Christmas 2012 | Christmas Tree cookies

7 things you need to know for Christmas 2012

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My youngest tells me that it’s five more sleeps until Christmas 2012.

Having young people around the house is very much a good thing at this time of year, don’t you think?

Reminds you that it’s not about the panic.

It’s about the excitement. Over the small things.

Like realising I could do a whopping Dan Murphy’s Christmas Cheer order online and just roll on up and collect it tomorrow without having to stand in line at the checkout.

I know, small things.

Christmas 2012 | Christmas Tree cookies

Late this afternoon when I’ve put in a days’ work, I’ll be taking Mr 7 off to buy pressies for his brother and sister and Mr SY. Our local shopping centre will be a little crazy and even that gets me excited.

Even though people all around me are in OH MY GOD IT’S LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS WHEN THE SHOPS SHUT FOR ONE DAY mode, I get a bit emotional about it all.

… don’t tell anyone but sometimes walking into a store where Michael or Mariah are busting out a carol through the speaker system is enough for me to tear up. That’s how much I love this time of year.

Christmas 2012 | Christmas decoration on the farm

Anyhoo, over the past few weeks, there’s been a stack of “advice” coming through my email inbox about how to handle Christmas in 2012.

Some of it good, some of it ridiculous.

Today, in the interest of making through to the 25th and beyond, I’d share a few of the gems here.

1. Victoria O’Sullivan suggests reducing intake of pro-inflammatory foods. At first I thought she meant avoiding the foods that cause fights in the household, ie who ate the last Lindt Ball in the chocolate salad, but no, she would like us to steer clear of the Lindt Balls altogether. And while we’re at it, the mince tarts and shortbread as well. All these foods send sugar to our bloodstream, which causes our body to store fat – it also triggers a spike in insulin levels which in turn increases our appetite so we want more. Which begs the question, isn’t that what Christmas food is about? Kidding, Victoria. Kidding. Sort of.

2. Exercise & Sports Science Australia reminds us to play with our kids. Now, that I can do. Just not sure the kids are up for me doing it. See, Christmas came early this week when the lovely man from Springfree Trampoline installed the family Christmas present in the backyard. Just you wait, pelvic floor, I’m ready to test you. Yes, I am.

3. Ferrero Rocher stylist Heidi Gill has me thinking about table-scaping. Only problems being point 1, should I be scattering yummy praline chocolates around the table. But surely if I do as Heidi suggests and wind a string of LED lights between them, the beauty will far outweigh the bad … and others will reach in and help themselves. Not just me 😉

4. Make a note to yourself to do more of your shopping the easy way next year.  E-tailer Grays (including GraysOutlet, GraysOnline and GraysEscape) has revealed that in a survey of 4181 Australians, 59% have been progressively purchasing gifts throughout the year to avoid the last minute rush, with the majority (54%) preferring to browse and purchase online.  Oh, and note to self should you still be gift shopping this weekend, when it comes to the type of gift Aussies prefer, the majority (83%) revealed one valuable gift was preferred rather than 100 little knick knacks (17%) they would likely never use.

5. Most relationship breakups happen two weeks before Christmas. says the top reasons for festive breakups include: saving on buying a Christmas present, saving having to meet your partner’s family for the first time or having to spend the festive period with them and with more parties happening there is more of an opportunity to mingle with different people and be tempted under the mistletoe. BTW, even though this will suck if this has happened to you, you are better off without these ultimate Christmas scrooges.

6. Australians need to de-techtox. Holiday rental site surveyed 8900 Aussies and found that we struggled to resist heavy use of social media when on annual leave, often to the detriment of relationships with our travelling companions (please help Mr SY is not reading this post). Apparently, that while on holiday, 42 per cent of Australians spend 15 minutes or more on social media every day with over half (52%) checking their social profile at least once a day … and that’s a problem … because?

7. The top Christmas gift for 2012 as chosen by David Jones customers is a vacuum cleaner. Oh, ok, it’s a Dyson and yes, that would make Mr SY very happy, but seriously. A cleaning product? What say you?

Christmas 2012 | Christmas fabric wreath

So, over to you Stylers, what last-minute Christmas survival tips do you have to share? Are you ready? Are you in a panic?

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  1. Don’t have any last minute tips but I am on holiday from tomorrow night when the carols are on and I am in pigging out mode. I won’t be on the computer but will be on the iPad or pod with Instagram and FB.

  2. I say #10 IS an awesome purchase…my top recommendation for all (maybe not for Christmas but as a purchase) and not a Dyson but go one better for Mr Styling You…. get an LG robovac. The best thing we bought this year. Rosie (the Robot – yes she has a name) cleans our entire house better than we could…except the day that my husband accidentally hung a towel on the stairs and she mis read her “sensor” and flew down the flight of stairs. The collective sucking in of air from the 4 of us was something to behold. And she survived. That is the power of the Rosie the Robot. Her GPS was a little off for a week afterwards, but you have to give her a little disgruntled-ness after a flight from the top floor to the bottom! Oh and great if you have lots of animal fur/hair in the house says my brother with 2 dogs. Not sure I like #1, but she is right.

  3. Hahha I love this post Nikki, it is awesome! And to Victoria – LOL! Get a life woman. And if someone bought me a vacuum cleaner for xmas they would probably get forked in the eye. My most hated bday present – and the one that has almost never been used – was the electric fry pan I got as my 18th bday present. Presents are for nice things. Like a mint green mix master 😉

    1. I get the message but the best message is that it’s only one day – enjoy. And I agree, a coloured mix master is a worthy electrical purchase. Saw a display of them tonight at Myer and decided would like every colour 😉

    2. As someone who has become very sick from ‘pro-inflammatory’ foods lately and as such is a on a really strict diet, I really wish that Christmas wasn’t so much about all the naughty food (though I totally understand cos it’s delicious!) but its stressing me out as pretty much everything I want to eat this Christmas I will have to cook myself. Monday is going to be one heck of a day for me :S Any cheating would have disastrous effects. So eat a lindt ball for me 😉

  4. Hi Nikki, thanks for letting your fans know about GraysOutlet and GraysOnline. There are so many good presents. Merry Christmas! Therese

  5. Great post Nikki,I say no to the Dyson ,no cleaning products are allowed in this house for gifts,it is a rule I have made and I’m sticking to it.I think yes to the eating clean before Christmas but during nope not a chace ,I eat healthy for most of the year so one or two days isn’t going to hurt is it?? Yes to the online shoping I have done quite a bit this way and it is cheaper and easier,but you don’t get that festive rush that you get from the pretty shops,But I have done both.
    I can add be organised and don’t stress out if something isn’t done no matter don’t sweat the unimportant things and spend time ,quality time with friends and family and enjoy.Nikki I wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and I hope everyone stays safe and well!
    I probably will jump on facebook on Christmas morning and wish everyone a merry christmas only because I don’t see everyone at Christmas.

  6. Fab post Nikki, I also often also tear up a little hearing ‘Oh holy night….’. Our Christmas survival technique this year is being on holiday on the Gold Coast. I’m currently sitting in a cabana by the pool, doing my Christmas grocery shopping online – happy days! Christmas presents this year are mostly vouchers for restaurants and shows. It might be another story on Saturday afternoon when I arrive back home and start madly baking and wrapping gifts, but so far – our pre Christmas holiday is working a treat. A x x Ps. Let me know how your pelvic floor goes on the tramp 😉 x

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