and Perth will open in 2014.

While Stuart Weitzman is renowned for his sexy stilettos and evening sandal designs, especially among celebrities, the shop-in-shop boutiques will offer his complete fashion collection including boots, career, flats and weather.

Weitzman is well-known for providing stunning red-carpet wonders for the Oscar Nominees.  Maybe the Logies are next on the agenda now that he’s here in Australia?

Stuart Weitzman




Dinosaur Designs’ latest range

There’s nothing like a lovely necklace, bracelet or ring to make an outfit go from boring to bazinga! The latest range from Dinosaur Designs, dubbed Safari, will do exactly that.

Embracing earthy tones and drawing inspiration from films such as Out of Africa their latest offering isn’t just speaking to me; it’s yelling out to me!

This was my favourite piece from the new range, as I can see it complementing so many colourful wardrobe pieces as well as muted tones.

dinosaur_designs_collection_2013_safari_011 copy

Do you have any inside fashion stories or newsy info you can share with us?  Leave a comment below so we can all be in the know.  

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  1. I love these new ideas you have brought to our attention Nikki ,I especially love the Kaf.Tanned dresses I don’t often get a spray tan but I do my own,but same problem I don’t want it ruining my clothes and they are nice enough to wear around and I have a love of kaftans.The Curve Lurve is a great idea,especially for younger women who are just starting out checking their breasts.Love Dinosoar Designs anything.Thankyou Nikki for sharing and have fun tonight!

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