Mr SY and I celebrating his birthday

Keeping it Real: the birthday lunch outfit

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It’s been a crazy old weekend around these parts. Ups and downs if you like.

For starters, today has been a public holiday for as long as I can remember but as Queenslanders we’ve moved it to October to so we too can recover from the footy final, which of course I’ll be watching with extreme interest. Not.

Mr SY?

Now he’s a bit torn. This weekend has always been HIS weekend, his public holiday coinciding with his birthday. But given his obsession with all things balls, then he’s also ok with a public holiday following the NRL and AFL grand finals.

Mr SY and I celebrating his birthday

Mr SY wears his new Country Road birthday shirt

To make sure he really was ok with the loss of National Mr SY Weekend, he summonsed the family to a very meaty lunch at Ribs and Rumps. Feed the man meat and all that. Here’s a look-see at our His and Hers meals. And yes, he did actually finish everything on his plate. Didn’t touch the Greek salad I ordered for the table though. Apparently it would have interrupted his carnivorous ways.

Now, I know this is supposed to be an outfit post and I’ll get on to that in a sec. Not before a little cake. I actioned up Nigella’s Flourless Lime Cake with Magarita Cream. Hadn’t actioned up this one before but I can tell you something for nothing, it will be appearing on our plates again very soon. Super easy to make and that cream was something else … nothing at all to do with the fact that I have a fond admiration for a margarita or two.

Nigella Lawson's flourless lime chocolate cake with cointreau, tequila and lime cream

… now about that birthday lunch outfit.

I’m overjoyed at the drop in humidity and temperature. Overjoyed. A couple of degrees makes all the difference. The winter woolies haven’t been hauled but oh my it’s good to wear something long on your arms and not feel like you’re a high-production sweat factory.

The inspiration for this outfit came from the Johnny Was kimono jacket* (for a stockist near you contact International Fashion Group). This is a label that the costume designers on Offspring use for Nina Proudman’s wardrobe. So if it’s ok for Nina, it’s very much ok for me.

What I wore: Virtu maxi skirt, Country Road tee, Johnny Was kimono jacket, Zoe Kratzmann booties, Red Phoenix Emporium necklace, Proof sunglasses

Johnny Was kimono jacket* | Country Road tee | Virtu maxi skirt | Zoe Kratzmann wedge booties | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace | Dinosaur Designs ring | Noosa Amsterdam cuff | Proof sunglasses

I’ve talked up kimono jackets here before and believe me when I tell you they are a trans-seasonal fashionista’s best friend. Something to layer on over a tee or top. Something to keep you warm when a knit would just be too much.

The maxi skirt? It’s been on trans-seasonal rotation for about a year now. I find this (and in early spring) is the perfect time for maxi skirts as it’s not too cold but cool enough to have something covering your legs other than jeans.

Beauty note

Trying to look fresh is challenging for me at the best of times. After being up a couple of times in the night with Mr 7 and a new bout of croup and a medical centre visit, as well as Miss SY’s Y12 maths assignment document corrupting, it meant calling for more than the usual makeup helping hand … a subtle-but-fresh lippy, a mascara to open up tired eyes, a bronzer to make me look like I did actually spend some time in the Whitsundays the week before and an illuminating eye colour for under the brows to give the illusion of more sleep than I’d actually had.

Beauty note: L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse lip colour, Benefit They're Real Mascara, Elizabeth Arden bronzer, Max Factor illuminator

1. L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse in Romy | 2. Benefit They’re Real Mascara | 3. Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Bronze Powder in Warm Radiance | 4. Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow in Pearl Beige 

Fingers crossed Mr 7 has turned the corner with his croup today. I may catch up my sleep by Mother’s Day ;).

What did you get up to on the weekend? Added a kimono jacket to your wardrobe yet?

PS. Don’t forget to join in my Mother’s Day Challenge for a chance to win a weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.

* Gifted for editorial consideration.



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  1. I too have been mourning my loss of weekend for extra birthday fun… So sad….

    You look fab! Love the pops of colour!

    Am googling Kimono jackets once I hit ‘Share’.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a crazy stressful weekend, with a splash of birthday fun, you’ve had. We had a fab weekend, but are mourning the PH too. No kimonos here, but your Red Phoenix beads may be my most favourite ones yet….

    I hope your boy is very well, very soon.

  3. I feel Mr SY’s pain about losing “his” public holiday. We got married on the Labour Day weekend 23 years ago & it’s been wonderful having a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary each year! Felt a bit ripped off this year with just a 2 day weekend, even if we DID go to the Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast 😉

  4. I actually have every colour of the L’oreal lip gloss. At first I didn’t like the stickyness and then all of a sudden I am addicted to it and not using anything else.

  5. Wow what a weekend! I bet that champagne tasted very very good! I have 2 kimono type jackets and really love their versatility. And how easy they are to wear! Hope this week is a little more relaxed for you. Otherwise I would recommend a spa treatment – they are as good as an afternoon nap in my book.

  6. Nikki, I was looking at that photo of you and Mr SY thinking how fresh you looked with minimal makeup. You tricked me!

  7. Love your maxi skirt with the booties 🙂 Hope your son is feeling better and Miss SY’s maths assignment was completed in the end – oh gosh, you forget how much you have to deal with … and then they leave, and suddenly it’s only you and your own problems – but there still doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for me to look as stylish as you do above 😉

  8. I also love a kimono jacket I have a gorgeous one in a print fabric ,and must remember to wear it and also my black maxi skirt.Yes I am enjoying the cooler weather too,i have worn jeans and not sweated which is a big plus.I love your outfit and the makeup helps you look fresh and not like you have gotten up to Flynn in the night.On that note the croup one that is my son used to get it for years every Autumn and Spring it is the drop in the humidity levels that causes it apparently,well that what I was told ,do you have a humidifer ? if you do put it in his room with ecaulyptus oil when he goes to bed, helps keep the air humid and it does work and My son did not grow out of it till about 12!
    We also did lunch on Saturday too,for my parents 50 th Anniversary and there was a lot of meat dishes ordered though I chose crab and prawns,with asian noodle salad and curry dipping sauce.
    Thankyou for sharing this post I hope Mr SY had a nice birthday and I agree about the cake,it is lovely ,I have been cooking a lot of Nigella’s recipes of late and they all turn out beautifully.

  9. I like it now that we are actioning cakes; I have recently actioned some baking. It is amazing how easily the Faux Fuchsia language permeates the vernacular. I often resort to drinks that are soothing and restorative.
    I quite liked the benefit mascara, but it was very hard to remove, hence I have gone back to old faithful Lancome.
    I love a kimono jacket but they don’t really love me….I always look a bit swampy and big in them.
    COUNTING THE DAYS till our Nina is back on the Telly – me and my girlfriend have already pencilled it in. My fella has declined. His loss.
    xx cilla xx

    1. Me too … my husband will watch but not with the same obsessive-like behaviours that I possess. And yes, FF speak should be published in all languages … the universe didn’t tell me to bake this one though, Google did 😉

  10. Kimono jackets are my best friend. I adore them with jeans and dresses – the perfect trans-seasonal piece. They’re real mascara is my mascara of the moment too 🙂
    Must try Ribs and Rump – if we eat meat it has to be good, so thanks for the head up…and the cake, well that just looks divine!
    Off-topic – Beckie and I loved our suitethree experience – two very happy girls when we left, and we have already booked to return in two weeks on the day of Beckie’s 21st party. Neither of us are easy to please where our hair is concerned, but we are both delighted. Thank-you 🙂

    1. Yes, when we eat out the meat has to be good as we cook a mean steak at home!
      I’m so happy that Suite Three worked out for you. And wow, the 21st will be such a big/fun event for you!

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