A recipe for romance

Manland: The romance edition

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Editor’s note: Mr SY popped the question 10 years ago tonight, in his undies, down on one knee at the side of the bed. Too much information? Well, don’t read on because he reveals some of his other “endearing” traits. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. 


With it being International Love Day today, I thought it appropriate that Manland address the topic of adult relations and how we in the modern Western world demonstrate our feelings.

I thought I would examine some of the more unique ways that  men show their love for their women … a checklist if you like of things that say “you’re the one babe!”

Nudie runs

Am I over sharing here? If we are all being honest then no I am not, I know the men in your lives share this signature move too.

Nothing tells a woman how much like they are loved like a naked dash through the house, sometimes with a quick flash of the weaponry. I usually like to do mine from the laundry to the bathroom after mowing the lawn. Then you also have the dirt encrusted face, arms and ankles to really extenuate what a fine specimen you are.

Household nudie runs are also particularly effective with the kids for either creating hilarity or clearing a room of teenagers.

Sporting facts

It is fact that women all over the world find it hard to resist a man who can provide them with an instant update of the key statistics to accompany the sport they are watching on TV. Whether it is how well or how terribly the Australian cricket team, Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Lions or Queensland Reds are playing, The Stylist never has to wait long to know about it. And I know she appreciates that. 

School drop off war stories

I know how much The Stylist loves it when I share my views on the shortcomings of the drop-off and pick-up system at Mr 7’s school. It does not matter that I am only involved in this sadistic ritual a fraction of the time that she is, I know that she knows that I know how bad it is.

Making awesome noises with our bodies

Any nature documentary will tell you that when a male wants to impress a female they make a bit of noise about it. It’s no different with humans. So yes, if I can create a bodily function that The Stylist will be able to hear on the other side of the house I will do my best to make sure she does. Because that is romance at its most primal.

Telling you about our man flu

Science says males suffer the effects of flu more severely than females. I’m sure I read that somewhere last year … anyway, because we suffer so severely you should feel extra loved that we are sharing what we are going through, because we go through it to be able to continue loving you.

Obviously this checklist could go on and on, and I am sure you have some crackers that your men should be celebrated for displaying. We are a special breed and work hard to be excellent life partners, lovers {can’t believe I just used that word} and fathers/guardians to your young.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Manland.

So, over to you, what endearing qualities does the man in your life display that just scream ROMANCE? Share in the comments below …


A recipe for romance

If you want to spice it up and create a bit of loving in your life tonight, why not take charge of the situation? I’m thinking fragrance, candles, something sexy to wear and a red lip. For The Stylist’s tips on how to create a little romance for tonight or any night of the year, head on over to The Hoopla.

A recipe for romance 

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  1. Oh Mr SY, sounds like you’ve got this romance malarkey nailed. You know how to keep hold of your girl’s heart. I reckon your cooking skills would be highly rated too 🙂 Hope you both had a fab V Day.

  2. Yes, yes that does sounds familiar .. In fact I thought you were talking about my husband! Right down to the undie proposal on Valentines Day 15 years ago! A sacred breed they are Nikki!

  3. Love those suggestions Nikki – I am sure most OH’s would too! Too funny Mr SY! Thanks for keeping it real too! Enjoy your dinner and champagne!

  4. That’s hysterical! Not sure about the nudie run, but my husband would certainly relate to the school pickup and drop off ( yawn, yawn) and man flu. It’s a wonder you didn’t want to discuss how much work barbecuing is too and how you just have to have a beer and lie down after all that hard work 🙂 Oh hang on, no, that’s my husband 🙂 Happy Valentines Day!

  5. My husband proposed to me in the nude, after making me a cup of tea. It was not at all what I had fantasised! That bizarre act of romance aside, he’s totally traditional and as such if he does not arrive home with flowers I may just cry!

    1. Love it Katie … it’s about keeping it real … with flowers 😉 Mr SY has been away for the past couple of days and has emailed me a list of food items to buy so he can cook me dinner … that works for me!

  6. I love all your “romantic” traits Mr SY,Yes my husband does the loud bodily funtion noise pretty good too,and tells me it is better out than in,likes to yell at umpires and referees on tv or at real soccer or football teams,you know the one ,Come on Ref,Changes the channel on tv when anything fashion or girly comes on,and also he can do the nudie run quite well as well,very endearing qualities in a man ,and I love the things you picked for valentines day ,black sexy and red lipstick a great recipe for romance,and you know we won’t wear that nighty all night we will change into our comfy one,but you understand that don’t you ? I must say you are very romantic proposing on valentines day,love that even if it was in your undies :)Yes indeed you men are a special breed!

  7. Hilarious! My man is not the “traditional” romantic type so doesn’t go in for boxes of chocolates or roses much, but he is a very talented artist/creative and has painted pictures of me and written songs about me, which to me are some of the most grand romantic gestures of all.

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