The Unlock Your Style family

The Unlock Your Style family

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I can’t tell you how excited I was when I received this email from Styling You reader Paula.

Paula not only shared photos from a recent family wedding but showed how her whole family had taken this blog’s Unlock Your Style advice on board in working out what they were all going to wear for the wedding.

My neice just got married on the weekend in Townsville, North Queensland , so the occasion called for new dresses for Mother of the Bride, Nana and the four aunties. I think we did a pretty good job. It was proof that with a bit of planning and an idea of what suits you, shopping can be stress free, inexpensive and you can work with what you’ve already got. We unlocked our style!

The Unlock Your Style family

From left: 

Mum – Beverly –  aged 76: dress from Events, shoes and bag already in the wardrobe from her nephew Travis’ wedding.

Sister 1 – Debbie: took a dress that she wore to the races and re-styled it with Review cardigan, new accessories and new red shoes.

Sister 2 – Kerry: lives in a mining town in WA. She had about three hours to find dress, shoes, bag and makeup in one of her flight stop-overs. Had a list and power shopped. After reading the post on peplum – that was the style she went for (covered by Debbie’s hands in the photo) and purchased at Myer on sale

Sister 3 – Lisa: Lives on the Gold Coast and purchased beaded kaftan from a boutique. Shoes bought at DFO for $7.50 while waiting for Sister 2’s delayed flight!

Sister 4 – Gail:  Mother of the Bride looked stunning in steel grey. Only tried on three dresses to find this one.

Sister 5 – Me -Paula:  Kaftan by iAllure worn over Metalicus tube skirt worn higher as a strapless dress. Fake tan using Eco Tan’s Winter Skin. Payless Shoes on sale for $15. Lovisa accessories bought in the two for three sale. Bag borrowed from the bride. Bought new foundation and primer from Benefit. Create a smokey eye by watching your video.

Paula wearing iAllure kaftan after unlocking her style with Styling You

How great do these women look? Each embracing their own style to suit the occasion. The confidence in those choices really does show.

Do you have an Unlock Your Style story you’d like to share with all Styling You readers? Email me details and some photos: [email protected]

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  1. The Healy Girls are well known for the craftiness when it comes to fashion….Especially Mum, Bev who was a fabulous sewer in her time!! I was one of Paula’s bridesmaids (too long ago to disclose…heehee!) but her Mum made all the dresses, all the boquets (artificial, dare I say…) and the food, she got married in a beautiful garden setting and we partied into the wee hours in her parents back yard….One of the Best Weddings I have ever been too!!! Just goes to show, even on a minimal budget, THE BEST can be achieved. LOVE THOSE LADIES xxx Karen.

  2. This was marvellous to read. Beautiful women all with their own styles, all looking amazing. Great that you all shopped well and scored some bargains!

  3. What a gorgeous family of women, thanks for sharing, great to see some real ladies and realistic purchases and they look a million dollars!

  4. I love this how all these different women from one family and all different ages all look beautiful and next time I get asked to a wedding I am going to wear a stunning kaftan,yours looks stunning on Paula and very chic! love this post Nikki.

  5. Hi Nikki,
    The Healey Girls are thrilled to be featured on your fabulous blog.
    The wedding was a really happy event and the first time the whole family had been together for over four years

    Here is a link to the photographers page if anyone wants to look at the beautiful bride, my niece Jessica and her handsome husband Aaron

    Nikki I would also like to let your readers know about the great quality of product and outstanding service from Christie-Ann at iAllure kaftans – I will be purchasing again !!!!

    1. Paula, I just looked at the photos and the bride and groom look beautiful and I love the bridesmaids dresses ,what a beautiful wedding ,Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. Of course the wedding dress was a bargin too ! The bridesmaid dress are Review , purchased at Myers. I actually think the girls could wear them again

  6. What a gorgeous line up of ladies! Don’t you just love a wedding? Lovely post. And thankyou Paula for the kaftan with tube tip! xx

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