Fashion Week day 4 outfit Luxe Deluxe shirt, Red Phoenix Emporium earrings proof sunglasses

The Fashion Week outfits 2013: Day 4

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Ponte and I have been firm friends for quite some time now.

And I do use the word firm appropriately here. Ponte is one of those special fabrications that comes with equal parts comfort and “firmness”.

The firmness works its magic by keeping any wobbly bits in place but not at the expense of little things … like being able to breathe.

This week has been a bit of an ode to ponte for me and if I could kiss the inventor of this fabric, I would.

It’s Day 4 of Fashion Week and the need for fashion week outfits that scream comfort is written on everyone’s face … well, except for that model-like blogger I saw last night who showed off her bleeding toes like a fashion week badge of honour.

I bow down at her hurty feet.

And celebrate my non-hurty feet. Today I stepped into a pair of new-season Rockport booties in black snakeskin. Yes, they’re a heel and yes, they’re Rockport, which means thanks to the technology of the soles in them, it felt like I was wearing sneakers. Albeit sneakers with a heel.

Fashion Week outfit day 4 | Luxe Deluxe shirt, Mela Purdie ponte pants, Rockport booties, Red Phoenix Emporium earrings

** Luxe Deluxe silk shirt @ Zambezee Boutique | Mela Purdie ponte pants @ Zambezee Boutique | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings (from upcoming autumn-winter collection) | Rockport booties

Beauty note

I wanted to let those Red Phoenix Emporium tassel earrings do the talking. With my hair straightened, they actually swish like coloured hair pieces. A few people had to look twice.

I also dropped the bright lip for the first day this week, opting for my new blush application method and a gloss – Maybelline NY Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Glisten Up Pink ($16.95).

Fashion Week day 4 outfit Luxe Deluxe shirt, Red Phoenix Emporium earrings proof sunglasses

Have you discovered the power of ponte?


**These items have been loaned or gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

* Maybelline NY has engaged me as its official blogger for MBFWA 2013.

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  1. damn, we need those in South Africa, I am on the eternal quest for comfortable AND stylish heels, not an easy combination to find…these sound perfect…hmmm…I have a friend from Aussie coming to visit me over here in May, thinking maybe I should get a pair..

  2. I’m loving all your fashion week outfits Nikki! You are just superb at accessorizing:-)
    Your description of Ponte seems like a dream come true..must try them..Drooling over those all the styles they come in..

  3. I need to know: are those shoes really that comfy? I am happy to drop money on cute but Definitely comfortable shoes, but I always lose my nerve and think what if $x hundred dollars later I still can’t wear them around town?

  4. Yes Nikki I love ponte pants ,have since they first came out and also have converted my sister to them and she now loves them too,she didn’t believe me when I first introduced her to them but now she is in love as well,they do magical thngs to your butt and legs and are comfy so win win from me.I love your booties they look gorgeous on,and that top and the earrings such a lovely outfit.I might take a look at those booties as I may be able to walk in them ,I have a peeptoe lace up pair that are not too high but these would be great for the winter,Poor girls with bleeding feet ,I could not do that for the sake of fashion.
    Thankyou for the new blush application tip it looks way better than the other way ,maybe not a facelift for this old chook but it does draw the eye up,and I think I look a little fresher.Enjoy your last day at fashion week are you spending the weekend in Sydney?Whatever you do have a well deserved rest,it must be hectic being there.

  5. Those are the shooties I want to get with my SY Rockport voucher…still deciding on the colour {might go for either black/gold or snake skin}. Chuffed they are comfy though, & they look fab 🙂 Another cute outfit too!

  6. Never tried ponte, or leather, have to add those to my wish list. I love the light lip look! And oh my goodness, heels with the feel of sneakers? {drools}

    I haven’t had bleeding toes, however I did lose a little toe nail to two full days of high heeled boots at a conference in Melbourne. My little toe was completely red by the end of day two and dropped off two weeks later. {eeks} That was before I realised that one should always pack a compact pair of flats into one’s conference bag for the end of the day!

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