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My new shopping justification: ING DIRECT Wave and Save

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The ING DIRECT Wave & Save Promotion has now wrapped up, but for more information about their Orange Everyday Bank Account, or Internet Banking in general visit the ING DIRECT website.

Sponsored post {ING DIRECT was kind enough to provide $1000 to fund my experience, all opinions contained within this post are my own, and not that of ING DIRECT.}

This is definitely not the place you come to for financial advice.

But shopping advice? Yes. I’m good at that.

So, when ING Direct sent me on a mission to go shopping with the new ING DIRECT payWave debit card, what was a girl to do?

Rise to the challenge, of course.

January usually presents itself with, shall we say, “interesting” budgetary challenges. No sooner than the Christmas tree is packed away {something we’re fond of doing on Boxing Day around these parts}, all focus swings to kitting the kids out for back to school.

Each year I tell myself that I’m not going to leave it to the last minute. And each year I do.

Not this year. Oh, no siree.

I’m ON IT. I’m so on it my kids are requesting a DNA check to see whether their mother has been substituted with a more organised and got-it-together clone.

I nailed Mr 7’s book and uniform needs back in November so he was pretty much done and dusted, short of new shoes {his school makes this very easy for me otherwise he’d too need everything done now!}.

But this year we also have the added challenge that number one son is off to the big smoke … to uni. He’ll be staying on campus for 12 months until we move there ourselves so he doesn’t need a whole lot, just some things to make it feel like a home away from home.

So, as part of this back-to-school-and-uni mission, I started with a list and a little research.

Nothing unusual here. I do love me a list.

Once I had my ING DIRECT Via payWave card {an even easier process as I was already an ING DIRECT customer}, I checked for the ING DIRECT Wave and Save merchant locations to find out where I could shop. Well, technically you can shop anywhere that Visa is accepted but my aim was to not use my PIN or sign for any purchases.

I know. Living. On. The. Edge.

And shop I did. Here’s just a little sample.

ING Direct Wave & Save Typo


ING DIRECT Wave and Save JB Hi-Fi


ING Direct Wave and Save Uni Student

See, it may have escaped your shopping notice but there are an increasing amount of retailers offering this “contactless” purchasing at the checkout.

Swiping or inserting is SO last year.

In a bit like something out of Back to the Future … you just place your card over the top of the contactless machine and if the purchase price is under $100 then there’s no need to sign. The transaction goes through and you’re done.

And here’s something that proved to be a little bit cool. For every “contactless” purchase I made, ING DIRECT put 5% of that purchase price back into my account*. Straight away.

For a girl who loves to justify a spend, this was music to my shopping ears.

I may or may not have already worked out what my “reward” might be when school returns and the eldest flees the nest … and yes, I’ve Wave & Saved that too 😉

ING Direct Wave & Save

Have you tried “contactless” purchasing? Do you like a shopping justification like I do?

* An offer for the first 30,000 customers who sign up for an ING DIRECT Everyday Account (Orange Everyday) and activate their ING DIRECT payWave enabled card. Applies to all contactless purchases under $100 until June 30, 2013. The information provided on and made available through this website does not constitute financial product advice. The information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.

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  1. I love your haul and the Typo haul! I’ve never swiped to pay although I do believe that one of my cards can do it. I’ve just never done it lol.

  2. Nikki, I think the ‘teenage girl’ pile could easily be ‘teacher’ pile, thanks for the desk-spiration will be hitting Typo soon for back to school supplies. I love thier cheeky notebooks, perfect size for to-do lists and as the only teacher at school who buys them, if I leave them anywhere everyone knows who they belong to- everyone else has far more sensible, adult notebooks.

  3. Hi Nikki, the offer is also for current ING Orange Everyday customers. I’m with Lexi T on this one – the idea of RFID cards makes me nervous even though I’m very cautious with my cards. But I might make some enquiries given that I use ING anyway and if I can get 5% back until 30 June it might be worth my while 🙂

  4. Wow, good shopping effort! I love that faster time at the checkout means shorter queues 🙂 Love your shopping reward too!

  5. I’ve never had a problem with accidental purchases, perhaps I’ve been lucky? But I am a big fan of ING and thanks for letting us know about this new account, Nikki, I do love the idea of 5% return for every purchase for the next 6 months 🙂

  6. I am not a fan, I have a layer of foil in the back of my purse to avoid this happening.
    Had a friend pay for her boyfriends groceries by being too close to the scanner when it came to payment time.
    No thank you!

  7. I have tried it by accident in fact ,last time I went to a big deptarment store it had paid for my purchase before putting my card in the machine,I do prefer to sign or pin though as there has been quite a few skimmers down here and that is a tad scary.
    I thought i was the only one who found January a poor month ,so glad it is not only me,I hate it,that is why I get people to get me vouchers for Christmas and then I don’t feel deprived,clever me!.
    I like your purchases,you always give me shopping envy Miss Nikki :)but I do not miss the days of the back to school purchases.

    1. It’s scary how easy it is but wonder if it’s actually safer from skimmers? And yes, love your family’s getting you vouchers – only way to go! Back to school costs can hit hard but I’ve learned to spread them out from November.

      1. I’m not sure about the skimmers Nikki it probably can happen anywhere,as it has happened to both my son and daughters Visa debit cards,I like the thought of the 5% back though!

    2. I had something similar happen at Big W where I used my regular Visa debit (ING actually!) for a purchase under $30. When I went to put my PIN in the machine had already processed the transaction; when I queried the operator she said no PIN or signature was needed for purchases under $30. I was a bit annoyed about this as at no time does the operator check your card now unless you sign, and even then the younger ones rarely do as they’re not used to it like we used to be, so it would be super easy for someone to steal your card and use it as there are no checks any more. Plus these types of cards do make it easier for skimmers as they are RFID cards made to be read without contact. Doesn’t mean I won’t give it a go, but you need to be super vigilant now with all the cards we have.

      1. Yes we do have to be super vigilant – I often forget that when something is too easy! When we were travelling in the US last year it was the strangest thing using our credit card – we were rarely asked to show our signature or sign for purchase. It freaked me out but the card was not blocked until I shopped at Walmart (was considered unusual activity!) and ironically that was where the signature had been checked!

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