Billie and Nina Proudman Offspring Season 4 Episode 6

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 19)

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Forgive me Offspring fans for I have sinned. I gave up my regular 8.30pm Wednesday night spot on the lounge for a night at the footy.

I KNOW. I do not know who I am either.

Mr SY loves his footy. Actually love does not come close to explaining the passion he has for all codes but especially State of Origin Rugby League.

Through work he scored a couple of tickets. It’s been a while since I’ve accompanied him to a footy game. I said I’d go on the proviso he went out and bought me an appropriate scarf to wear. It’s all about the accessories. Always.

Not that I think Nina Proudman would ever be seen dead in my Queensland Maroons scarf … but it was the only (albeit tenuous) link I could come up with to make up for not watching my favourite TV show in real time.

And what a doozy of an episode Offspring was.

Almost as tense and exciting as the situation I found myself in at Suncorp Stadium (or the ALP found it in Canberra) last night.

We had Clegg totally in funk, refusing to leave Patrick and Nina’s house and doing all manner of strange things while there. And I’m not just referring to the child-proofing of the toilet seat here either.

We had Jimmy’s pop-up taqueria wanting us to reach in through the TV screen and grab one for ourselves.

We had Billie being caught out/confessing to selling Proudman real estate to her dad’s biggest competitor and nemesis.

We had Mick singing up a storm with Rosanna.

And we had Geraldine being forced on to a month of alcohol abstinence.

Situation normal, wouldn’t you say?

Billie and Nina Proudman Offspring Season 4 Episode 6

In a among the typically dramatic-slash-humorous storyline, we had Nina appearing in four different tunic-top-based outfits (yes, I counted).

Johnny Was and One Season tunics feature strongly in Nina’s wardrobe – and in last night’s episode. When you think about it, it’s such an effortless casual look for Nina, pregnant or not.

Tunic styling tips

So I thought I’d trawl some of my favourite online haunts and find some similar tunics available right now (keeping in mind that in a month or two there will be a whole influx of new-season styles coming in store everywhere).

1. The key to getting a flattering look with a tunic style top is to wear it with a streamlined bottom half. It’s about balancing out the volume.

2. You’ll notice with some tunic tops that they actually button all the way through (No.4 and 6) … these are what Nina uses as jackets over tank-tops and other short-sleeved tunics. You might prefer this look if wanting to show off your waist.

3. Belting your tunic is also an option. Not something I do as my waist is too short and it just makes my hips look even bigger … but I know that others with lovely long torsos and small waists love to do this. I also like how No.9 below is belted on the hips. Love that.

4. Choose a tunic that is sheer or drops in a semi-fitted a-line shape if you’re worried about appearing tent-like in one. No. 1, No. 7 and No. 9 are good examples of this.

5. The most flattering length for you will depend on your shape. Me, I like mine to hit about 10-15cm below my hips. Too long and they will take over your whole look and you’ll lose the balance gained by wearing streamlined pants or jeans.

9 Nina Proudman style tunics

1. Cloth blouse $48.97 (on sale) @ The Iconic | 2. Blue Bungalow kaftan $89 | 3. Velvet top $160 @ me and moo | 4. Virtu blouse $34.30 (on sale) | 5. Johnny Was tunic $279 @ Zambezee Boutique | 6. Holiday top $79.95 @ Sequins and Sand | 7. Johnny Was tunic $319 @ Zambezee Boutique | 8. One Season top $129 @ Pisces | 9. Bella Lido dress $109

Would I find tunics in your wardrobe? And don’t forget to share your favourite moment from last night’s Offspring episode … do you forgive me for putting footy before Nina?


Offspring photos: Channel TEN

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  1. Love this blog. So funny! I adore the pink tunic Nina wore in the toilet scene with Clegg. It had pin-tucks down the front, & a darker pink flower border at the bottom. Any idea where I can get me one of those??

    1. They’re great Lauren and we’ll see more come in this month as the fashion chain stores change seasons for spring … when the show started it was the thick of winter and no-one was selling any.

  2. Sorry if this has been asked before (I’m new to your blog), do you know if Johnny Was is available anywhere in Melbourne. I can’t buy clothes without trying them on first – it’s too hit and miss. Great blog BTW.

  3. I’m going to say something that might make everyone angry but here goes….I was disappointed with last nights show. Still here Nikki ??? The thing is the ad built it up as this HUGE thing but I was kind of let down when Billies secret came out. I think I just expected something a bit more full on. Only the week or so before Darcy was all set to sell the business so why was it such a massive thing when Billie done it?

    Anyways on to tunics. I love them but do find them hard to wear in winter because most of the sleeves are wide/drapey/flouncy & I can’t put a cardi or jacket over them. I think for me they suit autumn or spring better 🙂

    1. I’m still here … a little late in replying but it’s school holidays so haven’t been on the computer as much! What I found difficult was that I thought it was only a couple of weeks since Billie took over … how could she have got into such a pickle in such a short time?

      Tunics are tricky in winter … on a mild day here I can do with a loose jacket or denim jacket over the top as long as the sleeves are not too wide.

  4. As a Victorian I find it difficult to understand or forgive – but you are very nice, so sure, why not!
    Favourite moment – Jimmy counting out and dividing up his earnings with his eyes at table level. Classic Jimmy!
    Wonder if the mess with the sale of the business will bring Darcy back to town?

    Love the show, though sometimes I find the neurosis a bit grating. Who says audiences wouldn’t like a female character without so much of this in her DNA?

    Overall, love the show. Great bunch of actors!

  5. I totally forgive you for going to the footy. Who could really pass up free tickets to Origin. I will confess to checking the score during the ad breaks. Lucky I was at home though as with the political happenings my recording I had set would have only gotten about half of the Offspring episode. I do love the tunic look but need to follow some of your tips to find one that suits me as I do run the risk of looking like I am wearing a tent. I think the idea of using a button through one like a jacket is definitely something I could try. I also loved Billie’s dress last night and Nina’s round pendant necklace.

  6. I forgive you Nikki you have to sometimes do what you don’t want to do ,don’t you ?and there is always IQ to tape it for you,but I am sure the footy was exciting,not that I watched it 🙂 My favourite moment in the show had to be when Zara did the speil about Jimmy’s tacos and kissed him.That was a very sweet and tender moment,since Zara has had Alfie she is kinder and not so harsh Motherhood has softened her.I do have some tunics and cannot belt them either I am too straight up and down I prefer the sheer look or it to hit my hip,or a bit longer and then they make me look a bit taller .I have a gorgeous Porceclain /cream Silk Sussan one and I can’t wait to wear it ,it has gorgeous embroidery and little buttons and a drawstring at the bottom.I love No 2 and 7 they are gorgeous and might have to invest in a couple more for spring.I love that Boho Luxe look

  7. I too loved Gerlidenes tunic with the leaves I think they put the wrong pant with it but her character isn’t into fashion ,I love tunics keep to jersey or a line ,looks more dressed up and I always get complemented,I have just started to add blazers. Thanks to Nikkis great advice and outfits so feel even more put together.We went to the socceroos game last week and I added a socceroos scarf to my outfit ,you have to support your team .

    1. I agree Noelene … the pant was wrong but you’re right, I think that Geraldine’s character isn’t meant to be into fashion. It’s almost like we’re not meant to notice what she’s wearing.

      And re the scarf … I did the same at the State of Origin game. My regular jeans, boot, knit and coat outfit but with a QLD scarf!

  8. I second the Geraldine look too. I love Nina but am closer to Geraldine in age, so I would love to see a post on her fabulous outfits! Her clothes are out there somewhere, I just dont know where to find them!!

    1. I second that Shelley, at 53 i can’t really get away with the Nina look but identify with Geraldine, loved her T-shirt with the little knot in the front last night.

  9. I loved Geraldine’s tunic last night too (at the beginning of the episode) – my mum is slowly becoming receptive to some style advice and I think Geraldine’s choices in many instances perfect for my mum – casual and comfortable but still stylish enough to take you almost anywhere.

    In other news, my Binny skirt arrived earlier in the week – it’s FANTASTIC. The waist is so versatile, being flat fronted with a side zip, but elasticated at the back – on my waits it just makes me look too hippy but pulled down onto my hips it’s streamlined and perfect. LOVE IT and will be purchasing more from Binny in the future!

    1. Glad you love the skirt – yes, I agree that wearing those styles on their hips is the go. I’ve seen Binny’s summer collection and it’s gorgeous.

      Now, re Geraldine … I think it’s worthy of a post but I’ll see what info I can get from the show as to what she wears.

  10. Oh I have number 5 in your selection, I think Nina had it on last night in a creamy/taupe colour.

    Love a tunic and jeans, but no belts for me either, so I try to go for either a slim/a-line cut or ones that tend to fall from under the bust, but without any gathering. I have no waist really, so that spot just at the top of the rib cage is the smallest bit of my torso, which means anything fitted and flowing from there makes me look slimmer

  11. The Martin ‘cranking’ {crying and w****king} moment was pure genius – I could not stop giggling for ages:)
    Tunics and me have a love hate relationship – I have a few in my wardrobe but don’t naturally go to them for some reason…maybe I just haven’t found the right one yet. The Jonny Was tunic (no.7) above might re-ignite my tunic flame though 🙂 it is delicious!

  12. argh I fell asleep halfway through and the recorder followed the scheduled times, not the actual ones! I am a huge fan of the tunic- sometimes I feel I’m in a perpetual state of pregnancy body shape!!! yesterday was bad -eating way too much bread! I should have had a tunic rather than a dress on!

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