2012 Christmas gifts week 6

My fave 2012 Christmas gifts: week 6 {plus win $250 Dinosaur Designs voucher}

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The countdown is well and truly on.

The Christmas countdown that is. Things got real around these parts last weekend, with a tree dusted off and decorated (and a decision that it would indeed be the final year for the old thing), new decorations bought (I’ve sorted insisted on a red and silver theme) and a few pressies bought.

More shopping this weekend, which I know sounds a little last minute but there are other things already planned and purchased. These are the little things. And the family things.

I’m really on top of things, yes I am.

So, for my final gift guide of the season, I’ll leave you with the last of my gift giving tips, 15 more of my fave gifts … and a short, sharp beautiful giveaway from Dinosaur Designs.

Gift giving tip #16

Teach your children the meaning of Christmas. Take them to select gifts for kids their own age who may not otherwise receive gifts this Christmas. The Smith Family and St Vincent De Paul do great things for families in need throughout the year but especially at Christmas time.

Gift giving tip #17

Give someone else the gift of time. Do you know someone who could really use a hour to herself? Can you help out with her kids … or make her dinner?

Gift giving tip #18

Buy yourself a gift. It really is the gift that keeps on giving back. As it’s exactly what you’ve always wanted. Well, what you’ve always wanted right now.

2012 Christmas gifts week 6

15 more fave Christmas gifts

Here are 15 more of my favourite 2012 Christmas gifts available right now. Click on the caption below each image for a link for more info and to buy.



Win Dinosaur Designs voucher

Dinosaur Designs would like to celebrate the festive season by giving away a $250 gift voucher. This voucher is valid at all Dinosaur Designs stores worldwide as well as online.

Dinosaur Designs are the creators of hand-made resin and sterling silver jewellery and resin homewares. Each piece is made in their Sydney studio by skilled artisans, led under the direction of Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy.

Inspired by art and nature, each collection demonstrates the intuitive creativity that shapes their distinctive work in jewellery and homewares.

For more information visit www.dinosaurdesigns.com.au

This competition is a quick one. It opens Friday morning, December 14, at 5.30am (AEST) and closes Sunday afternoon, December 16, 5.30pm (AEST). To enter, head to the Dinosaur Designs online store, have a look around and then come back to leave a comment below, answering the question: Which Dinosaur Design piece would you most like to receive this holiday season and why? The most creative answer will win the voucher. Full terms and conditions here.

Comments 64

  1. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
    12 wishbone bangles
    11 Calder platters
    10 lava vases
    9 seeing eye rings
    8 fungi brooches
    7 liquid pendants
    6 art range lip rings
    5 moon bangles
    4 temple spoons
    3 ducks jugs
    2 ball bowls
    All are Dinosaur Designs Christmas treats!

  2. Oh my, there are so many wonderful designs to choose from, it so difficult to just pick one. I’ve been a big fan of the Dinosaur Designs bangles for a long time, and right now I’m loving the Polished Art Range Organic Rock Bangle, so gorgeous and colourful. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour to finish off any summer outfit.
    I would love Santa to leave one of these under my tree this year. In exchange I’d leave him something equally summery and colourful, maybe a cheeky cocktail, to get him through his rounds.

  3. I love the Dinosaur Designs silver chromed bangle. It’s attention grabbing and boldly takes your day outfit into an evening celebrations. Styling You’s gift ideas has you shining like tinsel this holiday season.

  4. Medium Dew Drop Earrings in Pink. I love these out of everything these caught my eye. Unique and stylish I wish they were mine.

  5. Wrap around my wrist so snug,
    The silver liquid bangle,
    Like a big warm, loving hug,
    from my arm my daughter will try wrangle!

  6. It could be the earthy Capricorn coming out in me but I would love the Lava necklace. It would double as a Birthday gift as I’m a Christmas Day baby 🙂

  7. they are all so beautiful how can you pick just one thing .. love the little red bird ornament, he would make a handsome boyfriend to the dipping drinking bird (who will be assisting me with my drinks on Christmas day) – cause everyone needs one or two of those 🙂

  8. I’ve long admired Dinosaur Designs’ creativity…and the Holding Hands Necklace sings to me of friendships, family ties, cultural connections; support, applause; the Buddha’s hand, wisdom, serenity; soft caresses and love. A statement piece sure to invoke many emotions and spark many stories and friendships.

  9. I could say this in rhyme, or a pretty poem, but, lets face it, I’m not the type. I am, however, the type to wear the Extinct Cluster of Beads necklace. It’s big, and it’s just those shades of grey that suits my complete lack of colour when it comes to clothes. Yes i’m a little dull, a little boring, and i wear black. A lot. This would brighten up my outfits…..and maybe draw attention away from those greys that are trying their darndest to appear in my hair….

  10. Only in my ‘dreams’ could I ever afford anything from this rapidly extinct collection! I would love to get my dino-paws on a Medium Chrome Liquid Bangle. Even ‘Eve’ would be jealous!

  11. Well I still remember when Dinosaur Designs began, back in my Dolly and Girlfriend reading days of the 80’s…(showing my age) and they are of course, still going strong. I have always longed for a DD piece, and in the hope of bringing my current accessory collection OUT of the Dark Ages (and me looking less dinosaur-like in age), I’d certainly LOVE the “Art Range Large Comb Bangle”. Bring me colour!!

  12. Hi Nikki, I conduct choirs, and I find that if I dress and accessorise nicely the choir members are more likely to pay attention to me! My community acapella choir is called The Tangelos (we’re bright, sweet and a bit unusual) and Dinosaur Designs’ ‘Circling the Square’ pendant in coral, ivory and acid green is a perfect match for the colours we wear for our performances. This necklace is so versatile – I could wear it to the classy night-time gigs with black, but could also quite easily wear it to a street fair or flash mob. Here’s hoping! – cheers, Kerryn

  13. I just love the Silver Carved pendant, it’s simple yet beautiful. I’m 6 months pregnant and everything looks terrible on me at the moment so am avoiding buying new clothes and focusing on accessories! This necklace would be the perfect accessory for my bump and would absolutely make my Chrissy this year.

  14. Hi Nikki, I’d most love to receive the holding hands necklace. Not just because it is beautiful and a unique piece, but to remind me of the importance of compassion and friendship. (My day job is in an emotionally demanding role and sometimes when you hit burnout spots such an item would be really valuable.) Thank you for hosting this giveaway and have a lovely Christmas! 🙂

  15. After hours of looking in their site (its easy to get lost in the colours) I have fallen in love with the Silver Chrysanthemum Ring!!! Hopefully my husband sees this 🙂

  16. Can you go past more “vision”? I’d happily wear the large eye pendant & wrap it into my hair, or even add it to my necklace….. Mothers can never have too many sets of eyes!!!!

  17. Ooohh, I started looking at the jewellery but instead have decided on the art-range earth jar. I’d like something to put on the hall table to hide hex keys, stamps, stray rubber bands, letterbox keys and other odd items that have no real home.

  18. Hey Nikki, You caught my eye with the posting of this on IG =) you know I love dinosaur designs! I could not resist entering. I love many of the products they have designed but as you know I am a massive fan of a statement ring. I was able to narrow it down (just) to the Seeing Eye Ring. I am all about symbolism and just yesterday I was having visions of the Eye of Horus as a tattoo on my foot. Im thinking this will be a much less permanent but much more stunning addition to my body! The Eye is about perception, clairvoyance and is connected to the 6th Chakra- the third eye. Any piece of jewellery to enhance my skills further is a winner! Thanks for the competition Nikki and Dinosaur Designs XX

  19. My Mother always told me when your face is collapsing, distract the eye with something beautiful. Found it – Bones Bangle x 3 set in’Orange, Snow Swirl & Jade Pool Swirl

  20. Oh my goodness – so many to choose from! From my browse through the website, I really love the earth bangles and the earth temple earrings (+ so much more!). They are just the kinda thing I’ve been looking for to go with some of my chunkier wooden necklaces 🙂

  21. No doubt about it, has to be the any of the Beetle Bowls. My 18year old budding entomologist would be in insect heaven. I know, there are no beetle’s in the bowl, but any entomologist just has to love a bowl called Beetle Bowl! And the entomologist’s mum absolutely loves the shape and colour (of both bowls).

  22. I feel like a kid in a candy store with all that colour and yummy goodies. I love the set of three bangles. Now which colour? I think the amber one as I think it would go with most things.

  23. HOLDING HANDS NECKLACE. This is my perfect holiday/every day piece. Combining resin and, as I like to call it, shiny Buddha brass, and a real sense of family and community in a deceptively simple design, this unique piece would suit any occasion (in any country!), and I would be as proud as Christmas rum punch to wear these open hands throughout the holiday season, and remember that I have awesome people around me all year round. Nikki, this is the sort of statement piece you know I love to wear and by wearing it, inspire incredible conversations and stories in people from all walks. Ironically, your blog about material things is so much about the other things that matter, consistently reminding us about the value of those who love us, inspire us and support us no matter what. This part is not a part of my entry by the way, I just forgot to tell you lately that you continue to be an inspiration to me and to so many others. Thanks and happy Christmas to you and yours, honey!!! xxx

  24. I am in Love with the Silver Ball Drop Earrings. They will go with Every Outfit and will Ensure I will look Stylish at every upcoming Summer Event.

  25. Nikki, my choice would be the Collage of Dreams necklace. It is very quirky – my mind sees each symbol representing loved ones dreams and goals

  26. swirls of blue and green
    cradle of red
    the solidity of gold and silver
    and a dash of yellow

    voluptuous shapes
    angular artpieces
    the wishbone, the coral
    the feather or the fan?

    extinct or current
    timeless or timely
    a jewel
    hidden in this…

    …curation of sorts
    a paintbox of dreams
    from which i pick
    a treasured lava ring

  27. I need a little help this year,

    at bring in that Christmas cheer.

    At 6 months pregnant, my clothes don’t fit,

    getting dressed each morning makes me lose my wit.

    A beautiful gift from Dinosaur Designs is what I need,

    to take the attention away from a place soon with which I’ll feed.

    Don’t give me a necklace, don’t give me a ring,

    I have my eye on Art-Range Long Liquid bangle – no need for bling.

    Link is here: http://www.dinosaurdesigns.com.au/shop/jewellery/art-range-long-liquid-bangle/ … hint, hint to my husband!

  28. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to wake up Christmas morning and find the Art-Range Short Petal Choker On Chain under the tree for me. The colour is just gorgeous and it is a piece that you could wear with anything and you would look effortlessly stylish.

  29. It’s hard to pick just one but I would love the Chrome Medium Liquid Bangle, I love unique jewellery and this would look fabulous with my Christmas frock!

  30. Dinosaur Designs inspired my friend to become a fashion designer. Now accidentally pregnant with baby #4 and due on Christmas Eve, I would love to play Santa! I would get her the Temple Vase in Cobalt to contrast her orange pendant lights above her kitchen island bench, and fill it with happy celebration flowers.

  31. If Santa would pop the Art-Range Cloud Platter under my tree, I’d be ecstatic. I adore Dinosaur Designs’ imagination. The Cloud Platter is the idyllic seascape dream I wish would encapsulate my whole house.

  32. Easy! I have wanted a round rock necklace for ever, in the Jade colour. To me the perfect statement accessory in a beautiful colour that compliments me and my wardrobe. I would be very happy top find it under the tree xx

  33. For me, the holiday season is all about the beach, and what better way to celebrate than with the beach in a bangle – the exquisite Polished Art Range Organic Rock Bangle in Acid Green, Teal & Blue. I’ve never before seen a piece of jewellery that so perfectly encapsulates the shimmering sea, splashing surf, golden sand and clear blue sky of an Australian summer.

  34. I love the magnificent resin colours and the organic look of the pieces by Dinosaur Designs. And these certainly are special pieces.
    I can only imagine my delight at opening ‘The Dragonfly Wing Pendant’ in Electric Pearl Blue. These are wings I could fly away wearing…to a glamorous celebration somewhere exotic or to drinks on my back deck. It would look equally stunning and “at home” in either setting, and how wonderful if someone who loved me knew me well enough to select this beautiful piece and want to spend up big on spoiling me!

  35. It has been a while since I have checked out dinasour designs and I am so excited to see their silver and brass jewellery. That silver liquid bangle is diving and the endless valley necklace is super cute.

    Happy christmas Nikki, and all the very best for the NY!

  36. I’m creative and inventive , have a passion for individual pieces of design. Art-range liquid servers would create a interesting xmas table talking focal point. Good design creates interaction, love “Dinosaur Design”.

  37. Beautiful stuff. Under my Christmas tree I would love the liquid moon pendant in light blue. Statement jewellery will receive compliments all year round.

  38. The silver liquid bangle caught my eye! It’s a touch of elegance (which I ‘aim’ for) that is going to get out and about on a regular basis. Not your typical bangle – different enough to show my artistic nature without going too OTT for everyday life!

  39. I would have to choose the polished art long bangle from Dinosoar Designs beacuse it is quite frankly beautiful and I could wear it with everything and it would add that special touch to a plain outfit,and it would never date!

  40. I’ve always loved the enoki necklace. It’s now “extinct” but I don’t see how I can’t bring it back to life! I think it would be wise to wear it while presenting the enoki and mixed mushroom dish that I’m making for christmas lunch! In fact, I may just untie a dinosaur design one and throw it in with the real ones to see what kind of reaction I get…!

  41. I love all the gifts you have chosen,Nikki you sure know how to choose a lovely gift,I especially love the Samantha Wills ring and the Witchery Maxi and the skincare,I would love to be the recipient of a gift from you! Yes what you said was true the gift of time is a lovely present and more people should give these especially people that have less money but more time,Great idea my children used to give me vouchers before they started working part time jobs,but when I went to claim them especially my daughter she would say:” sorry Mum they have expired” little minx….I have bought some gifts this week and I think I am finished now,I have to wrap later so I will check.I bought a new GHD for my daughter,a Calvin Klein tie for my son ,a tee for hubby ,Mum a nightie and My Dad a gift voucher for his birthday ( on Christmas day) and some polos and boxers for him for Christmas and some goodies from Lush and finally some Lancome Hydra calm night cream for me,hehe yes I do like to have nice things on my face,but it was free I had a Myer Gift card so thought I am getting that and I had a lovely time in Myer but am so over the shops they are way to busy now.Thank you for all your research…..i am off to enter that great comp from Dinosoar designs,love their stuff,have a good day Nikki:):)

      1. I am trying, our shops are too busy and I can’t handle the crowds so had to,and also did some online which is my fave,My son did his own,so cheated there.XX

  42. The Dewey Feather Collar Necklace has been a favourite of mine for a long time. This is the perfect statement piece to add to a white on white look this Summer to ensure your outfit remains on trend with a pop of colour … Love.

  43. I would love a bangle from the Earth collection – so simple and gorgeous, yet so classic that it can be worn with anything for a lifetime!

  44. Nikki, the timing of this giveaway is unreal! I was just on Dinosaur Designs’ website last night thinking about how the Gem Ring in Red Transparent would be a perfect addition to my Christmas Day outfit. I have the most gorgeous polish to apply and a red and green glitter feature nail plan and this ring would just FINISH OFF my Christmas look. I really love Dinosaur Designs but have never had a piece of my own. Fingers crossed!

  45. So many pretty things… So many choices…
    But if I had to pick one it would be Silver Ball Drop Earrings.i lost my favourite pair of silver earrings. These would be a beautiful replacement.

  46. I just love the Bones bangle set in mink, snow swirl and blue ink swirl. Have always wanted to own something from dinosaur designs!!! Just gorgeous and very christmassy looking!!

  47. In order to unleash the dinosaur within, to look truly triceraTOPS and to shout I am woman hear me ROAR, I would choose the ferociously fabulous mink, Snow Swirl & Blue Ink Swirl’ bangle set. No chance of becoming extinct with those bad boys on the arm. Grrrrrowl.

  48. Oh my goodness, how did I not know about dinosaur designs before??? I think I would need to buy more than one thing- maybe a ring from the earth collection, or a bangle from the plum collection to match my christmas outfit. In any case this archeological discovery might see the end of me and I’ll end up extinct like the brand’s name sake- no money will be left for food, but at least I’ll have nice bangles on my arms and rings on my fingers.

  49. Hard to select just one things with so many beautiful options but I keeo coming back to the Bones Bangle set in Orange, Snow Swirl & Jade Pool Swirl. Great holiday colours and I’ve long coveted Dinosaur Designs bracelets.

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