Keeping it real: the winter weekend casual outfit

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We are one week down in a mid-year, two-week school holiday break. To say that things have got casual around these parts is quite the understatement.

We reluctantly switch from our pjs to soft pants about 11am. And should I have to leave the house, I employ more than one element of camouflage in my winter weekend casual outfit, lest my slothful wardrobe ways be caught out.

This weekend was no exception.

There was a lot of hanging-around-home-time, a lot of doing-stuff-at-home time (if you followed along on Instagram you’d be forgiven for thinking that all we did was cook and eat!) and a little bit of venturing out. Except for the gloomy weather, it was my kind of perfect weekend. I have my clean pantry, desk and new Game of Thrones addiction to back up that testimony of perfection.

So, let’s break down this outfit, shall we?

It’s built on a good pair of jeans that are comfortable to wear and then, layer upon layer, neutral pieces are added or shed as the weather dictates. Then it’s just a matter of adding the finishing touches … a pair of shoes you can run in and a watch that’s perfect for the weekend.

Winter weekend casual outfit

Karen Walker sunglasses | Uberkate earrings | Seed scarf | Witchery jacket | NYDJ jeans @ Zambezee Boutique | Casio BabyG watch* | Frankie4 flats*

Frankie4 flats

With my advancing years, I’ve become more and more a fan of shoes that are kind to my feet. Don’t get me wrong, should the occasion present itself, I’ll happily step into ridiculously killer-style heels but when it comes to my day-to-day running around mode, I like the ability to quickly and easily slip out of my ugg boots and into a loafer. These ones arrived after my love affair with the Rockport Seaworthys had already begun. Now, I rotate both. I don’t wear orthodics but if you do, check out the whole Frankie4 range. They’re custom made and make your feet sing so joyfully you could almost audition them for the next season of The Voice.

Casio BabyG watch

I’m clearly becoming one of those people who changes their watches as often as their underwear. Well, not so much but you get the picture. This one helps me to believe that I have a sporty side (please stop laughing right now, Mr SY). I love that the clear straps make it an easy add to any outfit and I love that my first digital watch (bought with my pocket money duty free at Singapore airport en route to the UK in 1979) was also a Casio. I thought I was the bomb then and I do right now.

What did you get up to on the weekend? What’s your winter weekend casual go-to outfit?
Items marked with * were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Love this!

    Love me some animal print!

    Comfy shoes a must – but SILVER comfy shoes – even BETTER BABY!

  2. I’m so pleased to learn about foot friendly shoes that look fantastic. I’m 55 but I don’t think I will be ready to wear some of the daggy styles available in other brands for at least another 55 years. I also have a very slim foot which makes it difficult to find foot friendly shoes as manufactures seem to assume that foot problems are limited to those with wide feet. The Frankie4 range appear to cater for all foot widths. I’m looking forward to a shopping trip. Thanks for the great blog. Julie

    1. It isn’t fair but to get them here they have to be imported by a distributor (that’s extra fee) and there are import duties on top of that. It’s the same with other overseas jeans labels.

  3. Love the shoes – just ordered a pair – am hoping they will be kind to my clicky hips (am in my 40’s and hurtling toward dual hip replacements) – without looking like nanna shoes. Would also like a similar jacket Nikki, is it from Witchery’s current range?

      1. Thanks Nikki – will have a look around the local Witchery – can’t wait for my silver shoes to arrive 🙂

  4. My go to weekend wear is my RM Williams jeans, very similar to the NYDJ and my RM slides, favourite knit and scarf. Almost Feels like I’m still in my PJ’s and slippers! Loved all your winter cooking ideas too.

  5. How amazing is Game of Thrones, I am mid way through season 2 and considered booking annual leave this week just to be able to stay home and watch the rest!

  6. I need to check out those NYDJ jeggings….I lived in mine all weekend, dressed them up for a 40th with a gold top under a metallicus drapey jacket/cardi, and they came outside for a family day Sunday with my puffer jacket and metallic Diesels – I agree Nikki, metallic lace-ups/flats spruce up the rest of a neutral outfit and mine have done 2 winters now and counting. I like the sound of yours for seasonal versatility though – I’ve gotta have that foot cleavage! xx

  7. Loving the camouflage style of dressing! I had an original army jacket like the one your style was based on but it got lost many years ago. Devastated!

    I’ve managed to do something dodgy to my eye – it’s all red and vile. Can’t camouflage with my usual makeup tricks (makeup free is a bit eek for me!) so I’m camouflaging with a pop lipstick and lots of bright accessories!

  8. I love your casual outfit Nikki,I wear a uniform of sorts I mix it up with jeans and a knit or leggings and a longer knit or sometimes a dress with some cute tights and boots or loafers and always a scarf.I am all about comfort too,and in my advancing years do not do heels only wedges and I sometimes wear orthodics in my shoes I have tendon problems in my feet from the stupid way I have been walking because of my knee.I used to have a watch addiction until I got my nickel allergy now I can only rotate between 2 watches.I love your sporty one ,my first was a Casio too.

  9. I am totally in love with those shoes! Silver flat shoes are the best neutral – they go with everything and look so much more exciting than the other neutrals. Great outfit Nikki!

  10. I love this look- especially the jacket! Your weekend sounds perfect! I spent mine on the side of a footy field ( thank god for a two week break!) but did manage a sneaky Sunday arvo nap !
    I’ve been looking for some more casual jeans lately. All mine are dark denim & either skinny or straight style but I want something in a lighter denim that’s a bit more relaxed & helps hide my post baby belly. Any ideas where I’d find these elusive style of jeans Nikki?

    1. Ah, not off the top of my head Reannon as I like my jeans to do the sucking in thing. With any jeans shopping it’s really a case of making time for a dedicated shop. My first stop would be a specialist jeans store where you can try on a gazillion different styles in one place to help you find the ones that work for you. You’re after a boyfriend style by the sounds of it, so try to start with trying on that style and see if it works for you and go from there.

  11. My go to at the moment is a comfortable pair of jeans with a top and Metalicus cardi. Love my Metalicus cardi soooo much, it is divinely comfortable.
    Oh those shoes are totally adorable and sounds like they are truly comfortable, that’s shoe perfection in my books. Do you think they would be ok to wear in warmer weather. We are planning a family holiday and these look like fantastic shoes for walking around in all day.

  12. Love your weekend casual look – the jacket/scarf/sunnies combo looks fab!
    My weekend consisted of finishing off the images for the website {official launch date this Friday 5.7.13 – I’m seriously excited now} and nursing a very painful back ache – ouch!
    I’m loving a couple of knee length cotton knit dresses with opaques at the minute…warm, comfortable but still looks like I’ve made an effort – my idea of heaven 🙂

  13. Morning Nikki
    ‘expect for the gloomy weather’…except?? 🙂
    My perfect weekend is with gloomy weather! I love it but then I have a fireplace like Babymac so dreary & cosy is fine by me!
    On another topic, caught the story on Hugh Jackman on 60minutes last night and Deborah-lee so reminded me of you. Just quietly, who wouldn’t mind being her!

  14. Hi Nikki, love your casual outfit, you still look so stylish. Can you please tell me which style of NYDJ are you wearing? Thanks

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