SY reader Deanne unlocks her style

Another SY reader unlocks her style

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Editor’s note: this is why I do what I do. I love helping women like you or I play and unlock your style to regain their confidence. When Deanne emailed me this week with her style story, I asked her if she was happy to share it with you. She was. I hope it inspires you. Thanks Deanne for making my week.

SY reader Deanne unlocks her style

My name is Deanne and our story begins in March 2012.  I was bedridden and out of action for around four weeks. Apparently my body had decided that after three children, working full time, riding a rough time with my eldest child who was in her last year of high school and it being the last year of my 30s that enough was enough.

For the first time for as long as I could remember I was still, yes still. At this time, as they do “in times of need”…. my mother appeared. Ours is definitely not your usual mother-daughter relationship and she is the first to admit that she is not maternal, but she does have some nursing skills that she thought could prove useful.

Upon arriving she instantly began on her journey of grilling me as to how I could have let myself get so rundown and that having my wardrobe full of work clothes and “hippy clothes” that had elastic waists was not helping my cause. That that was why I had put on so much weight without realising it, oh and that bloody kaftan addiction!

Now, I did mention that she is not very maternal?

She also showed me a top she had brought from a boutique and flipped me a catalogue for wYse clothing she picked up when buying her top. She scoffed it would be up my alley and look at lot better than the homemade clothes I was buying from our local market.

And that’s when you appeared.

I had googled wYyse clothing and there you were in a Model and Me blog post. I cannot even begin to explain the relief at seeing a real lady with boobs wearing something from that catalogue, as I really had not been able to imagine myself wearing this label after seeing the thin models in the catalouge.

To my distress I found the item you were modelling was a post from a couple of seasons before and then it became my quest to track down that piece no matter where I had to go. My search of every boutique that stocked wYse from Port Douglas to Perth brought success from a New South Wales store and image consultant called the Red Chair Boutique. I did almost have a heart attack at the price but Robyn talked me through the process explaining the concept of investment pieces. Sold (pictured above left).

(Mind you I used that same excuse to my husband when the Coach bag I brought online just hours after having surgery arrived. I really didn’t remember ordering it but clearly displays that I work well under anaesthetic.)

When I returned to work, for my first day back I wore my Wyse dress and just felt great. This was beginning of my transformation.

I don’t want you to get the impression that I didn’t ever dress well. I did, but every time I was invited somewhere I would panic. Most of my wardrobe didn’t fit because my weight fluctuates between a size 10 to 14. I would literally throw a b*tch fit to the point over the years I started making excuses not to go out and definitely not to wear a dress. I was a total b*tch that by the time we got to walk out the door, I was the dark cloud in the room because I felt so bad and really didn’t feel confident.

In this past year I have followed your posts and at time felt almost “stalkeresk” but the result is I have probably spent less money on clothes but actually have more to wear than ever before.

Your guidance has helped me embrace “my style” of kaftan dressing and no elastic pants but in a more refined and, at times, elegant way. I will book to have my hair done and my makeup before an event now so that I feel my absolute best.  I have some beautiful pieces that I know look great. It’s just choosing which one.  My husband enjoys giving input now without having his head ripped off because I no longer feel like a sausage stuffed in a stocking.

I even found during my daughters graduation month at the end of last year, I wore a dress to every function. That was a record of four events in one month. l felt very confident but still none the less was the heaviest in weight I’ve ever been.

This year has found me moving town, settling my kids into new schools and making the conscious decision to take as much time as I needed just to enjoy life before boarding the back-to-work bus.

I just wanted to take this moment to thank you and share my story of us.

Perhaps you’ve got a story you’d like to share? Email me: [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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  1. Great story! I must thank you too Nikki, I found my wedding dress thanks to your post about your daughter’s formal.. It was a gamble as I bought online but it’s perfect! Thanks:)

  2. Nikki, you know I almost refer to you as my friend on the Sunshine Coast. Sometimes I feel like I style stalk you!! I find myself purchasing things I wouldn’t have considered and feeling better for extending my style! The neon yellow Nikki inspired handbag still gets comments – and I wouldn’t have considered it without seeing you and your pop of yellow(s). Thanks for sharing Deanne’s story too!

  3. What a great story. Had a laugh about your Mum. As women I think it’s easy to fall into the blending into the background and putting everything else in our lives before us. Not stopping to have a real look at ourselves. Sometimes it takes your best girlfriend , sister or in your case your Mum to shock us back into reality. Trust me I’ve been there and you must be thankful to your Mum.
    Small changes as simple as a manicure and nail polish can get you back on track again. Don’t forget how great we are . Make time to spend time for yourself even if it means 10 o’clock at night doing that nail polish. It well worth it.
    You look absolutely stunning Deanne. Your beautiful smile says it all. Nikki you must feel so proud to have such a story coming from all the work you do every day. Thank you both.

  4. Great story, thanks for sharing Deanne and Styling You… this has made my week too! You have both rocked my orange peplum top this year and I just love the way you have incorporated it into your wardrobes! CK x

  5. Wow what a great story, thanks to you both for sharing. Deanne, good on you for taking this important step in your wellbeing – your pics speak for themselves! Love the neon number on the right 🙂 You look fab and so confident in your own skin xx

  6. Deanne that is a truly inspirational story I love it,I love how you have found your style and you feel confident,I really love your pic at the top right with your dress and your long boots,and your smile says it all.This is one of the loveliest post Nikki and Thanks Deanne for letting Nikki share it I am sure it will inspire other women and It’s ok to love kaftans I do but it is how you wear them ,love the green one.

  7. Here here Sarah and Thea – Deanne looks gorgeous, happy and confident. Three cheers for Nikki and you for bringing out these attributes!

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