SY reader unlocks her style

Another SY reader unlocks her style

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Editor’s note: Remember Deanne’s SY Unlock Your Style story? Paula’s Unlock Your Style family? And Sheree’s Unlock Your Style letter?  I received this email from SY reader Mindy. Mindy may have only found this blog a few months ago but she’s been a very keen reader and “student” ever since. I watched her confidence in outfit choices grow (she’s a member of the Unlock Your Style Facebook group, having joined after buying my e-book). It’s like we’ve already met. Thanks for sharing your story, Mindy. You’ve made my week.

Hi Nikki

I just wanted to let you know how much your e-book and blog have helped me develop my style.  I have included a couple of photos of outfits I wore on our recent weekend away in Geelong.  I almost can’t believe that this is the same woman who discovered your blog only a few months ago.

At that time I was seriously stuck in a rut and was dreading the idea of winter approaching as it meant I was going to have to buy some new clothes and I didn’t really know where to start.  I had been rotating through the same three pairs of shorts and three t-shirts for the entire summer.

As a work at home Mum to two young children I was really finding it hard to find my new style.  I went from maternity wear to being totally lost and not knowing what to wear.  It is still a work in progress and I am still very much using other people’s outfits for guidance as to the types of pieces to put together but I can feel myself getting more confident.  I am really starting to learn what looks good on me and what I like to wear.

SY reader unlocks her style

I also really love that you have introduced me to some wonderful brands that I would probably not have discovered on my own.  I have become addicted to my Metalicus cardigans and now own three of them.  They are so beautifully comfortable to wear I find myself wearing one of them almost every day.

I also recently decided to take the plunge into the world of NYDJ and find out for myself what all the hype was about.  I got a pair of those Janice leggings you love so much form the lovely Natalie at Zambezee.  As soon as I tried them on I was in love with them.  They are by far the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned.  I wore them on the three-hour flight home and they did not annoy me at all.  I really hope they never stop making that style because I will never want to buy any other jeans ever again.

There was a 70th birthday party on for a family member while we were down in Geelong.  It was a fairly casual affair at the local sports club.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to wear my Binny maxi skirt (aka my “Nina” skirt) for the occasion.  As it’s not exactly Victorian-winter suitable on its own, I wore some opaque tights underneath it and added black ankle boots.  I also teamed it with a cropped Metalicus cardigan to help keep my top half warm.  It was perfect for inside the venue and I just wore a coat to get to and from the car.

Thank you so much for all the advice and inspiration you provide via your blog.  You have a great writing style which often makes it feel like reading your blog is just liking having a chat to a girlfriend. I have gained so much confidence over these past few months and am really starting to enjoy choosing outfits instead of being stressed out by it.  My four-year-old son now tells me often that I look beautiful and that makes me feel really good.



Perhaps you’ve got a SY unlock your style story to share? Email me: [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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  1. I really love the striped binny maxi skirt, I have looked every where for it. Does anyone have one that they would like to sell or know where I can get my hands on one.

  2. Great photos you look great Mindy, will have to get a pair of the NYDJ next season !! I am also part of the Unlock Your Style Facebook group and if you are thinking of joining do, its great fun, Nikki you are always so approachable and helpful. We even offer each other our thoughts/ideas/suggestions on the FB page, and Nikki is always lovely even though I am sure some of my ideas are not fashionably correct !!

  3. Ah Nikki, I should so take some pics and send you an email! There’s so much Nikki going on in my life! Last year it all started with your reminder to have a look at Sussans – and then it was on for young and old!! Skinny coloured jeans (what I’d have called a contradiction in terms for Ms size 16), little pops of colour with the run on neon handbags, caftans for summer, rosehip oil and bb cream – the list goes on. Who can forget the condom dress? Though that started with Mrs Woog. Thank you Mindy for sharing your pics and your story!

  4. Thanks for sharing Mindy, you look fabulous, me thinks I should be getting myself a pair of these Janice Leggings!! I have heard only great things about NYDJ brand! I’m all for comfort and style!

  5. Am having a style slump. I am attending a friends wedding in September. I was bridesmaid at her first wedding thirty years ago. What do I wear to her second wedding , a cocktail/formal event at a beachside function centre.? Am desperate……

  6. It’s just the best thing when readers/clients give you this feedback right? It totally makes my heart sing when I get this kind of feedback too 🙂

  7. I completely agree with Bev, Lisa & Mindy’s comments about how supportive your blog is Nikki – both yourself and the readers that contribute their suggestions & experiences in the comments. It is also nice to know that people are having the same thoughts, questions, issues I am! Great work Mindy on finding a style that works fabulously for you and thanks for sharing your story with us.

  8. Mindy good on you! Gaining the confidence to experiment with what feels right for you, is I’m sure, like a breath of fresh air. I’m still to try NYDJ but I hear so many positive reports, maybe I should 🙂
    Nikki, I’m sure I’m not the only SY reader that feels this, but the one thing I love about your online space is feeling valued. You always reply to everyone and I know for me in particular, you gave me the confidence to come back and comment again instead of just being a lurker. I read lots of blogs and I’ve commented lots of times but not everyone replies. I just wanted to thank you for great inspirational content and for taking the time to engage.

  9. I agree with your four year old too Mindy – you do look beautiful! I especially like your colourful first look – really lovely on you. I love these posts too Nikki! xx

  10. Aww Mindy that is a lovely story and you look do look beautiful, I cannot believe you only owned 3 tees and 3 pairs of shorts.I love my NYDJ too and agree with you about them being the most comfortable jeans ever!
    Nikki that is why I come back day after day to your blog we are like a Big happy family helping each other out.I can’t tell you how many “Style” blogs I read before I found yours but it was a lot,but I like your Real attitude to Styling and how you have taught me to be confident in what I like! Another great Story Nikki you deserve an award for what you do.

  11. YES to these great SY unlock your style stories, so inspiring and yes to NYDJ for ever and Metalicus and Mela Purdie!
    You look fantastic Mindy.

  12. I love these stories. Really, really love them. Last weekend (at a party) a friend asked if I’d been seeing a personal stylist as she had noticed that my style was changing. We talked about your blog and how you need to be confident to try different things, and how you gently encourage and motivate people to do that. Great work Nikki.

    Mindy, these outfits are great on you. Your son is spot on – you look beautiful. I love Metalicus too. Won’t be long and you’ll be refusing to buy anything that needs ironing 😉

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