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Editor’s note: Mr SY has done his sneaky best to present me with a Father’s Day wishlist here. Little does he know I may or may not have already been shopping! Read on too for details on how you could win a set of Uberkate Living Keyring and Living cufflinks for the dad in your life.

Growing up I always took my present buying duties for Father’s and Mother’s Day pretty seriously.

I got a real kick out of the opportunity to say an extra “thank you’’ for all the spending and running around they did for me when I was a kid.

My Dad has always been fun to buy for. He loves lollies, chocolates and all things spicy.

I used to take an almost sick pleasure in trying to find a hot sauce or dressing that would all but reduce him to tears. And to his credit, Dad happily played along with the routine, with a lot of moaning and wheezing and brow mopping after cracking the lid on each new offering.

As I grew older and gained access to more funding through part-time work I was able to be a little more expansive with my gift selections; but I have always tried to focus on the appropriateness of the gift, rather than just the value.

My main rule for Father’s Day is to find a gift that you know the recipient is going to really like, but would not necessarily buy for themselves.

Something that tells Dad you love him.

Fortunately for me Team SY looks after me pretty well in this department too. They’re good at taking hints, so I’m throwing a few out in this Father’s Day 2013 wishlist post with a selection of gifts that I know I would like and maybe the dad in your life would as well.

Father's Day 2013 wishlist

1. 1969 Nylon Fin and Box $300: Whether he’s a surfer, a golfer, a fisher or a car nut, dads love to look at and lust over the memorabilia but will rarely ever make a purchase. Take the next step for him, he will really appreciate it.

2. Country Road t-shirt $49.95: We’re coming in to the warmer months, so why not get him a fun new T-shirt. It’s all about the pineapple at SY HQ at the moment. Ms SY bought me this one the other day.

3. Wheel & Barrow whiskey tumblers $69.95 (set of 2): He’s not likely to buy a set himself but he will bloody love sipping from them of a late evening, possibly while watching the footy.

4. e-Shave shaving brush $100: I’ve recently returned to the shaving brush and have turned what could be considered a chore into an enjoyable grooming process. Don’t knock it till you try it.

5. Key safe set $49.95: For the surfer or biker dad who would rather secure the car keys than take them with them or hide them when heading out for some alone time.

6. BOSE SIE2i sports in-ear headphones $199: my current set of sport headphones are all but rooted. Plus they always fall out of my ears. Not ideal. These little beauties from the sound gurus at BOSE are not the cheapest in the range, but they produce awesome sound and a snug fit.

7. Fossil leather ipad case $129: Tough, functional and looks great.

8. Graphic socks $9 (each): I’ve decided plain black or navy is boring and it is much more fun to rock something that’s a little out there. Especially when you catch people looking at them on the train/bus to work!

9. Uberkate necklace $195: I don’t mind a bit of man jewellery. And if you order from the Uberkate Father’s Day range, you’ll also receive a free gift. (See below for details of this and how to enter to win Uberkate for the dad in your life.)


Uberkate is all about the spirit of relationships, connecting families, friends and loved ones through personalised handmade jewellery. The company was founded in 2004 by designer Kate Sutton, who wanted to create unique, personalised jewellery (Ms SY has more than a few pieces in her collection and wears at least one of them everyday!).  Uberkate was launched with Kate’s signature piece, the Ubercircle, which symbolises the endless flow of love between those people whose names are embossed in the precious metals.

We’re friends of Kate and Mr Uber (Mrs Woog introduced us) and Mr Uber has put all us blokes to shame with this idea he had and created for Kate’s 40th birthday last week.

Check out the men’s collection here. For every order from the Father’s Day range, you’ll also receive a free gift of a circle pendant on black silk (pictured below left) valued at $115.

Win Uberkate for Father's Day

Together with Uberkate, Styling You has a set of a Living Keyring ($225) and Living cufflinks ($295) to give away to one lucky reader. To enter, answer this question in the comments below (remembering you could be entering to win for your dad or your children’s dad):

What’s the most memorable thing the dad in your life has done for you or your family?

Entries open on Wednesday Tuesday, August 20 at 6am and close on Sunday, August 25 at 8pm. Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. They will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions, here.

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  1. My partner took on my son as his own when he was just two months old, he has been there in every sense of the word. Late at night with teething, hospital trips, doctors visits, he has sat down and googled everything he could to make himself a better father and what we can do for my son. He is truly a wonderful, caring and loving father – The best thing his done? Been there 100%.

  2. My new husband took on myself and 4 children..Although biologically not his children, he has become their Daddy, who has been there for the past 8 years for all of them. We then added two more to our tribe. That makes him a wonderful man and an even better father because these special children deserved a father and along he came. [email protected]

  3. My dad
    had the foresight to remove his little family of 4 from a communist regime,
    without telling anyone, and moving to Australia. He had no English when he
    arrived and although being a qualified doctor in his own country had to work as a cleaner in the evenings whilst sitting for his medical exams again in
    Australia. A completely selfless act and one that has made me the person I am today. [email protected]

  4. My dad was never in my life, but my husband is the most amazing father to my daughter, he is strong, smart and always there to help her grow and learn

  5. There is no count of the wonderful things my dad has done for me and my family. But as i have to list just one, here goes: i used to study in an academy which had afternoon classes. as it was far from my home, there was no other mode of transport except going by myself. my dad used to sacrifice his lunch break and would come in the scorching sun to pick me, drop me for my classes and would go back to resume work, without eating anything. he did this for 2 years and whenever i think about it, it just overwhelmes me.. i am so lucky to have a father like him.

  6. My dad is memorable is so many ways… From taking me to watch rally racing as a toddler in a stroller because he thought I needed a well rounded childhood, not just dolls and pink dresses… To babysitting my daughter once a week before she started school and taking her on the ferry every week because that’s what she loved… To accepting my gorgeous step daughters just like one of his own…

  7. Dad was a lumberjack and used to burst the blisters on his hands everyday in order to go to work to earn money to feed and care for us

  8. My father was always there when I needed him for support, love, guidance and held the family together. Always in my heart R.I.P.

  9. My Father was a good man. None better. He loved us. The most memorable would be passing on his wicked sense of humour to us all. We were the only ones to get his jokes.

  10. My Dad selflessly cleaned up my entire front yard, went and bought a range of flowers and baby trees, then planted them for me! He’s a keen gardener, but still, I was blown away his amazing effort, generosity and creativity (it looks fantastic!). djchilds at hotmail dot com

  11. My dad sang “You are my sunshine” to me every night – I have never forgotten how special it made me feel and I sing it to myself for comfort, strength and to remember him.

  12. My wonderful dad came out of retirement to help me pay the mortgage after my hubby had a horrible accident when I was only 7 weeks pregnant with my first child. It was the most challenging time in my life but was made bearable by the love, support and generosity of my father.

  13. The nicest thing my Dad did for me was adopt me when I was 2 weeks old. My Mum had a panic attack at the reality of finally becoming a Mum after 10 years of heartache & Dad just turned to the nurse and said ‘We’ll take her’. Best Dad ever.

  14. My dad was never one for gifts or making a fuss about anything really – he was a really tough man. I do though treasure the memory of him one Saturday morning , I must have only been about 5 … he took my younger brother and I to the toy store in Frankston and said we could pick anything we wanted … I chose a Snoopy bean bag toy – I still have it – safely kept in my box of treasures – must be nearly 40 years ago 🙂 … I love you dad – miss you xxooxx

  15. My dad has renovated my very old house for years, it’s a testament to his incredible carpentry skills. He is now 80 years young and is now renovating my sons house, a circle of love from his capable hands.

  16. My Dad thought we should all learn how to parachute, so we learnt how to land and roll without hurting ourselves and he hung an old parachute harness in a tree so we could practice. I guess he thought we needed to learn to face fears and fall with grace.

  17. My dad was the early riser. The one who got out of bed 4 mornings a week to take me to the swimming pool. He was up, dressed and breakfasted by 5.05am to take me to training before then heading off to his busy office job where he didnt walk in the door at home until after 7pm. Dad – you are ace

  18. My father instilled in me a confidence in my abilities and self worth. He also taught me that intelligence is not just about how smart you are, but the ability to research and find out the answer to your question.

  19. Nikki I think you have to get some new earphones for Mr SY cause rooted earphones are bad:)
    My father has always done nice things for me and still does,he has taken me to countless physio appointments when I couldn’t drive,to hospital appointments,and always took me out for coffee after cause he thought I needed to get out of the house,and even on shopping trips ,I could not have asked for a kinder more helpful father,He is the best father ever!

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