The Model and Me Sacha Drake

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake

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Have I told you lately how much I love Sacha Drake?

If you’re a regular here over the past few years, Sacha will need little introduction. If you’re new here, let me state my case for this talented Queensland designer.

Sacha believes in the frock and she believes there is a frock to suit every body shape. So much so, navigating a purchase is so easy as each dress is coded with what shapes it suits. Even better, so many of Sacha’s dresses can be worn by lots of different body shapes.

Sacha also believes in the timelessness of a frock. Yes, there’s usually a nod to seasonal trends but I have Sacha Drake frocks in my wardrobe that date back seven years (she’s celebrating her 10th year in business this year). They still get worn because they still make me feel fabulous.

The other thing Sacha has always done – and a big reason why I’ve always found her designs work for my shape – is that she starts a new design by first draping the fabric over her body (an hourglass size 14).  Every Sacha Drake design is then modelled on two “fit” models, a size 10 and a size 14, and the pattern further tweaked before the garment is put into the production phase.

Sigh … if only more designers were as clued up.

Moving right along. I chose this dress to feature as I love its versatility, its wearability and its retro-style striped fabric.

Let’s see what the Tricia dress looks like on two models, shall we?

The Model

Sacha Drake Tricia Dress

Sacha Drake Tricia dress $229

Sacha Drake Tricia Dress

… and Me

It’s still a bit cool here in the evenings, which I very much approve of for doona snuggles and the ability to wear my blazer collection without sweating in places ladies shouldn’t sweat.

So, as soon as I saw the Tricia frock I knew it was a perfect match for my ivory Country Road jacket. The combo feels 1970s-Cleo-magazine-worthy. Something my mum would have worn back in the day but updated with a modern silhouette.

I’m wearing the size 14, which fits snugly across my girls and then not too tent-like down below. With any dress with a bit of volume like this, my hot tip for you is to try down a size than you normally would buy. It may just work better for you.

The Model and Me Sacha Drake SS13-14 Tricia dress

Sacha Drake Tricia dress $229* | Country Road blazer (from two summers ago) | Zoe Kratzmann Trapeze heels $260*

Let’s talk about those shoes. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good nude/tan shoe option and Zoe Kratzmann’s delivers with these heels – and wedges and flats in her new spring-summer collection. I love that these give me a little height but not too much. A platform under the balls of my feet is always a good thing too. These would certainly last the distance at an event or even for the races.

A word on ankle straps on shoes. If I’m wearing a frock or a skirt, they really only work for me if they are nude or tan. Black tends to chop off my legs and I only get away with them when wearing long pants or jeans.

The Model and Me Sacha Drake SS13-14 Tricia dress

You may be wondering about the strange angle of my head? Me too. I was dealing with adverse conditions. A very brisk afternoon wind was doing its best to make short shrift of my blow dry.

Oh, and I got my tuckshops out just for you too. You’re welcome. Here’s how the dress looks sans jacket.

I can see me wearing this dress with flats for a more casual occasion. Or even with a denim jacket.

It’s also very easy to wear and easy care, making it a versatile summer travel piece.

The Model and Me Sacha Drake SS13-14 Tricia dress

Are you ready for spring? Are frocks and new shoes on your wishlist? Any Sacha Drake in your wardrobe?

PS. Limited tickets are still available for the Wednesday evening (August 25) Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Fashion Festival show, in which Sacha Drake is showcasing her spring-summer 2013-14 collection.

Items marked with * were given to me for editorial consideration

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  1. PS – I’m an apple. Not sure how I feel about that! I live in hope of once again wearing a pencil skirt or anything with a belt! The fashion at the moment is very apple-friendly. I’m frightened by the latest runway styles … with cut out midriffs. Oh dear!

  2. Sold! Just per-ordered it. I have a trip to Singapore in late September and this will be perfect.

    I mentioned that you inspired the purchase.

    Thanks again for your wonderful style advice.

  3. Love Sacha Drake! I wore one of her designs on the weekend for my daughters baby dedication. I am in need of some tan sandals or wedges this season. Will be sure to check out Zoe Kratzmann to get a pair.

  4. My best friend is a big fan of Sacha Drake. I love that they offer guides for shopping for your body type. Also, the staff at the store in Paddington are so friendly and helpful.

  5. The inspiration never ends! Love it Nikki. Will save up for little number I reckon. Time to throw out all my summer pregnant dresses……I better be careful though, that’s usually when one has a whoopsadaisy!

  6. I love Sacha Drake. I have lots of her dresses and wear several to work. (Not all at once! I promise.) I need to look nice but not necessarily corporate. They are so comfy, wash beautifully and generally don’t need ironing. Plus, as you say, they last forever. So worth the money.

  7. Gorgeous girl! I love this dress and I love it on you – I agree it’s better with curves under 😉 What a lovely neckline/sleeve too. I am a sucker for stripes year-round and tan shoes in summer…wonder how many more I can sneak into the ‘robe? Keep up the good work Nikki, it’s actually feeling like spring here and so nice to see summery clothes xx

  8. Lovely combo. The blazer really holds the look together. Without it, the dress looks very casual. I like the Model and Me series.

  9. Lovely Nikki ,I haven’t got any Sacha Drake in my wardrobe at present.I prefer my dresses to hit just above my knee I think they look better on me that way but I will give this length a try.I agree about the nude wedges they look lovely with dresses or anything for that matter.
    I love your Model and me posts and I always think you look better than the model ! Btw you do not have tuck shop arms they look fine to me.Very nice dress thankyou for sharing.

  10. Hi Nikki, I am relatively new to your blog and hadn’t previously heard about Sacha Drake. I live about 10 minutes from Paddington. I have just followed the link to her website and it looks fabulous. Heading over there soon! Thanks.

  11. That’s a gorgeous frock, Nikki. I love the shoes on the model better with the dress, but I think the shoes you’ve chosen are lovely too. Have a happy week. x

      1. Clogs would be great. And I am sooooo getting a Sasha Drake Martina dress this Summer. I can tell just looking at the screen that it would flatter absolutely anyone. Yay! x

  12. I think the dress looks stunning on you with or without the jacket. And thanks for your tips about nude and tan shoes. I recently bought a pair and started wearing them with everything, so now I have the nod from you I’m going to be on the look out for more easy to wear, comfortable tan trotters because they are so easy to match 🙂

  13. Nikki, I actually prefer the dress on you, I think it looks better with a few curves! Thanks for your blog as well – I am currently living in Vanuatu and your blog is one of the sites I visit on a daily basis for a little taste of home.

  14. I love these post Nikki, I always find seeing a garment on you makes it so much more relatable. It was a delightful 25 degrees here yesterday so I am very ready for some spring frock shopping. My poor legs are so far from ready after being ignored for the last couple of months but I’m working on them. I love Sacha Drake and have 3 dresses in my wardrobe including a Martina dress from last year. I had a bit of a look through the new season dresses recently and this one you are wearing would have to be one of my favourites. I loved the colours, the nice simple stripes and it’s versatility to be dressed up or down. Let’s face it the majority of my life is casual so not much point owning a lot of fancy dresses that will get very little wear. I just wasn’t sure that the style would suit my figure. I think your tip on going down a size could be the answer. Since it’s a stretch fabric I might be able to get away with it up top and make it not too tentish on the waist.

  15. Nikki you are spot on about SD being timeless – the two pieces that I bought 2 years ago (one of them being a dress that you featured in a model and me post) still look great and not “two seasons old” – i do find the pieces a little bit pricey – guess it’s the trade off for a dress/top that lasts more than one season.

    1. That’s very much the trade-off Jo … they are timeless pieces and if correct for your shape will work for you long after the throw-away fashion has been thrown away. It’s my go-to label for special occasion pieces for that reason.

  16. Very good tip about the shoes Nikki. I learnt from wearing an ankle strap black shoe to a wedding once that it did me no favours. So no strap shoes with a dress or skirt since. We are talking a good 20 years here, but now I know that I can do a strap in a tan or lighter colour shoe. Doh! Thank you, another SY hot tip. Ps went crazy at CR on weekend and bought multiple items but the most divine green dress. Whilst there I saw a white tuxedo jacket like the one you are wearing. Hmmm, time to go back? Lol

    1. Yes, with the dark ankle straps it works if you are wearing super short dresses, skirts or shorts but since that’s not going to happen for me, I do straps only if a nude/tan. And I know the CR jacket you’re talking about – nearly got that one myself but voice of reason prevailed. This one above was from two years ago and is ivory – latest one is white. That’s why I was tempted – I could almost justify based on the VAST difference in colour!

      1. I guess if we asked an interior designer the difference between white and ivory, we would get further support for such a purchase! If fairness Nikki, I feel
        I should entice you to go ahead and get the white jacket! After all today I was out and about in my illumasqua makeup, my cr t and slouch pants, a statement necklace and sandals. Not too mention the unmentionables were new too! All purchased in last fortnight! I’m on a SY frenzy! No more mopey mum here. 😉

  17. Oh WOW! What a sensational dress. I’m very tempted to run to the SD store today. It looks great on both of you. I love it with the jacket but could see it with a light cardi too – black/coral/blue. Sigh.

    1. LOL … it should be in store this week. Available for pre-order on the site at the moment but worth a phone call to get exact date if you’re keen, Kathryn! And yes, could definitely work with cardis and plenty of colours. Also a denim jacket for more casual.

      1. Thanks, I’ll call them to find out when it’s in store – I’d like to try it on. Looks like a dress I’d get a lot of wear out of 🙂

  18. Is it just me… I always like you more than the models in this series! I guess it’s that it’s relatable and possible when its on a real woman but that takes nothing away from how absolutely gorgeous you look.

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