5 of my fave things

Why I want a Magshop gift subscription this Christmas

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This post is designed for you to pass on to the men in your life who will not have even thought about what to buy you for Christmas this year.

The reason they will not have thought about what to buy you this year?

It’s not Christmas Eve, of course 😉

Now, as women we get a bad wrap {mostly from these aforementioned men} for being complicated creatures.

Granted, when we say “I’m fine”, we’re not.

When we give you the silent treatment, this is not a sign that we understand your needs and giving you alone time to watch the cricket in peace. We are angry. Very angry.

And when we say we don’t want anything for Christmas, we want you to know that that very much IS NOT the case.

We actually do want something. We just want you to read our minds and understand exactly what it is that we want.

Ok, so maybe we are complicated.


These complications aside … when it comes to working out what we actually want for Christmas, it’s best that you don’t over-complicate things.

What to take a look into my very uncomplicated mind?

I’m a simple creature with a few champagne-on-a-beer-budget inclinations but that doesn’t mean you have to take out a loan to impress me.

5 of my fave things

5 of my fave things

Magshop gift subscription to Madison: the gift that will make me think about you throughout 2013. Winning. Loving the new size and new focus on fashion and work. Plus you save $35.45 on a 12-month buy. Double winning.

Champagne: ok, so yes I do love the French stuff but treat me to one of these little bottles with a cute straw and I’ll swoon. It’s that easy.

Flowers: you know all those cute vintagey vases I’ve got hanging around looking lonely and empty? They’d like to be filled, thank-you.

Chocolate: quality over quantity please. And you know I’m a sucker for dark chocolate. The darker the better.

Trinkets: it’s no secret that I like trinkets but the ones I reach for everyday? They have meaning.

My 5 fave things

Tips for buying for the lady in your life

  1. We do not consider any form of electrical cleaning device to be a gift of love. Anything that makes us immediately think of the mundane is not where our head will be on Christmas morning. Attempt this manoeuvre at your peril unless part of a well-executed plan to get the silent treatment for the entire Boxing Day Test.
  2. You should know us pretty well. Use this knowledge to your advantage and surprise us with something makes us feel a little special.
  3. It’s the little things that count. So, you know we like chocolate or champagne but what is our favourite?
  4. Treat us. It’s about giving a little bit of luxe that we normally wouldn’t treat ourselves to.
  5. Sentiment wins every time. You’re on a winning streak if you present her with a gift that she’ll hold close to her heart for a long time. Hint: these types of gifts usually come in small boxes.
My fave things : Uberkatea


A bonus for you

Ok, so should you gift the lady in your life a magazine subscription, listen up because there’s potentially a massive bonus in it for you. You’ll go into the draw to win an Airstream 762 “International Series” travel trailer (it is way TOO luxe to call it a caravan) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The total value is more than $185,000. Wowzers. Check out the details for yourself here. And if you win? I doubt there’ll be much silent treatment happening for a very, very long time.

Is your man great at selecting the perfect gift for you? What’s top of your wishlist?

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  1. I too am going to email this post to my Mr! 🙂 I don’t understand why I’m, “so hard to buy for”….especially as I am an avid reader too. He tells me it’s because he wants to find “the perfect” present so perhaps he pressures himself too much? I usually now provide him with a list of ideas though a lot of the time he leaves his run too late to ensure he can get them online. 🙂

  2. Lol… My hubby buys the best presents… I on the other hand sound more like said man described… Except this Christmas he told me what he wanted & I managed to track one down so feeling rather relieved this year!

  3. My partner is awesome at getting just the right thing (but I am also awesome at communicating what the right things might be!). I actually don’t know why some men find it so hard to buy presents. I think it comes down to, they don’t value pretty things like we do and they hate going shopping. Here’s a tip guys… you can buy it online! If in doubt though a magazine accompanied by a good coffee or champagne and time to read it, will always be appreciated. For me … I would really like a GHD hair dryer, some new perfume and new a new watch. Not this Christmas though … we are doing small presents only so we can do some improvements to our house – which will make me happy too! Plus it is my birthday is in Feb so I can be patient till then!

  4. Amen to all of the above Nikki! I’m always telling him he’s got 364 days to get it right….(I just read it out aloud to him, but I got no response, so I’m sending this post to his phone…just to be sure )

  5. You have hit the nail right on it’s head on this one Nikki,I thought I only acted like that,My husband does not buy flowers for me they DIE derr and he either gets me something huge like an I phone 5 for my birthday or nothing at all,go figure !!men are dumb well most of them and he does his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve too! Yes we are really quite easy to please as all your suggestions indicate but they don’t get us,I don’t know why and probably never will,a magshop gift is a good idea and I do NOT accept anything electrical or for the house for gifts to me they mean work and I don’t like them I have made that very clear over the years and my children know this as well.I might print this and put it near the remote control for someone to see .Thank You Nikki.

  6. Nanna never owned a caravan like that!
    I am entering this one, can’t find a computer nerd mag for my husband but Empire will suffice.
    I know this was supposed to be the other way round but he is impossible to buy for and the airstream is too pretty to pass up.

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