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Where is your favourite Secret Spot?

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Let’s play a little game, shall we?

I’m going to share with you some photos from one of my favourite places here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where I live.

It’s kind of my Secret Spot.

Except that it’s not a very well kept secret.

It’s a secret spot shared and loved by thousands.

It’s a secret spot that I continue to share with those who come to visit me.

It’s a secret spot that allows me to show-off just how beautiful my corner of the world can be.

But before I share with you my Secret Spot, I’d love to tell you about 40 of Australia’s favourite Secret Spots.

40 Secret Spots

Australia blessed with thousands of Secret Spots. Spots that offer hidden gems for locals, travellers and visitors to enjoy.

Now, I’m a Star Traveller for Hooroo – an online accommodation brand from the Qantas Group – and Hooroo is all about offering travellers like you or I insights into destinations that go beyond what you’d normally find in a travel or tour guide. Insider info, if you like.

Hooroo recently put together an expert judging panel of travel and lifestyle influencers to judge and create a list of the Top 40 Secret Spots across Australia. This Top 40 was narrowed down from hundreds submitted for consideration.

Everyone has their favourite places that they have stumbled upon in past travels as well as a list of local haunts that you share with people who come to visit. – Hooroo’s Lija Wilson

Now, Hooroo needs your help.

In mid-January, Hooroo will announce its top five Secret Spots and you get to vote on which five you think should make that list.

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with South Australia’s Tumby Bay?

Felt like you’re standing in a giant glass of bubbles at Champagne Bay in Queensland?

Watched the wildlife as the sun sets over Mungo Brush in New South Wales?

Eaten a scallop pie while looking at Tasmania’s historic Ross River Bridge?

Or swam with the sea lions at Jurien Bay in Western Australia?

Check out the 35 other Secret Spot finalists here and cast your vote for your favourites.

Voting is open until December 17, 2012 at 5pm.

My Secret Spot

Let’s take a little look, shall we?

Secret Spot | Hooroo | Cotton Tree | The Boatshed

It’s the perfect spot to come and sit a while. In the shade of a big, old Cotton Tree.

Secret Spot | Hooroo | Cotton Tree | The Boatshed

It’s the perfect spot to gaze out over the water and feel like you’re miles from everywhere.

Secret Spot | Hooroo | Cotton Tree | The Boatshed

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a crisp glass of bubbles on a warm, sunny afternoon.

Secret Spot | Hooroo | Cotton Tree | The Boatshed

And it’s the perfect spot for staying until the sun says its last goodbyes for the day.

Can you guess where my Secret Spot is? Have you been there before?

If you answered The Boatshed, Cotton Tree, then you already know the magic of this Sunshine Coast Secret Spot.

What had its origins as a riverside hire kiosk has become an iconic dining spot, not least because of its location.

Views that extend across the Maroochy River, out to its mouth and north to Mount Coolum really do capture the essence of my little part of the world.

Add to that good food, wine and excellent lychee martinis and I’m there.

A. Lot 😉

Tell me, what makes a Secret Spot special for you? 

What’s going to get your vote? Check out the 40 Secret Spot finalists here and cast your vote for your favourites. Voting is open until December 17, 2012 at 5pm.

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  1. Oh that looks divine, one for the next Sunshine Coast trip. My secret spot is Moona Moona Creek down at Jervis Bay. It’s just the most glorious wee place for families, and it looks different each time we go. Strictly BYO bubbles though.

  2. Ah, I was hoping for a new perfect spot, but on the upside, it is nice to know that your perfect spot is one of my perfect spots! Just love it! I took a blogger friend there recently when over from NZ, we have had Christmas parties under that tree, and my kids love running around by the water. Nice spot for bubbles too!

  3. It looks divine. Please pour some bubbles for me too 🙂 For a moment I thought you were in Bunbury though, so I was already anticipating those bubbles, as there is a spot a little similar on the Marlston Waterfront 🙂 My secret spot is in Esperance – and it’s special because it’s really remote. Will be blogging about it soon 🙂

  4. Remember the Cotton Tree beach/river, used to live across the road from it for a while and would go and build sandcastles. The area flooded in the early 80s with the big Maroochy flood. Don’t know if the Boathouse was there though.

  5. I love your secret spot it is beautiful,I wish I lived near the water,but alas do not but I will have to make do with my pool and lovely house…..count your blessings and all that ,I must admit I have never been where you live but one of my favourite places in Australia would have to be Iluka,we went for a road trip a few years ago and I fell in love with that place beautiful beaches,shops and people,what makes a spot special to me is the scenery,the people and the atmosphere.Nikki you are blessed to live in a stunning part of Oz.

  6. I was wondering what the post could be about when I saw the title. It could have gone a different way. Your spot is gorgeous. I’m the same. I love quite, on the water with delicious food and good drinks. Off to vote now 🙂

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