The 2 minute makeup (featuring Maybelline NY)

The 2 minute makeup

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Sponsored by Maybelline NY Australia

The lazy-girl beauty queen in me has been extremely busy of late. Creating new ways in which to be lazy when it comes to my beauty routine.

I know this seems contrary to the aim of a person who purports to be all things lazy when it comes to getting her skincare and makeup in place but I do believe in freshening things up a little every now and then.

And just like the change in fashion season, now is a good time to look at your makeup kit and decide whether you need to do some culling and add some new additions so that you feel fresh.

Now this new 2 minute makeup tutorial I’ve got for you is not a face I would put on for a business meeting or a night out. It’s my most common type of everyday/casual look. The one I literally spend two minutes on before jumping in the car each morning for the school run.

I don’t usually get out of the car at school (big fan of the drop and run) but I do tend to “run errands” afterwards. And Murphy’s Law, if I haven’t devoted that two minutes to looking fresh, then I look so far from it.

I use just five products – all from the new Maybelline NY collection – and the result is my regular face but with more of a glow and a bit more polish!

The 2 minute makeup (featuring Maybelline NY)

A little word on the method

I did not use one brush for this 2 minute makeup. Just my fingers. Pinkie finger for around the eyes. For a super full, special occasion face, I’d bring out my brushes but as an on-the-run effort, the finger application and blend works beautifully.

A little word on the products

First up, the Instant Age Rewind The Lifter foundation ($25.95) is the absolute bomb. It’s got a primer included so goes on like a dream and stays on. Plus there is the added bonus of giving me a little lift thanks to its peptides.

Secondly, the Color Tattoo pots ($11.95 each) have been on my must-never-leave-my-makeup-kit list since they launched in July last year. The colour glides on and sticks. These two are new in a Metal range.

Maybelline NY know mascaras. They get it right every single time and the Mega Plush Volum Express ($19.95) is no exception, plus it’s getting lash results with 40% less wax which is a good thing for lash care. Same with lip colour. The formula of the new Color Sensational Color Whisper collection ($14.95 each) is more sheer than the Vivid Color collection I know and use all the time but in a look like this one, they are just the thing.

Lastly, SuperStay 24H Waterproof Powder ($18.95) is now my handbag go-to … for any touch-ups which are actually few and far between as this stuff does what it says it will!

Fashion Festival Sydney

All these products will feature heavily at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney (August 21-24).  Remember back to April when I covered the Maybelline NY shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia? That was just a season preview for media and industry.

This event – MBFFS –  is open to everyone and once again Maybelline NY will be showcasing its creative, yet achievable looks.

It’s all about taking the catwalk to the sidewalk and this is something Maybelline NY does extremely well … as referenced by my lazy-girl effort above.


Win 1 of 10 double passes to MBFFS



Ok, here’s the really exciting bit – especially if you live in Sydney or can get yourself and a friend to Sydney for the opening night of MBFFS on Wednesday, August 21.

  • Together with Maybelline NY, I have 10 double passes to give away to the opening event at Sydney Town Hall.
  • I will be there to meet you and watch the show with you. We’ll get to chat over wine and nibblies from 5pm.
  • You’ll receive a gift bag of products.
  • You may get the chance to meet Maybelline NY ambassador Ruby Rose.
  • We’ll head back stage for a tour where you can meet the ever fabulous Nigel Stanislaus, Maybelline NY Australia’s makeup director and all-round amazing makeup guru.
  • Then we’ll sit and watch The Trends Show at 6pm until about 7pm before having a chance to experience the Maybelline touch-up station and photo booth post-show.

To enter, in the comments below, answer this question:

What burning makeup question would you like to ask Maybelline NY Australia’s Nigel Stanislaus?

Entries open on Friday August 9 at 6am and close on Wednesday August 14 at 5pm. Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners must be able to make their own way to MBFFS on Wednesday, August 21, 2013. They will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions, here.

PS. You’ll find all the products mentioned in store at Priceline, selected pharmacies, supermarkets and discount department stores.

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Comments 93

  1. Oh Nigel I’m a mismatched mess, could you show me what colour style of make up goes with the new dress that I passionately adore from the MBFFS opening night

  2. “Nigel, how do I contour my face properly with makeup without looking like a cubist painting, and what are the best brushes for this?”

  3. In the past being over 40 was seen as being “over the hill”. Thanks to Maybelline for showcasing fabulous products at affordable prices, proving women in their forties are attractive and engaging – age really is only a number after all.

  4. Being 40, makeup techniques need to be different to when I was in my 30s and 20s. I find that if I do not apply my makeup properly I can look older. What is the best way to apply makeup for someone of my age without looking older but instead to look modern and chic.

  5. Nigel i recently moved from a small town to the city what are the must haves for the office draw that can take you from office to drinks/date

  6. I would ask him what he recommends for dark tan skin complexions in terms of eye make up and lip colour, I’d also ask him what features he loves best to work on

  7. In my late 40’s I have found my work day style but really need help with a ‘weekend face’. Too little and I look tired and washed out, too much and it is just tragic, I would ask for Nigel’s advice

  8. This looks like an amazing prize, oh my gosh! I would ask him what advice he has for aspiring MUAs, or who/what inspires his work.

  9. My 40th birthday is Wednesday 21st August. This particular birthday is one I’ve been dreading and I do not seem to be coping well with the thought of entering my 40’s with puffy eyes and a less than clear complexion. My question would be: What top 3 Maybelline NY products does Nigel think every woman in their 40’s should use, to make them look youthful and fabulous and not haggard and invisible?

  10. Two words. Eyebrow pencil. I have always been wary of its existence in the depths of my cosmetic bag and have long-suffered from opportunity overwhelm. I have only ever been game to go there after a few lunchtime vinos, applying liberally in a metrical frenzy – Please explain its purpose and how using it (properly) can make me look less-Freida Kahlo and more smouldering sexpot with just the perfect arches, all the while illuminating the windows to my soul?

    Yours, Alecia.

  11. Nigel, how does one keep a fresh makeup face during and stepping off a flight? Hope to meet you soon Nikki, I need to hug out my Patrick blues with you with some vino of course, then have some belly aching laughs x

  12. For someone who rarely applies make-up but wants to for special occasions – what are a few basic products to start with to subtly add colour?

  13. Nigel!! It’s my last 30’s birthday year and moving into my 40’s I feel more fabulous than ever. I need a perfect makeup face to join me and keep me on my path to fun in my forties… Please help me find it!! Thank you Nikki!! I love your Blog ..your so in tune.. 🙂

  14. How do I deal with blemished skin in terms of putting on the right makeup and it won’t clog or aggravate my skin?

  15. I love the “smoky” eyes look, but have such trouble achieving the look I desire, can you help me please…. we all want to look our best!

  16. How do you stop mascara rubbing under your eyes causing you to have panda eyes. I’ve tried different products and techniques and still can’t stop it when I’m out and about.

  17. Nigel my question is… As an 18 year old I have pretty bad combination skin, and I was wondering if you could recommend a product and advise me on how to wear my foundation all day while preventing the greasy and clogged feeling my skin gets after a few hours. Also I have large bags under my eyes that never go away and wearing concealer under my foundation never seems to help disguise them. What is the right way of applying concealer to help me get that flawless finish?
    Thank you!

  18. What a fabulous opportunity Nikki! I would be delighted and over the moon to meet u in person and attend this grand event!! I am a lazy lazy girl and a huge fan of your lazy girl tips:-) I would like to ask Nigel..the perfect and quickest make up regime to go from dull to dewy and perfect a minimalist make up look..

  19. I would love to find out from Nigel how we tackle the ageing process regarding lashes which with age seem to deplete, Making my once long lashes look gorgeous is now a major feat.

  20. I need a good tip on how to achieve the absolute best coverage for my zits (dear GOD who gets zits at 39 years and 49 weeks of age…? Nope, I won’t say 40 until it actually happens) and also reflects the light of the flash on the 12 million selfies my bestie (on right of my profile pic, I’m the one on the left) and I take when together. I mean, I would ask Nigel How I can look like I’m only in my thirties but of course I already am….. For the next 3 weeks. I’ll go with eruption coverage and shine minimisation without the use of heavy duty Instagram filters. Please and Thank you.

  21. I’d love to know how to get that dewy fresh look that models seem to have. “Dewy” and “fresh” are not words people would use to describe this Mum of three! Also how to use Illuminator without actually drawing attention to flaws. So excited at the thought of a night away from the (beautiful but) mundane bed/bath/book routine and would LOVE to meet you Nikki! Your Model and Me are my fav posts.

  22. My question is how do I choose the right blush/bronzer for my skin tone and event? And then how do I apply this so I don’t end up looking like a clown?

  23. What is the solution to keeping a flawless look all day long especially on a combination skin type who gets a shiny forehead?

  24. In a world where an impressive pout is a huge fashion statement I have thin lips and a small mouth. Is there a makeup solution? I don’t want to go down the route of Pumping my lips up with injections!

  25. Hi Nikki, I would like to ask the professionals what you do with the wilderness years…go hard or go home, go eyes or go lips or go and get a distracting scarf? How does this seasons makeup looks translate on the fashion loving, cashed up and under represented 40 plus years!

  26. Hi Nikki
    I would love to ask Nigel how to solve the biggest dilemma I face in my 30’s, covering pimples & wrinkles!!

  27. My Dinner Invitation Awaits… Oh dear, please Nigel, What is the “desk to destination” must have products. Everything I need at my fingertips to transform my look from subtle to sultry? Thanks.

  28. As a post menopausal woman I would ask Nigel how I can make my eyes “pop” . I find it more difficult now to choose & apply the right products. ( ps would love to meet you too Nikki!)

  29. My question would be from my 15 year old daughter; How do you get a fresh face look when your skin is all scaly and a bit pimply?

    Plus I would win the “Great Mum” stakes if I won! As a 50 plus I could always use some advise

  30. Mascara question – for you or for Nigel! So many mascaras are based on lengthening or thickening lashes, but I have very long, very fine lashes that are set close together. Whenever I use mascara they either end up sticking together, or look like I’m wearing falsies, so I tend to skip it altogether for day-to-day wear.

    What’s the best product and/or technique to wear mascara without looking like I’m about to walk onstage (or have been punched in the face!)?

  31. Oooh, I’d love to know how to apply liquid or gel eyeliner to get that retro cat’s eye look, without looking like my 92 year-old nanna has tried to do my make-up. Also, how to wear lipstick and get the right shade of red for me?? I have a scar (childhood injury) coming out from my bottom lip that means I find it hard to define my actual lip-line, and as a result I just don’t wear lipstick! I’d love to wear it, and be able to do a strong red, but I just don’t know how to apply it or pick the right colour. I know in my head that lipstick shouldn’t be scary, but for me it is!

  32. How to I make my eyebrows appear more lifted and shaped, rather then the flat lines that they are, without going to the extreme of a surgical brow-lift??

  33. My question is: How can I stop my face from looking like orange peel, especially towards the end of the day? The pores! The pores! Should I embrace them? Or use spak filler? I just don’t know…any advice would be great!

  34. Hi Nikki, You are looking fantastic in BOTH your pics up there! Love the look of the combined foundation and primer especially, and the powder over the top. I can’t get to Sydney to participate, but I know you will all have a fabulous time – Best of luck to everyone! My question is for you – there are some really great questions from your commenters – is there any chance you could make a video of Nigel’s response/s on the night? Would be really great to hear the low-down! Thanks, Nicoll

  35. Wow, exciting!
    My burning question, which I continually ask friends, family and most of all, Priceline employees (my one stop make-up shop) is how to achieve a lasting matte look for my VERY oily skin! At 24, is it something I will just ‘grow out of’ (oh and on that, if anyone could answer when I will finally stop growing out of things, it would be greatly appreciated 😉 ) or if not, any uni budget friendly tips, tricks and products that could help 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck everyone 🙂

  36. Wow Nikki, Instant Age Rewind The Lifter foundation looks absolutely amazing and so do you! All in 2 minutes – that really is the bomb. That’s definitely going on my list. So my burning question for Nigel would be “How do I achieve a polished, natural and fresh (at 40+ :)) look quickly – something in between what you’ve created and a night on the town – without looking like I’ve got too much makeup on.” xx

  37. Thanks Nikki, sounds like a fab night out.
    I have one burning question which we forty-somethings would love to know the answer to . . .
    If 40 really IS the new 30, what are the top three Maybelline products (and corresponding tips!) that will have us fooling the world (or at least ourselves!) into believing we really are still in our dewy thirties?

  38. Hi Nikki, I’m in my late 30’s and am noticing I need make-up on all the time now or look worn out! I don’t feel I can wear the same style I used to now so I would ask “How do I change my make-up as I’m ageing to look fresher and younger?”

  39. GREAT comp Nikki! My burning question to Nigel is: “How do I cover up the redness in my face and make it last ALL day? ” xxx

  40. Only one question? It would be a toss up between covering up dark shadows under eyes, or hiding sun damaged skin. Either or, what an opportunity!

  41. I have uneven skin tone especially around my eyes and mouth area. What kind of product should I use? Foundation? Concealer? I want it to look ‘natural’ and not flakey. I also have dry skin.

  42. How on earth do you master the perfect eyeliner flick?! I never wear eyeliner because I am too nervous to ruin my makeup because of a shaky hand and I would love to change things up

  43. What is the secret to a beautiful smokey eye? There is a fine line between sex kitten & crazed panda so what products & techniques are a sure way to achieve this stunning look every time?

  44. Oh, a night at MBFFS with Nikki would be one to remember!! I would love to natter with Nigel about getting the day face ready for the nights out. Eyes and a flawless face for the over 40 gal in 5 for the rare but fun night out! Yes, 5 minutes as that’s about it for prep time between the babysitter arriving and flying out the door! Thanks!! ([email protected])

  45. I love to contour, my nose is slightly flat and I want to make it look taller. I heard that my shading the side of my nose up towards the start of the eyebrows will help? How do I perfect this and with which products do you recommend to achieve this look?

  46. Hi Nigel

    How do you create a flawless porcelain skin finish? I have the classic combination skin with T zone.

    Thank you

  47. OK, this competition was meant for me! I’m in a funk – post 45 and I need a new makeup routine. If I was the lucky applicant, my burning makeup question to Nigel would be:

    “what are the combination and range of products I need to make my skin sing (and dance but hey can’t ask for miracles! even from Maybelline!) for an everyday face and a date night face?”

  48. I am now in my early 40’s and would love the Nigel update on what’s the tasteful smokey eyes look and tips for my age!

  49. I would love to know about make up for the over 40s. I don’t want to wear makeup like my daughter, so how should I be applying makeup and what eyeshadow colours should I be choosing? I still want to look young and fresh without looking like mutton dressed as lamb! T

  50. I love the bold lip look but I haven’t got the guts to do it yet! I would ask Nigel what the hot new Maybelline colours for spring 2013 are and which would suit me best!

  51. I have just been lamenting the state of my makeup routine, so this post could have been more perfectly timed.
    Fabulous prize – who wouldn’t want to win?? If I had a chance I would ask Nigel how to apply concealer to cover my dark circles, but still looks natural – you know, not like you have shiny white patches under your eyes. I just can’t get that right…..

  52. oooo what a great product – and an awesome competition!

    Good luck to everyone – I love that you are offering the opportunity for so many great ladies to join you 🙂
    I (hopefully) will ask what are two tips from turning my ‘work’ makeup into ‘date’ makeup without having to start all over again? I’m always running late from work out with friends – I’d love some hints on how to take the base of what I’m already wearing, but quickly add some oomph or vavavoom to take the look out on the town!

  53. I’d love to ask him how I can stop looking so tired as people are starting to comment on it no matter what I try with my make up. I do have 4 children but….

  54. I’m going to turn 30 this year (eeek!) and I would ask what should I be doing now to keep my skin looking great for the future? Since he’s seen so many beautiful women with such flawless skin – he must know some invaluable beauty secrets!
    Email: [email protected]

  55. Hi Nikki – love your 2 minute makeup tips! I can certainly see them being employed in the very near future! So my question for Nigel …

    How do I make …
    * my eyes pop?
    * my tired skin glow?
    * my cheekbones appear?
    * my eyelashes lashtastic?
    And … how do I do all of that without spending a fortune?

    Quite a simple question then! Oh and if lashtastic isn’t a word … it should be. Fingers crossed!!

  56. I would *die* to get a second with Nigel and it would make my year to go to MBFFS!
    My question: Its hard to find that balance between effortless beauty and an overnight bag to carry my products! What are the bare minimum products I can easily throw in my handbag to make sure I always look fresh on the fly?
    My email address is [email protected] and my fingers are crossed!

  57. Fabulous fabulous competition Nikki, I would love to win this so much – how exciting would it be !!!!! I would very much like to talk to Nigel about how to change my look professional for the office at work and then really glam it up for evenings out – I’m clueless, I want to look fabulous,long lasting look my eyes to pop, look younger and glowing a miracle from start to finish !!

  58. What an amazing opportunity this would be! I would love to ask Nigel how
    to effectively cover up my large annoying age spot below my eye that
    shows up in every photo I take, despite my best laid plans to cover it
    before I go out! This ‘age spot’ first appeared during my third
    pregnancy during my early 40’s; I am not really that much of an old lady
    yet at age 53 lol, so I feel that having such a visible age spot makes
    me appear older than I am. P.S I really must try that age rewind, (although Nikki quite honestly you really do look great with or without makeup.)

  59. Hi Nikki, it’s a good job that Offspring is over by the time the Fashion Festival starts and my Wednesdays are now free 🙂 I’d absolutely love to go to the Fashion Festival opening, it would be great fun! My burning question for Nigel is – every time I wear mascara, it always ends up on my upper eyelids
    and under my eyes too. How can I prevent both from happening? (Or is it just me?!) . Thanks so much for all your make-up and fashion tips, keep up the good work.

  60. Wow. To many things to ask Nigel. But pushed would love to ask Nigel, “How do I quickly and beautifully apply eye shadow?” Thanks Rachel

  61. Goodness Nikki, how exciting would this be to win?! I would very much like to talk to Nigel about eyeshadow and it’s application from start to finish – priming, applying and setting – for a long lasting look.

  62. Nigel, How on earth do I cover my sun kissed freckles and keep them hidden all day along with my dark circles under my eyes?
    Thanks for the 2min tips, Nikki.

  63. Love your 2minute makeup Nikki, thanks for explaining all the steps. Glad to know I’m not the only one who applies eyeshadow with fingertips! Must replace my mascara…I don’t use it very often but love that it is cheap enough to replace often to look after my eyes. Will check out that foundation – sounds great – thanks xx

  64. Nikki thanks for sharing your 2-minute make up routine – am definitely going to add the Age Rewind Foundation to my list of products to try (if I can just tear myself away from my Garnier BB cream LOL).
    A visit to MBFFS would be awesome! Even if I don’t get to join you I’d love it if Nigel could demonstrate an easy, lazy-girl way to ACTUALLY hide dark under eye circles. Everything I do just seems to make them look worse 🙁

  65. Love two minute make up!

    I was lucky enough to be able to interview Nigel earlier this year prior to the A/W season, and would love to be able to meet him! I would ask him what make up is best suited to the monochrome trend. I think I will be wearing it a lot in Spring and would love to know which make up looks he recommends.

  66. Great post Nikki!

    I would ask Mr Nigel to teach me the steps to the deceptively simple, however incredibly involved dance that wonderful makeup artists do to get foundation, mineral powder and other magical ingredients from the jar to my face!
    There are swirls, and dips and pirouettes, and whenever I try to replicate the process I get a result a looonnggg way from the smooth, slightly dewy, fresh faced look that clever people like him can get.

    Pretty please, Mr Nigel?

  67. Coming up to 50 i would ask Nigel just what products I should be using to make my skin look the best it can ,and if he could shave a few years of that would be a plus,I don’t expect miracles though!
    You look lovely with your new lazy girl morning routine Nikki.

  68. Hi Nikki… well I would be a little cheeky and ask Nigel if he or his affordable and fabulous Maybelline products are little miracle workers? 😉
    After going in to early menopause, and a divorce after a long marriage I am looking a feeling a lot older than my age (48 a couple of weeks ago)… but a big corner is being turned and somehow as I {{slowly}} … {{scarily}} … dip my toe(s) back in to the freezing cold dating pool I have found that I somehow need to shave at least 10 years off to be remotely considered amongst all the 30 somethings… men my age have a wide choice so look for optimum quality and physical appearance… not a ‘gently’ used model…. hopefully have at least another 40 years on the clock to start over…

    In the early 80’s (in my early 20’s) I remember reading a Women’s Weekly book about makeup by age group and never contemplating dealing with creepy, sagging skin, sun spots and wrinkles… seemed TOTALLY horrifying at the time …. now it is a reality and makeup just doesn’t sit the same way on my skin. It seems to work against me, sits in creases to highlight those suckers 🙁 and slides around. Hopefully I will never be as bad as my friend below…

    I would pick Nigel’s brains (so it would be a multi-pronged question) on how to make my face flawless (well, fabulous would suffice) and hide and fill those aforementioned imperfections (I checked each box), creating a fresh youthful look without looking like mutton-done-up-as-lamb because all the makeup rules seemingly evolve as we age. I would also rather resort to makeup mastery rather than botox or fillers but so many women get stuck in a makeup time warp (insert own hand shooting up here) and don’t do themselves any favours.

    What I love about brands such as Maybelline is that we can afford a whole new makeup makeover and update EVERYTHING not just a single indulgent, overpriced designer lipstick update – even makeup is a big part of fashion and ‘on trend’ not just clothing (that’s a whole other timewarp)

    Because We’re Worth It!… at ANY AGE!!!!!!

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