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Keeping it Real: the bike-inspired outfit

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If you’re new to Styling You you may not be aware of my need to celebrate my birthday not just on one day but over a whole month.

Excessive? Possibly.

Fun? Most definitely. But I am a Gemini.

The fun won’t all be for me though. Stay tuned. On Wednesday the Styling You multi-draw giveaway returns with 27 prizes up for grabs. For you.

Mr SY is very much aware of my Birthday Festival. He braces himself come June 1 and comes up for breath sometime around June 30.

He realises that there is little point in fighting The Festival so has learned to roll with it – and contribute to how it rolls out.

So much so, this year he as already presented me with my birthday present.

I guess it would be pretty difficult to hide this beauty until my actual birthday, wouldn’t it?

neon red vintage inspired bike love

I still don’t have a name for her? Any ideas?

She’s neon red; is my first bike ever with gears and comes with a basket that advised online was “not suitable for chihuahuas”. Which is ok really as I don’t own one of those.

Taking her out yesterday for her first beachside outing, it was like I was transported back to my childhood where my “deadly treadly” was my ticket to ride.

Of course, these days, there are other people riding bikes everywhere. Bikes that foster the wearing of lycra.

This is not one of those bikes and don’t worry, I plan to employ a lycra-free policy at all times.

I won’t intentionally go all matchy-matchy with my new bike for future outings but geez it was a bit easy to do, given my love of all things orange/neon.

Case in point: my bike-inspired outfit on Saturday.

I’m often asked what to wear for a casual winter alternative to jeans and in this post I talk about the leggings and tunic option. The other option I employ is to work leggings back with a tube skirt and a knit.

The comfort factor is there but can be a little more dressy than a pair of jeans. And the skirt avoids the whole “is she wearing leggings as pants?” raised eyebrows.

The knit is an oversized one (my favourite style) from Sportscraft. I’m super fussy with knits. They have to earn their winter warmer status and this one does. Mr SY had grabbed this same style in a grey for me and then had to prise it off me a week later because I’d fallen so hard for its cuddling qualities. When they went on sale again, I snapped up this tangerine one. Each of them has actually got softer with every wear.

I also need to talk about the leggings. I get asked a lot about which leggings I like and wear. My first response is be open to spending more on good fabrication that lasts. My second response is to buy a size down so they sit and wear nice and firmly. And my third response is to list the leggings brands with which I’ve had year-after-year success. Those brands are Metalicus, wYse bodywear, Mela Purdie and abi and joseph. To that list, I’m now adding o2wear. The price is right and the fabrication is spot on – a mix of organic bamboo, viscose, organic cotton and spandex. So, so comfy to wear.

Winter outfit: orange Sportscraft knit; Metalicus tube skirt; O2 leggings; Country Road ballets; Proof sunglasses

Sportscraft Penny knit* $119.96 (on sale); I’m wearing the XL | Metalicus skirt $99.95 | O2 leggings*; I’m wearing the size 14 | Country Road ballet flats (bought early in the season) | Reid Vintage Ladies Bike 6-Speed $269 | Wicker basket $24 @ Papillionaire

Beauty note

Nars Pierre Hardy nail colour in peach

Beauty love: L'Oreal Paris Infallible lip colour; Nars with Pierre Hardy nail colour

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick in Orange Extreme* $29.95 | Peach nail colour – one of two from Nars limited edition Pierre Hardy Sharp Lines Nail Set* $39

Once I realised that I was playing matchy-matchy with my outfit and the bike, I thought why stop there? What’s a little more orange between friends.

New to the supermarket and variety store beauty shelf is the Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick from L’Oreal Paris. I’ve long been a fan of this style of lip colour; the style that’s meant to last longer than your first drink at an event. The problem though is that while previous products may have gone the distance, they left my lips far from luscious. Not so this one. The colour/stain formula is moisturising in itself even as it dries; then the hydration supplied by the second step (other end of the applicator) works its magic for a winning combo.

On the nails, I’m loving this subtle orange/peach from a new collaboration between Nars and Pierre Hardy. It’s a colour I can see myself wearing a lot now and really embracing as winter makes way for spring in a few months.

Tell me … are you a jeans-only casual girl or do you mix it up? What’s your go-to weekend casual outfit look like?

[iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″]


Items marked with * were sent to be for editorial consideration. I was gifted a $100 gift card from Sportscraft and put it towards the grey knit that came before this orange one. Review

Comments 44

  1. How cute do you look?
    Love riding my bike and have taken the economical route and cycling to work ..twice a week. I will be building up to 3 or 4 days and hopefully the sun continues to shine while going along on my push bike. Spotted two kangaroos this morning!

  2. OMG! We are twins! I’m a Gemini too and my birthday is always a birthday week rather than a birthday day. A month is very impressive! I’m also getting a bike for my birthday! Lovely post x

  3. I do love me a legging and my faves are Metalicus but I’m on the lookout for those you suggest.the bike is gorgeous and Chilli was my first thought

  4. I am very much a leggings type of girl. I alternate between 3 – Witchery ponte leggings, Lorna Jane ‘Amy’ full length tights and a pair of pleather leggings when I feel like rocking out!
    My name suggestion for your lovely new bike? Ruby!
    Let the Month of Nikki begin! xx

  5. My go-to casual really depends on how lazy I am, and how cosy I want to be. On super-windy or cold days where I would prefer to be in my PJs than leave the house, I wear a good thick Ponte pant and a flowy tunic with a waterfall cardi, soft blankie-like scarf and flat boots, for slightly warmer days, wyse leggings and a Verily dress do the trick. I rarely wear jeans for the whole day of errands, they tend to ‘flop’ in the knee once I’ve been in the car for more than 20 mins. Ugh.

    I do have a new pair of Mavi jeans and an old pair of NYDJ jeans that generally buck this trend, but I’m struggling to find cute ‘jeans-wearable’ tops this season. All suggestions welcome!

  6. Nikki – rest assured that you’re not the only one who does a Festival Of the Birthday!! I like to string mine out as long as possible! I love your bike! Mine is not so stylish, but I can’t justify a new one on a cost per ride basis. I note you don’t have the hipster fixy!! Happy Festival of the Birthday!! You look fabulous!

    1. Oh good to hear Mary! I’ve been borrowing my daughter’s bike but given she’s leaving home next year, thought I needed my own. And I’m clearly SO un-hipster that I don’t even know what a hipster fixy is?!

      1. The fixed gear bike! That seems to have been brought back into being by many a hipster! I learnt to ride on a fixed gear bike, and would love to have one again, I am hopeless at working out what gear I am meant to be in.

  7. I love the bike! I hope you have lots of fun riding it and enjoy the Festival! I am not creative with names for things … but I do like Ruby. I also like the tube skirt and leggings look and think I should give it a go. Finally – I am sorry to hear about your friend. Sometimes life just happens that way and it sucks.

  8. No shot of the bike helmet then! I got a very similar bike for my June birthday last year but in British racing green and also state quite clearly that it is not a lycra type bike. I love cycling the beach path here in Melbourne.
    Still haven’t found a helmet I like though. Maybe you could do a post on fashionable bike helmets and how to style them!
    Enjoy your birthday festival, mine doesn’t start for another couple of weeks.

  9. I love this outfit, it just looks so comfortable and the skirt is a great way of avoiding the dreaded leggings as pants territory. All the body shape information always tells me I should only wear things that accentuate my waist. Surely I can have a day off now and then and winter seems like the perfect time to go for the comfort option. I would love to wear more knits but they are a tricky one here as I don’t want them to be so warm that they are too warm in the middle of the day. Your bike is gorgeous too.

    1. I poo-poo a lot of the so-called rules Mindy as they can box you in too much. If you try it on and it feels ok, then go for it. For me showing off my waist only emphasises my hips as my waist is short – hence why you don’t see me doing belts! The only type of waist accentuating that works for me is a high empire line waist dropping from under the bust. In this outfit it’s about the balancing out a streamlined bottom half with some volume on the upper half.

  10. No I mix it up I wear leggings,jeans and sometimes a maxi dress with boots and I just bought the cutest little Nina inspired dress to wear with tights,and boots it is a taupe colour with black embroidery and very cute without being 5 year old cute if you know what I mean.You are rocking that outfit and that bike Nikki,I love your outfit it is so trendy,not in a try hard way and Loving that I love orange as well,I blame that on you 🙂 I too am fussy with the knits now,they have to tick some boxes for me before I will buy them,I may be getting fussy in my old age.
    I love how you celebrate your Birthday for a whole month it is a great idea,and I can see you whizzing along the bike paths near the water (I am sure you have those) and hunting and gathering your shopping and going to have coffee.I like Bella or Coco for your Bikes name but I am sure you have picked something already it has to be posh and French or Italian sounding I think!
    Love that new lippy too,I am glad you road test those long wearing ones ,they used to be very drying I am glad to see they are getting more hydrating now.
    I love Sussan and Katies for ponte leggings and Wyse or Cylk for the fabric sort.Have fun on that bike Nikki,she is a beauty.

  11. I love the idea of the tube skirt. Going to go looking for one this week. I wear leggings and tunic tops as an alternative to jeans all the time, love the skirt as an extra.
    Happy birthday lovely, enjoy your birthday “month” 😉

  12. I vote Ruby or Dorothy (ruby slippers) for your bike, to honour its shiny redness!
    Happy Birthday Festival! x

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