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There is a war going on at the Styling You beach shack.

A war over something quite precious in our fun little abode … space.

We don’t have much of it to spare at our place, so if someone or something takes up too much of it, it sure gets noticed.

Team SY underwent a major change earlier this year when our eldest boy left home for his first year of university and into his very own unit at a residential college (oh to be 18 again).

The departure of our future engineering star meant that for the first time in five years we had a room at the SY beach shack that wasn’t completely spoken for.

Leading up to boy’s move The Stylist went to great lengths to publicly declare how much she was going to miss her first born.

But when it came to the crunch, the poor bugger hadn’t even finished packing his bags and The Stylist let off the first salvos of her campaign with a rapid-fire unleashment of her clothing into the recently vacated wardrobe.

“Fair enough,” I thought, “there is more space for all of us to use, I’ll bring my new mountain bike in to store here too, because I’d rather not leave it exposed to the sea air if I don’t have too.”

Apparently that wasn’t part of the deal! No, apparently this was now a room dedicated only to feminine activities.

Lady Room

And this is where I partly blame The Stylist’s mate Mrs Woog for introducing a new phrase into the vernacular: the Lady Room.

Apparently every woman now needs a Lady Room, as well as a bedroom, to store all of their shoes, jewellery and lady … sh*t! Regardless of whether the rest of the family has a few bits and bobs they’d like to store as well.

I put the argument to The Stylist that it wasn’t fair that she could have a Lady Room at the expense of a common spare/rumpus room that the rest of the family could use collectively.

But that didn’t wash.

Instead a full wardrobe rampage began that saw even more girly gear dragged into her new zone and another mirror appear thanks to a dash down the road to the local furniture store.

At the height of the offensive, The Stylist tried to rationalise her actions to me by pointing out that with her new storage arrangements there would no longer be a few hundred items of clothing hanging off the door of our bedroom, preventing any chance of actually closing it.

Did that mean we would get to close the door a little more often, I wondered?

But rather than get distracted by this sneaky comment, I stayed focused on my campaign and counter-punched by pointing out that there was still a sofa bed in the “ladyroom” and she was now welcome to spend much more time sleeping in there too if she really wanted to, useless throw cushions and all.


Does anyone else out there need or wish for a Lady Room?

Necessary footnote: I’m adding this footnote to respond in advance to the comments that I kind of expect from poking this hornet’s nest. There are some positives to The Stylist’s blitzkrieg. 1. There is a sh*tload less hair to deal with on the bathroom floor now that she is not doing her hair in there. 2. There is more space (yes, space) in the bathroom without all of the makeup. 3. Yes, we can actually open and close the bedroom door properly now that it has been retired from its second job and a quasi-clothes stand. Simple wins, but wins all the same.


Bloke stuff

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  1. I guess it’s no different to the old Craft or sewing room! Suck it up, men have sheds and garages and women have craft rooms. This particular craft is of the styling variety!!!!

  2. I now expect to see a little icon at the top of each real estate ad, indicating a ‘lady room’ in all the best homes in the near future.

    Also thanks very much for your kind words with regards to the cook off. I very much appreciate you getting in touch. What a lovely part of the world you live in Nikki. Our trip was way too short, but was wonderful none the less.


    1. Oh, I’m so glad you had a great time up here Carolyn. It really is beautiful – particularly at this time of year. Think you only had one day of rain? And I agree re real estate advertising!!

  3. A lady room is on my wish list – a hug walk in wardrobe with a gorgeous cushioned bench in the middle where i can perch and try on my shoes. It would have a chandelier a vintage micro, shelves, hanging space, drawers for make up etc. Pitty it is in my dreams as i live in an old cottage and the family is bursting out of the seams

  4. Well there’s a BRILLIANT idea, thanks for drawing my attention to the possibilities Mr SY. The computer/craft/play room is no more. I’m turning it into my own private space. No kid stuff. No husband stuff. Just my stuff. I’m sure my hubby will be just as stoked as you are. Hope you’ve got a shed for your bike now.

  5. lady room would totally be a first world requirement…although love it!

    And I love what you are wearing 🙂

  6. Lady Room for the win! We recently had a conversation with friends about my husband’s plans to turn one room into a Man Cave. “What about you, Sonia?” they asked. My response? “I’ve got the rest of the house.” BAM! The husband uses the Bulldog face scrub and rates it highly. I’ll have to add the face wash and moisturiser to the shopping trolley next week.

  7. I fully support a Lady Room.
    Men have sheds.
    Ladies have rooms.
    I have made my mark in most rooms in the house…the bathroom holds my dressing table, the study is basically my office. Poor Daddy R only has a back hallway to call his own…and that is where he hangs his bike.

  8. Doesn’t Bunnings sell garden sheds by the truckload for said bike? No bike would ever make it through my front door either!

  9. Oh back in the kitchen with you where you belong Mr!!!! (actually what is on the menu this w’end??!!??)

  10. I would looooooove a lady room. I have dreams making one of our bedrooms into a huge dressing room where I could see all my clothes, shoes etc in one place!! And take time to sit in a comfy seat and do my make-up and hair. Unfortunately I can’t see it happening in reality. Mr SY – one of my friends is into bikes (cycle bikes not motor bikes) and has turned his media room into his bike room complete with several bikes and wind trainer set up so he can train whenever he likes in the comfort of his home. Feel free to use that story however you see fit. The other thing that might advance your cause is bribery – jewellery, champagne, flowers shoes or bags are all very good options!

  11. Mrs Woog is one smart lady that’s for sure! I wished I knew about this Lady Room bizzo before my husband turned our unused music room into a Bar room at great cost I might add ,it used to have drum kits and guitars galore until the kids got over their fads of being in a band,and it turned into a junk room so he thought he would pull out our old fashioned bar out of the lounge room and make a brand new huge bar room ,with a new door way off the family room with matching French doors that are the same as the dining room ,he even has 2 yes 2 beer fridges one with beer on tap and one for bottled beer and wine and assorted beverages,he spent more on the granite top than I did on the kitchen and also he has 3 bars stools and a table with seats and all his framed footy jerseys and he just bought another one a soccer one this time,a signed Wanderers jersey which has yet to be framed.My husband also hates the hook on the bedroom door with my dressing gowns on the back and the outfit choices on the front but frankly Mr SY he can just suck it up 🙂
    You should be happy that Nikki likes to take care of herself and looks lovely all the time and Nikki I am so jealous you have a Lady Room when one of the kids move out I am having one too! Thanks for this Post Mr SY loved your side of the story.

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