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Keeping it real: the birthday lunch outfit

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There is nothing like a birthday girlie lunch to inspire a bit of a dress-up. Any excuse, I say.

Any excuse to bring out the heels (especially in the knowledge that you will be sitting down all afternoon).

Any excuse to pop on a bit of birthday bling. It’s always a good idea to matchy-match yourself with any cake candle lighting, I say.

And any excuse to wear garments from your wardrobe that your husband, partner or any member of the male species have a low opinion of.

Yes, I especially like embracing that last one.

I’ve had these pants from Motto for quite some time*. You may remember their sister graphic print version?

Well, I just love them. They’re all kinds of comfy and when worn with heels offer a different alternative to my leather-fronted ponte pants or black jeans. I love the relaxed style and like working them back with a relaxed-style tee and a structured blazer for contrast.

I love this look almost as much as Mr SY does not.

But that’s ok. Dressing up for a girls’ lunch is about having fun with fashion. And if you can’t do that with your girlfriends, who can you do it with?

Here’s my birthday lunch outfit …

The Birthday Girls Lunch Outfit | Motto pants | Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels | sass and bide tee | Country Road blazer  Wayne by Wayne Cooper heels @ Myer | Motto satin pants* | sass & bide tee | Country Road blazer | Location: Ba Vigo, Cotton Tree, Sunshine Coast

Beauty note

Let’s talk about the hair. I’d love to tell you that I whipped up this style by myself but you know I’d be lying, right? No, my girlfriend and hair stylist, Maria, worked her creative magic on this ‘do before lunch.

The key was in the blow dry, big full and brushed with a flick out. She also used dusting powder to keep the dishevelled look in place – and lifted all day. Styling iron work with the ghd eclipse to create messy, loose curls completed the look. I just loved it.

Birthday hair

Earrings and necklace: Uberkate

There’s also a close up of my nails there that don’t really do this colour justice. See below for a better colour snapshot. I haven’t had a Shellac applied for a while but this colour, Midnight Swim, has got me excited about some fun winter nail options.

Birthday nails, clutch and ring

Zoe Kratzmann clutch | Samantha Wills ring

Was just an awesome afternoon with beautiful girlfriends I’m blessed to have in my life. They fill up my cup. They do.

Do you love a girlie lunch? Like dressing up for it?

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Comments 22

  1. Hello Nikki, Happy Birthday and I thought you looked stunning……
    Your hair looks lovely. I am growing out the fringe and stuck on a style, well not anymore I will be taking your cut and style to the next hair dresser trip. Thanks Nikki you looked stunning. Bec. ;}.

  2. My hubby hates my harem pants too! Says they do nothing for me and he’s probably right but they are so comfy 🙂 Looking fabulous Nikki and love the pants 😉

  3. Nikki, you looked fabulous from head to toe x
    Adore a girlie lunch and I can especially understand being distracted by a glass of bubbles 🙂

  4. I love your outfit! And my husband actually loves me in my harem pants. He must be the only male that likes them!! The thing is if they are comfortable and you wear them with confidence, you look more attractive I say. Glad you enjoyed your special day.

  5. You looked gorgeous Nikki, I’m glad you did a post on your lunch look as I admired your hair in your instagram pic – I think your sweeping fringe looks fab xx

  6. +1 on the harem pants. They cover up all manner of indiscretions. But I understand Mr. SY re: the streamlined look.

    You look uber chic

    Love the hair, too.
    cilla xx

  7. Ooh yes indeedy who does not like a girly lunch and of course you have to dress up for it.I am loving this look Nikki and those nails love love love ,I do like a dark colour in winter,they look just look chic! I like those satin pants I have a pair like that but it is too cold down here for them atm,Why does Mr Sy not like your outfit? I think it is lovely.
    Your hair looks beautiful like that ,there is nothing better than feeling fabulous with new hair is there ?I got mine done on Friday and felt pretty special till I had to wash it yesterday,she just knows how to oooph it up and make me feel a bit fancy ,I even did a selfie on Instagram to prove it.
    I am glad you had a lovely Birthday and I love your keeping it real posts ,keep them coming please.

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