Rockport Seaworthy loafers at The Athlete's Foot

The flats for women on the move

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At the end of last winter I had to give my favourite black ballet flats a ceremonial farewell.

They had served me well on many an occasion through autumn and winter. My go-to flats; my no-think, just wear flats … they had never let me down.

Until that fateful day they accidentally got worn to a very soggy Saturday at soccer.

Within hours, I knew there was no way they could be resuscitated. They were a soggy, stretched, muddy version of their former selves.

I didn’t think much about these ballets over summer. It’s too hot around here to encase your feet in such a way.

No, it wasn’t until the weather turned slightly cooler and I dragged out my jeans for a casual “mum on the run” day that I realised I’d not yet replaced their gaping hole in my wardrobe.

As luck would have it, this was about the same time I was asked by The Athlete’s Foot to trial a pair of Rockport Seaworthy II casual flats.

I didn’t know I needed these particular shoes in my life but I’ll tell you they quickly earned their place in my casual weekend shoe-robe.

Rockport Seaworthy loafers at The Athlete's Foot

They are the ideal flats for women on the move.

And move is something I very much have no choice but to do on weekends.

The computer is switched off and it’s all about running from one family activity to another.

There is definitely no time for shoes that do not ooze comfort. I may carry bandaids with me at all times but they are firmly reserved for my heel-wearing nights, not daytime chores. Oh, and with the required comfort comes my need for style too. Always.

A Saturday in the life of my new flats

10am: Had meant to get an earlier start but huge day the day before meant that the body preferred slumber over action. Action had to win out in the end as Mr Almost 18 was home from uni and needing some thriftshop styling advice for an upcoming party. We live pretty close to a whole strip of op shops, so made up time that way. Plus, walking between each was no problem due to the supreme comfort factor of the Seaworthy flats on my feet. Loved that they were comfortable from the first step and no different after a kilometre or so. Scored blue safari suit and brown paisley tie at our final shop. Winning.

Rockport Seaworthy loafers for women at The Athlete's Foot

1pm: Late soccer game for Mr 7’s U8 Stingers. It’s already been raining. Grrr. Thoughts of the ruined ballet flats of old went through my head as we walked through soggy grass and mud to reach the sideline. Noticed no water seeping through to feet (always a bonus) and as for resultant layer of mud/grass on the 100% leather shoes? More on that later.

Rockport Seaworthy loafers for women at The Athlete's Foot

3pm: A wipe down (of all of us) and it was time to test-drive a new car. I’d already taken this one for a spin but Mr SY was a bit put out that he hadn’t had a go yet. I did remind him that it would be MY car and he wouldn’t have to like it but apparently boys have a thing about cars and engines. I kept admiring the cup and lipgloss holders – and how the loafers made the perfect driving shoe – while he rabbited on about such things as “responsive take-off” and “solid road handling”. Must Google those phrases.

Rockport Seaworthy loafers for women at The Athlete's Foot

The lowdown

I’ve talked up Rockport shoes here on Styling You before. The key to comfort in all Rockport shoes is the use of the same technology that is used in Adidas runners.

The fancy names for this technology are Adiprene and Adiprene+. Together they work to absorb shock in the heel and provide energy rebound in the forefoot.

The Seaworthy flats (also available in cream and black) include a gum rubber outsole for increased traction while walking and are made from premium grade machine washable leather. Yes, you read correctly. Machine Washable Leather.

And throw in the machine is just what I did on Saturday night. We’ve got a 15 minute express cycle in our front loader, so I popped them on that and the day’s soggy soccer activities were washed away. By lunch time the next day they were dry and ready to wear again. No shrinkage in the leather or any sign that they’d been put through the ringer, literally.

Style tips

1. This is a wear-with-pants style of shoe in autumn-winter. A slim or skinny leg works best. Please don’t try wide-legged 3/4 pants with them. You know my thoughts on this style of pant. You will definitely tip over in to “Nana” shoe territory should you attempt such a pairing.

2. If you’ve got the pins for it and jumping on a yacht (half your luck) to sail away somewhere exotic, then short shorts will work too. I say short shorts as you need that leg length to carry off a shoe like this without it looking like it’s “stumping” your leg.

3. When choosing clothes to complement, think preppy ’80s and ’90s when you think loafers and you can’t go wrong. For me it means, skinny jeans, over-sized tee and/or jumper and a scarf. A collared shirt worn loose or tucked in would also work here. Feel free to sling a knit around your shoulders. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.

Rockport Seaworthy loafers for women at The Athlete's Foot

Rockport Seaworthy flats at The Athlete’s Foot | NYDJ jeans | Witchery tee layered over white Country Road seamless tank | Sportscraft scarf | Maui Jim sunglasses | Uberkate necklace

This competition is now closed!

Thanks to The Athlete’s Foot, I’ve got a $100 gift voucher to give away that could help you get your feet into a pair of Rockport Seaworthy flats (they also come in red and cream). The Athlete’s Foot is all about finding your “fit” in shoes and it has long been expert in fitting you out with sporting shoes. These are examples of the increasing range of lifestyle shoes they now stock in store and online. Head to the home page and add your postcode to the Store Locator function, to find a store near you.

To enter, answer this question in the comments below:

How do YOU know your shoes are stylish and comfortable? 

Entries open on May 21 at 6am and close on June 4 at 5pm. Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. They will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions, here.


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  1. Hi Nikki. The word Rockport has been in the back of my mind since reading this article a few weeks ago. Well I went into their new Wintergarden store in Brisbane and tried on a pair of their high heels. All I can say is OMG…… on earth do they manage to combine comfort with style, it’s totally beyond me.
    So today I ordered my first pair of Rockport Janae pumps- from USA (sorry still cheaper to buy there!) and am eagerly anticipating their arrival in about a week.
    I will now be able to run after my 4 year old, even when in corporate get up!

  2. When you are constantly surprised by the amount of compliments you receive while wearing them because (a) they are so comfortable you don’t think about them and b) they catch the eye of total strangers

  3. I always take my mum shopping with me. If she says “they look nice” I know they’re not stylish and I put them back!

  4. When your feet don’t ache at the end of the day, you know your wearing the right brand of shoe and that you have been fitted with the correct size. Looking good is such a bonus!

  5. When I wear them everywhere I go and they are falling apart as they are my favourite shoes and I just can’t wear anything else.

  6. When you go out and buy an identical pair just in case they delete the line and you never ever find another pair like them!!

  7. When my feet dont ache, my toes are not cramped, my heels dont blister everytime I wear them and they look great and I feel great in them, then I know they are stylish and comfortable.

  8. Comfortable boots or shoes are ones that I can slither into and wear all day without strangling my feet or ankles like a boa constrictor. I know style is achieved when stranger’s eyes are on my feet instead of my over endowed chest!

  9. Finding shoes that are both comfortable AND stylish can be a mission, but I know I’ve hit the jackpot when my day looks like this:
    *Frantically push a wayward trolley through the Supermarket (of course I get the one with the dodgy wheels)
    *Do laps of the shopping centre carpark because I’ve lost my car (and it’s raining because it always seems to rain when you can’t find your car)
    *Chase my wayward 3 year old through the park (which is muddy from all the rain)
    *Glam up for date night by wiping the mud off my shoes
    *Walk 7 blocks to and from the car because Hubby didn’t want to pay for parking
    *Get home exhausted from a long day and NOT want to hurl my shoes at the wall when I get a chance to take them off, because they were so comfy!

  10. I know they are STYLISH when they are like a pair of fluffy moccasins and COMFORTABLE when there’s enough black leather to satisfy a Dominatrix.

    I mean the other way around. Maybe.

  11. If they’re stylish, they’re not always comfortable…but if they’re comfortable, then they’re stylish in my books!

  12. I know my shoes AREN’T going to be comfortable because I can usually only afford a cheap pair! They might be the cutest but excuse me while I wince through blister pain.

  13. I receive expect advice,
    From an Athlete’s Foot store,
    To get the perfect fit,
    And walk away with style and comfort galore!

  14. I would NEVER buy shoes I didn’t like the look of ….. EVER!!!! – and I would NEVER wear shoes that weren’t comfortable (well maybe to a function where I was sitting down for the entire event and there was no dancefloor!) …. if you are comfy in yourself you will look confident and when you are confident … you will ooze style <3

  15. My feet and i have a special relationship is i put uncomfortable or hurtful shoes near them they go on strike cramping and will not move very embarassing at ti,es but in have learnt they mean wellness and happiness for us both

  16. Whenever I buy shoes they”re stylish. My style. Comfort is a bonus, blister free blissful, and when style and comfort come together I have happy feet and a smile on my face.

  17. When I’m not thinking about by feet, because my shoes are so comfortable they’ve just become like “a part of me”

  18. I know straight away for comfort, style is a harder thing, too get both well that is when it get’s tricky….I can be a tad fussy, but i insist on comfort, none of this wearing in shoes with band-aids rubbish, so my interest was certainly piked with the seaworthy flats, no more traipsing from store to store, maybe just maybe i have found my perfect fit.

  19. With baby in the way and a back Surgery i need to much support
    and comfort to go in and about but without forgetting Style this pair
    is a must to feel the comfort

  20. Easy! Buy them from Athletes foot
    My day shoe go to store
    I have a dicky ankle
    Althletes foot shoes = not sore!

  21. Comfort ahead of style
    you will be able to run a mile
    no point in stressing on looks
    it can be seen in all fashion books

  22. ive usually read some reviews on them before purchasing so i like everyone else thinks their the beez neez!

  23. Comfort and confidence – that’s what you get from a great pair of shoes! You feel ten foot tall when you have confidence in the way you dress and it usually starts with a great pair of shoes!

  24. They feel as comfortable as slippers but you receive compliments instead of odd looks when wearing them out!

  25. I only have space for stylish + comfortable !! I usually have 2-3 pairs per season that fall into this category and are on very high rotation. They see me through from school dropoff, to work, and even lunch out with the girls, in fact a stylish + comfortable shoe is like a dear friend, one you can call on with a moment’s notice. When I stumble across a pair of shoes that can claim both titles, that makes me happy happy happy 🙂

  26. They are the pair that go with me everywhere, if I can slip on my favourite pair of comfy shoes and friends always comment on “where did you get those fabulous shoes” I know they are the best!

  27. My feet are happy, I have bounce in my step and most of all i am feeling vibrant and confident. One thing i know i am always happy when my feet are happy.

  28. Stylish…when people are falling at my feet and comfortable…when I just keep walking and walking and my smile remains in place.

  29. I know a shoe is stylish, comfortable and practical when they stay out of their plastic shoe box. I always have about 2-4 pairs of shoes that are on such high rotation that I just never get around to popping them away – these daily favourites are always the shoes that are clever enough to be comfortable AND look good!

    1. Also wanted to say I love Rockports – have have a pair that are almost 10 years old that are still comfortable and look good – but the idea of a washable pair leaves me in raptures!! Now thats the ultimate in ‘easy care’

  30. I can see their are stylish from their appearance and know they are comfortable after wearing for a few hour.

  31. Stylish AND comfortable shoes means slipping them on and running out the door without having to contemplate them in front of the mirror for 2 minutes!

  32. when you don’t have to think “what to wear” but just put on these shoes automatically because you just know that they will be comfy and stylish for whatever the day brings

  33. I know my shoes are comfy when they’re my ‘go to’ pair that I slip on without thinking and they’re stylish if they put an extra pep in my step when I look down at them. 🙂

  34. How do I know if my shoes are stylish AND comfortable? I know my shoes are stylish when my teenage daughter borrows them. I know my shoes are comfortable when I hide them from her.

  35. I know my shoes are stylish, when I put on my entire outfit and I have a feeling of confidence that all is ok… and I know my shoes are comfortable, when I’ve been in them for hours and my feet still feel as happy as when they first stepped out!

  36. Last drinks are called, goodbye kisses plonked on cheeks and I’m ready for bed….but if I’m leaving the dance floor smiling, with my shoes still comfortably hugging my tootsies then I’m a happy (and stylish!!) girl!!

  37. If I can wear my shoes from morning to night. They need to be stylish enough to go from the school gate, to work and to my night-time activity. They need to be comfortable enough that I don’t want to take them off – even if that night-time activity is in bed!

  38. If I can wear my shoes all day,
    they pass the comfort test,
    If my daughters have shoe envy,
    I’ve passed the stylish test!

  39. When they resemble my boyfriend… comfortable, still stylish, supportive, flexible and good for walking all over on!

  40. The best shoes are those that you forget you’re wearing but when you get a glimpse of them you say to yourself “Mm.. my feet look good!”

  41. If women only wear heels for impression, in most cases, this
    leads to a twisted ankle, an embarrassing fall or the constant complaint of “my
    feet hurt”. If comfort doesn’t fit the criteria, they’re shocking shoes! When your shoes shine, so do you. Flats are back and more comfortable than ever! Our feet are our future and if they give you blisters, flick them like the misters!

  42. I know there stylish when my daughter wants to borrow them and the comfort is proven after a day out doing more shopping in them

  43. comfortable shoes are the ones with good support when you’re on your feet all day. AS long as they keep your feet dry and your style high!

  44. When I feel great wearing them and am not over taken by the urge to discard them the second I walk through the door

  45. When the moans I hear all come from envious friends instead of me suffering “uncomfy shoe” agony !

  46. Stylish? My six granddaughters give up to the minute advice! Comfortable? I usually know right away but it doesn’t take long to prove! Love Rockports!

  47. I know my shoes are comfortable when they are a sneaker (on the inside) and my feet are smiling and stylish cause the world asks where they came from because they look so good from the outside! 😉

  48. I know I’m wearing stylish and comfortable shoes when I’m still smiling after a day at kids outdoor sports and my friends ask where I got my shoes because they want them too.

  49. I know my shoes are comfortable & stylish when I can go from school drop off in the morning to a business meetings in the arvo & then out for dinner at night! 🙂

  50. I know they are stylish because people comment on them and I know that are comfortable because I had my feet assessed properly at The Athlete’s Foot.

  51. I know I’ve found the perfect all-rounder shoe when I can wear them all day at work & then slip on some skinny jeans, a statement necklace & a cute clutch & head out for dinner & dancing with my girls.

  52. I know if my shoes are stylish and comfortable if I don’t get sore feet anytime wearing them . usually keep up with the fashion trends so helps me know my shoes are stylish ……..

  53. I know they are comfortable because they are easy to walk in and I know they are stylish when people compliment me on them!

  54. When they have great walkability, combining comfort, style and performance which ensures my feet felt fresh and happy all day long! It also enables me to take my fashion look from daytime casual, to office professional, to party perfect! They would also look great with a little black or floral, knee length dress or even skinny jeans and a casual jacket for a more urban fresh look!

  55. when my feet don’t “complain” after or during wearing and I also get compliments and enquiries as to where I bought them

  56. No blisters, no squished toes, easy to slip on and off.
    Stylish because they didn’t come from a discount department store, they cost more than $100, they’re leather, and they’re a known brand.

  57. Shoes that are comfortable and stylish are a must for me. I look for something I can wear to the playground and chase after my little one without getting blisters and can stop at the local coffee shop on the way home and look good.

  58. I know they’re stylish when my friends comment on my shoes & ask where I got them …. and it’s easy to tell they’re comfortable when at the end of a busy day your feet don’t feel they’ve been ins vice for days!!!!

  59. When you’re not hobbling along city streets half-crippled by blisters and a painful large toe joint, as I was recently when meeting my friend for High Tea. I raced to the nearest shoe shop (luckily it was Novo) and got myself some stylish but oh-so-comfortable soft flatties – utter bliss!!!

  60. You KNOW your shoes are stylish AND comfortable when you open your wardrobe and they are sitting there smiling at you ready to go with any outfit you choose. Despite pushing then aside to try on others you will always come back to that tried and tested comfy and stylish pair. Worth searching for…and you may have just ended my search….the Rockport Seaworthy flats from the Athlete’s Foot look perfect to ME!

  61. I know my shoes are both stylist and comfy when I forgot it was athletics day back when I went to high school, and I was running the 100 meters in my ballet flats. Surprisingly that was only event I had ever won. Maybe I should wear them more often 😉

  62. I know my shoes are stylish when my friends and even strangers comment how nice they are and I know my shoes are comfortable when I go looking for them in my wardrobe, put my feet in and say ahhhhh, after a night of dancing in heels!

  63. I can tell they are stylish from the oohs & aahs my friends make when I strut my stuff and comfort is when they feel like slippers.

  64. If you buy them from The Athlete’s Foot they are comfortable by default; whether it’s stylish is in the eye of the beholder 🙂

  65. When I wear a pair of shoes day in, day out, day after day, and think up new ways to wear them and new outfits to wear them with – that’s when my shoes are stylish and comfortable.

  66. If they have been brought from a popular business and I love them, then they are stylish!! They are comfortable if they do not hurt my feet after a bit of walking, no cramping of toes, scraping of the heel, or giving me sore feet!

  67. Stylish shoes are those that have your mum and girlfriends in awe of. I know I have comfortable shoes when they’ve lost they’re sole and I’m soul searching for new ones.

  68. Recently discovered shoes can be both stylish and comfortable when I conducted an exhaustive campaign to find shoes to travel with that would be good with a pair of shorts or a tunic and leggings or jeans…and that I didn’t feel like a tourist while I was wearing them either strolling the Champs Elise or shopping in New York. It is possible 🙂 Looks like these would have filled the brief as well!

  69. They are comfortable if I can shop all day in them. Stylish if I get compliments. Finding a brand like Rockports that combines the two is heaven!

  70. My shoes are stylish if my family give me the thumbs up to leave the house. They are comfortable if I don’t have to reach for the band-aids or start limping whilst crying silently to myself ” NEVER going to wear these again.

  71. If I can run after my 2 year old daughter when she decides to do the bolt, then yes, I know my shoes are comfortable!

  72. Hi Nikki
    I know my shoes are stylish and comfortable when I don’t look in the mirror and think “you have given up on yourself”. Shoe choice influences the whole outfit and comfy often brings me down.

  73. I know they are comfy when I feel like I’m wearing slippers. All day. Like my favourite pair of orange flats that I wore last Sunday in Sydney. Hubby & I took a walk from Manly beach to Shelley Beach and then up to the rocky outlook for a gander at the view. These shoes could handle all that and more. Foot caught on root, shoe flicked up & away and did a slow motion fall over the edge of the cliff. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger. Did I mention these were my favourite pair of flats?? I then had to walk barefoot back into Manly to find a shoeshop open on a Sunday. No mean feat. And buy a cheap pair of shoes I didn’t really want to get me back to the hotel in the city. So I need a new favourite pair of shoes!!!

  74. When I put them on and I don’t think about them. They are super comfy and super stylish, so I am not looking at them or feeling self conscious about whether or not they look ok. When there’s no stress, they are the business.

  75. I know that my shoes are stylish and comfy when I can wear them non-stop all weekend with more than one kind of outfit, and then throw them on to walk to the office or down to the shops at lunchtime during the week and not feel like my feet are screaming for a rest, or that my ‘walking shoes’ have put a dent in my amazing office look.

  76. I know shoes are comfy if I can wear them all day at work (8 hours on my feet, walking and carrying items etc) and not make my feet ache, I know they are stylish if I’ll happily wear them casually with items in my wardrobe. Put these things together and I have the perfect shoe, comfy and stylish.

  77. I know shoes are stylish and comfy when I wear them to death and when they’re ruined I put them in my wardrobe and are reminded of just how wonderfully stylish and comfy they are before I can finally bring myself to throw them out a few months later. Oh the pain of having to part with stylish and comfy shoes!

  78. Red Rockports would be stylish and comfy for me. I need shoes that are waterproof (check) comfy (check) and look great (check). I know that they are stylish because they make anything that I wear look good. I know that they are comfy because I wear them all the time – der!

  79. How do l know my shoes are stylish and comfortable. I know they are comfortable as l can wear them all day without my feet complaining and pleading with me to change, but are they stylish? Well they suit my wardrobe and l like them, so l think they are, but others might not!

  80. I know my shoes are comfortable and stylish when I can wear my orthotics in them every day (the comfort factor is a high priority with this woman! My poor mangled feet have seen better days 🙁 ), wear them to work and on the weekend, throw them in my overnighter bag for a trip down south and mix and match them with most outfits! A comfortable and fashionable shoe is one in a classic and chic style, much like clothes.

  81. I know my shoes are stylish when they become my ‘go-to’ shoe – the shoe that is so stylish it goes with every outfit!
    I know my shoes are comfortable when I wear them for 12+ hours and don’t even think of them once – so comfortable I don’t even notice I’m wearing shoes.

  82. I know shoes are comfy, when I have walked to the train in them, wander from class to class at uni, then to grab a bite to eat with a gf before babysitting at night and then home late where my feet are warm, soft and I keep them on while having a cuppa in front of the tv.

  83. I know they are stylish when everyone comments on them and asks where I got them and comfortable when I don’t need bandaids and my feet don’t ache after wearing them all day.

  84. I know my shoes are stylish and comfortable because I can wear them with SO many outfits and I get SO many comments about how good I look

  85. When I get home from wearing shoes all day and dive for my slippers

    When they aren’t a soggy mess from cold wet soggy grass on football days

    When I don’t limp cause of the rubbing on my wee little toes (new shoes currently doing this)

    When I don’t have to wear them in (current new shoes couldn’t possibly wear for hours on end )

    When they feel so comfy there are my go to shoes (current shoes are not)

  86. But more importantly Nikki, are you going to do another dressing like Nina Proudman series? (please say yes).

      1. Nikki, you’ve just made my day! Googling Nina Proudman style was how I found you after all 🙂 So it’ll be back to just looking at the pretty pictures and ignoring much of the text for me….at least until Offspring makes it back onto our screens!

  87. I have been looking for a pair of shoes like this for a little while now – my current flats are about to give up the ghost. My problem is a long, narrow foot, size 12. I know my shoes are comfortable when I can wear them all day and not even think about them. If I’m really lucky, they also look stylish! I’ll be following up with these to see if they come in a 12. Others I’ve looked at are too wide and slop around when I walk. Starting to get a bit desperate now as I’m heading off on hols overseas soon and I need something that will do the yards! These look great on you, Nikki! Love your work x

      1. Unfortunately not USA… I’ll be in London and Paris (YAY!). People in London apparently have average sized feet, not sure about Paris but I’m thinking petite. Best place for shoes is the Land of the Tall Blonde Giants, aka Amsterdam – was spoilt for choice there! Will just have to make do… Have you heard of Glamazon shoes in Melbourne, Nikki? They have larger sized shoes from size 10 up to about 15 I think. Don’t have everything, but still a much better choice than the usual black lace-ups which I’ve previously had to endure!

  88. I know my shoes are comfortable when I can comfortably climb up on the air conditioner unit, scale a brick wall and dive through the high bedroom window, complete with super-cool (read: supremely awkward) ninja roll across the bed to keep dirt off the covers 20 minutes before my first home open because I went to buy fresh flowers and left my house keys inside… Not that I’m expecting that to happen again, but it would be good to know that I could if I needed to!

  89. I know I have found comfortable and stylish shoes when my toes aren’t scrunched, and the balls of my feet don’t ache, I have no blisters and my posture isn’t at stake! Comfortable shoes make you look stylish because you can confidently carry yourself.

  90. How do I know my shoes are stylish and comfortable………well…..honest answer is I’m not sure that I do know that feeling. I have probably accomplished stylish OR comfortable in my 39 years thus far, but both with some “shoe-life”…ahhh the utopia!!!!!

  91. How do I know my shoes are stylish and comfortable?

    Comfort usually comes first for me, hence the reason I subscribe to your blog, hoping to gather some of the stylish by proxy… I usually am in steel toe work boots most of my days so anything beyond that is considered stylish!!

    If I can wear them and not realise they are there, they are definitely comfortable… I am all about being able to wear the same pair shoes in multiple situations with a variety of outfits… I travel loads for work and there is nothing worse than shoes that only work for one outfit… if I can dress a pair of shoes up and down and as an added bonus they don’t set the security beeper off going through airport security – than I am on a winner! Flats are my go-to because it doesn’t matter how long I am on my feet, I’m not going to get puffy ankles, I can run (if I must!) through an airport to get a connection or stroll along window shopping without a care in the world!

    I am loving the idea of washable leather shoes…. great for when I travel to dusty towns out the back of no where… plus I guarantee they won’t set off airport security!

  92. I know I’m on a winner with shoes when I put them on for the school run and don’t take them off when I’m at home playing on the floor with my 3 year old and 5 month old. uncomfy shoes quickly get subbed out for uggs!

  93. I know my shoes are stylish and Comfortable because I can wear them for more than an Hour before putting them either A. back in the shoe robe or B which I must do more often throw them in the op shop bag pile I have growing .Comfortable stylish shoes are my Nemesis I cannot wear shoes that are uncomfortable as I have arthritis in my feet.(I actually wore a pair out shopping the other day and nearly crippled myself) and bought a pair of flats so I could change.I do love a stylish shoe and they seem to be getting harder to find ,I always wear skinny jeans and leggings the other styles of of pants don’t suit me so these would be a very welcome addition to my very small pile of flats that are actually comfortable and that look good! This is why I tend to go to loafer styles I need the extra room for them to be comfy.The washable leather sounds great like my washable leather lounge,it is cream so it comes in very handy when someone spills something on it.I love the style and the comfort factor and they don’t look nanna like at all …perfect flats in my opinion!

  94. Love red shoes, always lifts an outfit, have awkward feet and these just look most comfortable, and washable a bonus for sure

  95. Eighteen years ago my parents enrolled me in a deportment course (think June Dally-Watkins) when I was 16. I think they were hoping that I would learn the art of walking gracefully in high heels and take some of the sharpness off my tom- boyishness. Whilst I have grown more into a woman, now a Mum of two boys under 3, I have never grasped the gracefulness of walking in high heels (imagine Bambi on ice)! Flats are my saviour. I know I feel stylish in my flats when I am not conscious that Im wearing shoes. That may sound really silly, but I have the right shoes on for my outfit when Im not even conscious, both physically or mentally, that I am even wearing shoes. The only parting wisdom that I remembered from the deportment course was that ‘your shoes should ALWAYS finish off your outfit’. Rockports will be a much welcomed addition to my flat shoe family 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition.

  96. Washable stylish shoes,win win !
    Gotta get me some red ones (to match my lipstick) for some weekend running around teen activities.
    Love that look, cant go past the NYDJ…

  97. I love those washable rockports. I have 4 pairs in various colours that have lasted about 5 years now! They used to make them in different colours and suedes. I have a bone pair, light pale blue, coral and black I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to pop them in the wash on the gentle cycle and have them and the inner soles come out all fresh and new. Hint: I stuff mine with plastic shopping bags as they dry to stop them from maybe drying a bit out of shape. You are going to just love them more and more!

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