8 cold and flu busters

8 cold and flu busters

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Oh, Stylers. I really hope I’m going to turn the corner today.

This flu has knocked me for six.

Usually, I can stop a cold in its tracks with my mix of immune-boosting home remedies. Not this one.

It took all my energy just to do the school run yesterday. The aches and pains and migraine headache needing me to have a deep sleep not long after.

Thankfully my lovely teens picked up the slack in the food cooking and kitchen clearing department. And thankfully it was the first day of term 3 at school, so I could embrace the peace and quiet between 9am and 3pm.

I took a look at my bench top yesterday morning and realised there was a blog post in what I saw.

All my cold and flu busters that usually help prevent me from getting sick were there. They may not have stopped this flu but they are working their collective butts off to lessen how long I’m laid down by this one.

8 cold and flu busters

1.  Manuka honey. At the sore throat stage of this flu, a teaspoon of this stuff is soothing and gets to work right away. This particular honey contains antibacterial properties – something which NZ’s indigenous population has known for thousands of years. Not all Manukas are equal. Price is often a good indication. The one pictured above was all I could source in a hurry last week but we’d just finished off a small jar of Comvita Manuka, something worth looking at. Yes the price is higher but the quality is verified.

2. We are huge advocates of Olive Leaf Extract – sometimes if I get on to it early enough, I can even stop a cold taking over. Not this time. This is our preferred brand. The whole family likes the berry flavour.

3.  Magnesium oil works a treat on a number of levels. A few sprays in warm water creates a great throat gargle. It’s also a great help with the dreaded aches and pains that come with viruses.

4.  Still on the magnesium theme but this time a magnesium powder mix with vitamin C that works to give my immune system a boost. I put a scoop in my water bottle so I’m sipping on it all day. I do the same on long-haul flights too as prevention and support for my immune system.

5.  Lemons. I start every day with a lemon in hot water drink. During the cold and flu season we also tend to have a hot lemon and Manuka honey drink at night … that may or may not have a little Canadian Club added to it.  If you want to fancy up your hot toddy, then check out Dad Down Under’s recipe.

6.  Add a cut onion to your room. This is one I learned from the creators of the Twenty 8 products I’ve featured here. It’s SO simple and makes such a huge difference to your sleep at night. The vapours open your airways and reduce coughing and blocked noses. This time round I even cut a fresh one during the day.  This is also a good one to do when the sniffles first start as it too can stop a cold taking hold.

7. I also light every aromatherapy vapouriser in the house and add Twenty 8′s Immune Boost blend of organic Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Cedarwood and Pine essentials oils. A drop behind the neck and on the pillow and night helps too.

8.  Aspro Clear. So, Mr SY went off to the doctors last week with his version of this lurgy and apart from putting him on a host of other stuff, suggested Aspro Clear as a good daytime pain relief. Not sure why we’ve never tried this before but it was a great help, especially during the sore throat stage.

Oh, and I have all the ingredients in the fridge ready to make Baby Mac’s magic chicken soup. That should do the trick. Just need the energy to make it.

Has this winter’s lurgy landed at your door? What’s your secret weapon for keeping it at bay?

* I’m not a doctor and, trust me, if I felt there was a secondary infection that might require something extra, I would see my GP. I just know that except for secondary infections, mostly I just need to rest and help myself.


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  1. Hope you get better soon. I also find myself in the grip of the flu and not impressed as for the first time this year I actually had a ‘flu shot, think I will take my chances in future! I have been flat on my back for the last 72 hours, and have finally found enough energy to leave the bed….I tend to just sleep as much as possible, Panadol osteo every 5 hours or so, plenty of water(in bottles and on bed, as I am too ill to go get it and here alone), day 3 sends me looking for a glass of powerade and that will usually pick me up a little, in fact I was able to dress and stay up for 6 hours today…then it was back to bed….I am up once more about to have a coffee and sure do hope that I am now over the worst. Good thing is that after all this coughing I surely must have great abs,lol and as much as I beg my two little dogs they are unable to bring me food….however they do both sit on me when I start shivering…which is very comforting in an annoying sort of way!

  2. Get better soon Nikki! I’m fighting something at the moment and I just want it to go away. I can’t get sick as we’re going away soon.

  3. I hope you’re in bed right now. I hate being slowed down by sickness and I imagine you do too. Get well soon honey xx
    PS. That chicken soup looks amazing. I made a big pot of Greek Lemon and Chicken soup on the weekend which you might also like and is super easy with few ingredients.

  4. Hi Nikki, I hope you’re feeling better today. At the first sign of a cold, I buy those ‘ease a cold’ products. They are a combination of echinacea, zinc, Vit C, licorice, ginger etc. and one has valerian to help you sleep. I also make a drink from fresh rosemary and slices of ginger with boiling water – seems to help tightness in the chest. Best wishes

  5. Oh Nikki poor you, hope you bounce back soon! Thanks for the olive leaf info, this has been recommended to me by a friend whose family uses it every day, will see if I can track it down over here. I swear by lemon juice in boiled water, I drank this all day Sunday when I thought I was coming down with something (while caring for a sick kiddo) and fingers crossed… My husband has a theory of his own called the ‘flu jab’….I’ll let your imagination run on that one!!! Take care and enjoy that chicken soup for the soul xx

  6. I had that dreaded lurgy about 2 months ago and I’m afraid to say it lasted nearly 4 weeks. I used most of your items featured above including the same brand olive leaf extract and the Twenty8 Immune Boost. I also used an old wife’s tale remedy, Vicks Vapour Rub on my feet (with a soft cotton sock) it is supposed to help stop the coughing. I have heard of the cut onion trick, but I’ve never tried it. I’ll keep that in mind for next year. Obviously plenty of rest and drinking lots of water too. I hope your feeling better soon Nikki and back on your always stylish feet! 🙂

  7. That’s no good that this flu has knocked you for six,I hate when that happens ,I rarely get the flu or a cold but when I do it’s like you wham and I’m out! I swear by Vitamin C everyday in high doses 1000mg I also take magnesium as well and I swear honey especially manuka or fresh organic no treatment honey is a super food and lemons are great too.I can’t take asprin or anything like that because of bad reflux which sucks as I think it works better than panadol .
    Yes try and make some chicken soup today,put it in the slow cooker it works the same way and you can rest while it cooks .I hope you feel better very soon Nikki,take it easy and rest ,all those symptons are you bodies way of telling you to look after it and give in ,I am a big believer of listening to your body.

  8. Get well soon! It’s gross but I find eating a clove of garlic gets rid of just about everything from stomach bugs to colds… either chop it up small and swish it down with a glass of water or slice it fine and eat it on toast with avocado.

  9. Poor you. I can feel this coming on after dropping my daughter off to her Dad’s with a bad throat and cough. Thanks for the shopping list. I have the magnesium powder in the cupboard already for sore muscles from running.

    Rest up and hop you’re feeling much better soon.

  10. I’m sorry to hear that you’re unwell. Fortunately we have stayed well although many people we know have come down with some bug or another. I hadn’t heard the tip about onions before but will definitely be giving that a try. But fingers crossed we won’t be needing it anytime soon. Each year for about the last 5 years, my hubby and I have had a flu shot. I know it doesn’t address every type of bug, but it seems to have saved us from getting anything.
    Hope you are feeling much better very soon.

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