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Postcards from Bali: The beaches

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Our first sighting of a Balinese beach was on our first morning here on the island.

We were up and ready early. As you do in Australia to catch the best of the beach conditions.

Turns out that that doesn’t happen in Bali. Despite the UV rating being off the charts, no-one was on the beach. Except for a handful of hawkers hoping to catch unsuspecting first-time tourists.

Umm, that would be us.

And as we stood on Legian Beach, watching the onshore winds throw a churned up, murky sea on to the shore, we really did look like Bali newbies.

So we did what newbies do and packed in the whole beach idea and went shopping.

Yesterday was different.

We asked our driver, Dewa, to take us in search of some nice beaches.

First stop Nusa Dua.

This was an eye-opener – this area is home to some stunning white coral beaches but it is also an enclave for the many of the 5 star hotels on the island.

So much so you have to be staying at one of these hotels to use most sections of the beach.

On the eve of Australia Day, I have to say, Australians have it good in this respect. Our beaches are free and open to all.

At Nusa Dua, there is one public beach section and we immediately availed ourselves of the facilities. That entailed buying our way into the beach club, pool and lounges with the purchase of a few drinks.

Mr SY hired a board for $15 and paddled out to the break while we lolled around like jellyfish in the lagoon.



Number one son and I were asked by students of an international school if they could practise their English on us. Happily we did.



Decided that this was nowhere near enough beach beauty for one day and declared we needed another stunning view for lunch.

This view from Single Fin, Uluwatu, worked back nicely with fish tacos and a couple of mojitos. Thank-you very much.



Next up, a visit to what used to be a deserted beach. Then along came the Eat Pray Love film crew and a certain night beach scene … And well, every man and his dog visits Padang Padang for a swim.




Well, every man and his dog except Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem …

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  1. It’s great that you had a driver to take you to a few different beaches, next time you should visit Balangan Beach, it’s lovely white sands, not to crowded so you can relax, swim in clear water and it’s free!

    Legian Beach is one of my favourite spots late afternoon though, I took this photo last week sat on Legian Beach for sunset!

  2. Great way to spend a day in Bali. Usually travelers tend to stick to one beach so I think it is a great idea to spend a day experiencing different beaches. The great thing about Bali is that each beach is different, even though it is located just a bay away….Thanks for sharing and hopefully other Bali travelers will spend a day beach hopping too!

  3. Catching up on your Bali updates, looks wonderful. I’ve only been with a two year old while struggling with morning sickness, this looks so much more relaxing x

  4. It would have been nice going to the beaches in Bali Nikki,especially the Padang Padang one,a pity Javier and Julia were not there but at least you can say I have seen the beach in Eat Pray Love.Love the views from the restaurant where you had lunch but I think your beaches where you live are much prettier.They do say we have the nicest beaches,and we are very lucky.Thank-you for the postcards and taking time out of your holiday to write the posts,Much appreciated.

  5. Thank you for all the Bali updates, I will be noting them for my first trip there with a girlfriend this year, I can trust your judgement better than Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet!

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