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Oh, Stylers, that was some virus that hit me for six. I’m still a bit congested but on Saturday I actually felt like leaving the house.

I had, of course, left the house out of necessity during the week prior but on the weekend, I actually felt like going out … just because.

I didn’t venture far but I did actually get out of my sick-bed uniform of leggings and knit. I may have even washed my hair. And slapped on some makeup. GASP.

We didn’t venture far but it was worth the venture. My favourite fresh produce-slash-deli, Get Fresh (Cotton Tree, Sunshine Coast, Queensland), opened up a cafe right next door a couple of weeks ago.

I showed up on the opening day because I’m a joiner but Miss SY was away carving** up the slopes in NZ at the time so she was now keen to check it out and sample some of the food and drink goodness on offer.

The space itself is just beautiful, light and welcoming. The decor is a gorgeous and tasteful mix of coastal and vintage. I think it may become my new writing-away-from-home spot.

And the food? Nourishing goodness that best showcases the fresh produce for sale right next door.

Get Fresh Cafe | Cotton Tree | Sunshine Coast | Queensland | Australia

Let’s get down to the outfit talk, shall we?

I most naturally reach for a pair of jeans or leggings in winter but whenever I’m keen to mix it up, my old friend the maxi skirt is there to help with the wardrobe mixing.

The maxi skirts that best suit me are the straight-through-tube-style-variety. Yes, there are some lumps and bumps for the skirt to travel over but just like my case for the skinny jean, it really does come back to what you wear WITH the skirt to make this style work for any lumps and bumps you like to skim over.

For me, that’s a longer-line shirt. The shirt has to be semi-fitted and not a billowing tunic that would like a combo Laura would have worn on Little House on the Prairie***. It’s this same 1970s TV reference that prevents me from wearing flat ankle boots with long skirts. A little heel goes a long way here.

On this day, I opted to work this tonal Verily skirt (was on sale last week but has since sold out … the Verily sale is still going on other pieces, though. Run, don’t walk) back with chambray.

Chambray and all things light denim are still very much around and have been for a few seasons now. I love chambray worn with black and saw it recently worked back with a black leather skirt. Big tick there and may trot that out soon.

Yes, I did the chambray trend back in the day but it’s one I haven’t been scared to once again embrace. I just avoid the double denim vision I presented to the world in 1990.

I very much realise that my version of a winter maxi skirt outfit would probably freeze the bits off many of you living in places where record winter temperatures have been set in the past week.

If it were colder up here than the 23 degree maximums we were gifted across the weekend (please don’t hate me), I would add thick tights, a knit, a coat and a hat. It’s all about the layers, Stylers.

The winter maxi skirt outfit | chambray | Verily skirt | Zoe Kratzmann ankle boots | Karen Walker sunglasses

Karen Walker sunglasses | Verily snood* (scarf) |  Calvin Klein chambray shirt | Verily maxi skirt* (similar here) | Zoe Kratzmann ankle boots | Lola & Syd bangles* | Noosa Amsterdam cuff

I love a good arm party and find that I can pretty much work anything back with my Noosa Amsterdam cuff, especially because it’s a case of switching out the “chunks” to complement what I’m wearing. In this case, I popped a turquoise chunk on board to work with the turquoise bangles. A word on the bangles too … Lola & Syd is a relatively new online accessories store offering well-priced pieces from around the world – pieces that have been chosen with a priority to ethical trade companies. I like their style.

Winter maxi skirt outfit | arm party of Lola & Syd bangles and Noosa Amsterdam cuff

So, tell me, Stylers, did you venture out on the weekend? What did you wear? Have you found a new cafe recently that we should all know about? If so, give them a plug in the comments … I’d consider it a community service.

**I’m told this is what young people say when referring to snowboarding.

***Very much showing my age with this reference. Younger readers, hit the Google search button now.

Items marked with * were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I have this very same skirt… I love it! I have been wearing it with a simple black T and my favourite denim jacket. I then add some colourful beads (currently wearing lots of yellow, grey and black all in together) for some contrast.

    I am looking forward to wearing this skirt in summer with a little cute top and a scarf. Just love the versatility of Verily!

  2. Metallicus tube skirts! I have quite a few in different colours, throw on a jumper or lose shirt and a pair of boots and you are ready to go – and they stretch over the curves and are so comfortable!

  3. Love it Nikki, and very pleased to hear that you’re feeling better. There’s been some NASTY bugs going around 🙁 I ADORE winter maxis. My 2 favourites at the moment are from Just Jeans. I tend to more team them with a slimmer fitting shirt (as the skirts are the flowy kind), and I have a couple of little lace vests that I love putting with them. Oh and boots. I’m in the process of sewing myself a couple of new maxis as I can’t seem to find ones that I love as much as my JJ’s ones.

  4. Love the whole look Nikki, particularly the maxi. Layering in WA is a def must in winter, because when the sun comes out it can get quite warm, so your snood idea is a good one for over here (My Mum used to have a snood and scarf knitting factory in the UK once upon a time – funny how trends come around 😉 again).

  5. Glad you’re feeling better, Nikki. I’ve been hit for six by a flu-ey cold too, so I’m feeling you! You look really fresh and great in your photo, though. On the mend and happy again. x

  6. Lovely outfit Nikki,I like a maxi in winter and for me it has to have tights an I wear layers up top as well and a scarf.I wish I didn’t throw out my old chambray shirt as I haven’t found one as nice as my old one from the double denim days! I must keep my eyes peeled for a new shirt,I like soft worn feeling ones,I often wear my seed black “condom” dress as a skirt with a nice top and wedge boots.No I didn’t go anywhere exciting or discover any new places this week I was busy taking up hems for peoples costumes for my sons Girlfriends 21st fancy dress party next week ,lucky me and I have decided to go as a witch I even have a broomstick!!!
    I am glad you are feeling a bit better ,may it stay that way and thankyou for sharing your outfit with us.

      1. Yes,I remember when you bought that , is it 12months ago already! I will IG a pic of Witchy me on Saturday.

  7. Thanks for this Nikki. I know Country Road have chambray again and have been thinking about how I might do it the second time round while avoiding double denim.

  8. Glad to hear you’re on the mend Nikki. Love your outfit. You’ve reminded me to check out Country Road’s chambray range. We ventured out twice to other people’s homes and it was so freezing here (23degC is summer to us!) I wore long boots over skinnies, base layer of merino with a floaty top over, and Country Road longline woollen cardi with woollen scarf over the lot. And bright lipstick to detract from my winter skin. Brrrrr! But at least the sun is out for first day of school hols over here xx p.s. started my (belated) search for perfect camel woollen coat last week and ended up trying on a spring trench! (and buying a cute summer cardi….already!!)

  9. So pleased you to hear you are feeling better Nikki – there are so many ‘yucky nasties’ around at the moment!

    I turned the big 5. 0. last Wednesday, so more partying was the order for the weekend. Along with Beckie and our besties we jumped on board the ‘Set Sail’ catamaran from Mooloolaba Yacht club for a cruise around the coast {first time we have ever been on a smaller catamaran} we had so much fun. I would highly recommend this for anyone who fancies doing something different.
    A word of caution – don’t drink to many glasses of champagne before you jump on board…I might just have felt a tiny bit queasy 😉

      1. Aww thank you Lisa…it wasn’t half as bad as I built it up to be! I’ve now decided to embrace the number and for some stupid reason, I seem to be telling everyone I meet that I’m 50 – I genuinely hope this verbal diarrhoea isn’t the start of my deterioration – hee hee! 🙂

  10. Love it Nikki! Just to let you know, there are are a few maxis skirts left in the ‘squiggle’ print, reduced to $65 at Verily.

      1. I forgot to say I have my binny stripy maxi (ie Nina) skirt.
        Happy Monday to you!
        You have reminded me of my own chambray shirt, better give that a whirl this week.

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