Win a weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

WIN a weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

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Sponsored by Dettol Mission for Health

I’ve been a mum for almost 18 years now. It’s a privilege that comes with an equal mix of frustration, joy and hard work. Oh and a whole lot of love, that crucial binder that keeps you going.

I always wanted to be a mum. That much I knew.

Growing up, I was always first to put my hand up to cuddle a new baby cousin. The maternal instinct was strong.

I was blessed to be able to fall pregnant easily. Something I’ve never taken for granted.

My babies were healthy. Something I’ve also never taken for granted.

At each stage of this parenting gig, there have been fresh, shall we say, challenges.

There are stages, in which getting through each day is a matter of just doing that: getting through.

As your children grow, you may not be required to be so physically hands on (except for the taxi-driving thing) but emotionally they can put you through the proverbial wringer.

Along the way, there are fleeting moments where the dynamics of the whole family just seem to flow. They are the moments I commit to memory, the moments that offer up a mental photo I can flick back to when the next challenge crops up.

It’s for all of the above that I embrace Mother’s Day each year.

I poo-poo all the Negative Nancies who say it’s all too commercial. It’s only that if you want it to be.

Besides, I’m always up for a celebration. Give me any excuse and I’ll run with it!

Just like if you’re running a business or building a career, we SHOULD look back at what we’ve achieved. Mother’s Day is a good day to do that with your family.

Win a weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

In keeping with that idea, we’re going to be keeping the focus on mums here at Styling You from now till Mother’s Day. I’m setting myself a 7 day challenge to ensure that I’m looking after myself, just as I do for my family – and I’d like you to join me!

Together with Dettol’s Mission for Health site, we’re giving away daily prizes (from Monday, May 6, through to Sunday, May 12) to help bring a little more luxury to the lives of busy mums.

One lucky person will also win the major prize of a weekend away for two at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, including airfares to get there.

Enter for yourself, enter for your mum, enter for a mum you know who could really benefit from this prize.

For details on how to enter and why Gwinganna means so much to me, visit Mission for Health.

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  1. I’m so with you! Pretty sure I can count on 1 hand, a full nights sleep I’ve had in 3 yrs with 2 beautiful but rather energetic boys 🙂 I’m exhausted!! Motherhood is recommended best with a sense of humour!

  2. I am with you totally on this,it is something that I have learnt in the 24 years of motherhood That you need ME time,however small to enjoy it without feeling guilty,the housework or ironing CAN wait and you know what No one notices, except you!

  3. 3 smalls under the age of 5, including a 12 week old bebe & I’m in desperate need of some downtime.

    This place looks amaze!


  4. ME!!!
    I so desperately need some time out for myself away from everything and everyone. To just be. To still my mind, and hopefully in doing do, get some clarity as to what to do next. It’s ironic, I have been day dreaming about running away somewhere for the last month. So I’ll be avidly participating in the hope that I can run away and just be.

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