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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 15)

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Apologies in advance if you’re new to Styling You and have thus-far escaped our Nina Proudman obsession but Offspring is back on our TVs and that means that every Thursday here on the blog, I’ll be dissecting her wardrobe from the night before.

Obsessed? Damn straight.

When I spoke to the costume people behind the show we chatted about the popularity of Nina’s style. I think the appeal of Nina’s wardrobe comes from how accessible her style is. It’s pretty timeless, a bit vintage-y and can be translated to every body shape.

I know it’s not everyone’s taste but there’s a whole bunch of you out there who like to incorporate some (or all) of the aspects of her style into your casual wardrobe.

And in Season 4 of Offspring, we’re also going to discover how to do maternity wear, Nina-style.

Spoiler alert

So, with these weekly Nina style updates, comes a little bit of plot discussion as well. You have been warned. Click away if you’re yet to see this episode.

I find it impossible not to discuss the roller coaster that is this coming together of a mish mash of characters. In one episode we can be peeing ourselves laughing, in tears and a little bit “hello Christmas” (that would be in every Dr Patrick scene).

Episode 1, Season 4 did not disappoint.

From the moment Nina awoke from a dream, in which she’d consecutively given birth to a troll doll, ceramic owl, pineapple, desktop fan and basket of kiwi fruit, before sitting bolt upright in bed and asking, “Are we ready for this?, I was hooked.

Add to that the “master list” of coloured post-it notes featuring all she wants to sort out BEFORE the baby is born and the poster-size studio pregnancy photos a couple chose to include in their birthing suite, it was like coming home.

Billie brought on the tears and the laughs: “Your accessories will be a choking hazard for a baby”.

Nina Proudman style | Offspring

And Nina’s new registrar, Elouise, offered up the element of mystery and a potential to bust Nina and Patrick’s first trimester bubble.

Nina Proudman meets her new registrar

The outfits

There were two main outfits in this episode. Both classic Nina.

Now, as with last season, my shopping suggestions are not the exact pieces that Nina is wearing – on the rare occasion they may be but generally these clothes are no longer available to buy. Or they’re vintage pieces.

Think of my suggestions as inspiration. You don’t want to copy this style 100%. It’s best to take elements of it and adapt it to make the look your own. It would be so boring if we all looked and dressed the same.


Maxi dress

Offspring Nina Proudman style

The maxi dress Nina is wearing is from Violet & I’s previous summer collection.

Nina Proudman S4 Ep 1 maxi dress outfit

1. Collette by Collette Dinnigan maxi dress $186.54 (on sale) |  2. Just Jeans denim jacket $89.95 | 3. Samantha Wills necklace $130 | 4. Lovisa necklace $12.99 | 5. Colette Hayman necklace $9.95 | 6. Nude boots $249.95 @ Style Tread | 7. Elms + King cross-body bag $89.95 | 8. Mink Pink belt $24.95 @ Birdsnest

Jeans, tunic and boots

Offspring Season 4 Ep 1 | Nina Proudman style

 I’m pretty certain that Nina’s tunic top is by Johnny Was. The exact one isn’t online but there are plenty similar. Head on over here for your shopping pleasure.

Nina Proudman Style Season 4 Ep 1 outfit 2

1. Sancerre tunic $25 (on sale) |2. Prophecy kimono $34.27 at ASOS (on sale) | 3. Mavi jeans $129.99 | 4. Geena Wong necklace $45 @ The Iconic | 5. J. Crew necklace $99.50 | 6. Zoe Kratzmann boots $420 @ The Iconic

Ok, hit me with it … what was your favourite outfit from the night? Are you stoked to have Offspring back?

PS. You can now find all my Nina Proudman fashion blog posts grouped together here. Plus, did you know I’ve got a dedicated Nina Proudman board on Pinterest?

Offspring photos: Channel TEN 

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  1. Ok loving all of Nina’s outfits this season! Anyone know where her green kaftan top came from in tonight’s episode (season 4/2)?? Just beautiful!

  2. So very excited to have Offspring back on our screens, and even more so after discovering your Nina posts. I think my fave look this week was the maxi dress. Now I’m off to revisit your older Nina posts. Bliss!

  3. And so begins another crazy season of Offspring….hooray! I’m another vote for Billie’s cool styling. I loved what she was wearing – she looked amazing. And her earrings were fabulous! Great post. I’m looking forward to your weekly analysis 🙂

  4. I’ve been searching for some brown boots since last season of offspring but can’t find any to fit my calves 🙁 You wouldn’t by any chance no of any with elasticised backs or sides?

    1. Hi Michelle … this site – Duo Boots , lets you create boots to fit your calves. I have this problem – and my left calf is fatter than my right! I only have two pairs of knee-high boots – one is a tan pair from Country Road I bought a few years ago that were a bit wider; the others are stretchy – Spanish label Jaime Mascaro – black heels also from a few years ago.

  5. After having just taken the time to sit down and watch my first ever episode I think my style is a little more Billie than Nina but probably somewhere in the middle. I will add another vote for the posibilty of some Billie outfit inspiration as well. I am feeling very justified about my decision to purchase a denim jacket now. After having trouble in the past with long boots being too tight on my calves I decided to allocate my boot budget to ankle boots only this year but now I am wondering if I should keep a lookout for some long boots on sale. I’m just not sure if I would wear them as much as ankle boots.

  6. A great post Nikki and I just purchased my first online piece of clothing after reading this.
    I got the sancerre tunic. Not exactly the same as Nina’s, but a great buy for $25 and I have been looking for tunics with no luck, so thank you!
    I love Nina’s style and your break down of her outfits. Love your work 🙂

  7. I was loving Billie’s top from last night. I think you need to add some Billie pieces to your Nina outfits. They are both amazing dressers.

    So stocked to have Offspring back!

  8. Personally I am just stoked that my favourite blogger has added Spoiler Alert to her Nina posts!! Thanks so much Nikki! The show’s not back on my TV yet so I’m loving the return of your Nina series! And loving your outfit suggestions. I need new long brown boots. Do you think the Cuban heel (at least that’s what I think it’s called) could date a boot? I’m enjoying that height on my ankle boots but I like to get YEARS out of my long boots. Thanks Nikki xx

  9. Yay, double yay, triple yay! So glad Offspring is back on our screens and you’re doing these posts again, Nikki. I have to say, as someone who doesn’t have a boho bone in her body, I’m always drawn to Nina’s boots. Love them! I also love the way Nina wears colour. Buckle your seatbelts ladies, looks like we’re locked in for a(nother) fabulous rollercoaster of an Offspring season!

  10. One Season has some tops like the blue one…I have it in the white. Will be searching for the perfect jacket to go with it now 🙂

  11. I am stoked that Offspring is back and I loved Nina’s maxi dress with boots and the denim jacket and I loved her tunic as well,I might try the maxi look with boots and see how it goes! Thanks for your Nina Posts Nikki,love them!

  12. I actually I don’t know how I have managed to last so many months without
    Offspring. It’s just as good as ever. Only better! Loved all Nina’s outfits but I’m especially coveting her brown boots. Bootalicious!

  13. I’m now heavily conflicted….love Nina’s look, but have we noticed Geraldine’s (Nina’s Mum) look? Very clean and sophisticated in a casual way. She wore a gorgeous blue and white wrap tunic in last night’s episode. Mmm….mmmmm…….

  14. As I was watching last night I seem a jacket Nina was wearing & I thought ” I wonder if Nikki knows where to get one?” Lol! It was kind of cropped but longer at the front- I think you’ve written about the style before but not in a Nina post. It was blue & she had it on with jeans of course. I do love the tunic & kimono jacket you’ve got up there. I’m in need of a wardrobe make over now bub is here & I think I might be ready to venture online for some stuff- wish me luck!!

    1. Reannon, the green jacket that she had over the blue embroidered tunic was just beautiful – I scoured the internet to no avail. It’s definitely a light, summer style – she does like a light, draped jacket. So instead, I just worked with a variation of those colours for the inspiration above! Good luck with your online venturing x

  15. Good morning.
    Gonna have to look at some accessories. And look at getting Nina’s superior do and makeup.
    I loved Billie’s top.
    Love your work Nikki!! Xx

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