Christmas 2012 champagne

Christmas 2012: it’s all about the surprise factor

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From an early age we’re taught {have it drummed into us} that it is more fun to give than it is to receive.

I don’t know about you but as a small child I sure did have to do a whole lot of fake nodding at that sage advice … except the Christmas I received a Tonka truck {but let’s not re-open that old Christmas wound, shall we?}.

But as an adult, I reckon that’s when the whole excitement around giving finally makes sense.

Your parents. Or your grandparents? They really were right.

And yesterday, as parents WE got to deliver more than the requested “cash, iTunes vouchers and Pokemon”. We got to deliver a surprise that we’ve been sitting on since September.

See, lots will change around here in a couple of months and in 2013 in general.

Mr 17 will head off to uni, staying on campus in Brisbane. Miss SY heads into Year 12 as a school leader and Mr 7 gets set for Year 2, his last year at school on the Sunshine Coast before we all move to Brisbane in 12 months’ time.

I know … most families do the opposite … move from the beach to the city.

We’re doing the City Change. Mr SY has worked in the city for five years and with two teenagers studying there from 2014, it all makes sense.

For our family, anyway.

Anyhoo, I digress … when Mr SY and I came down with a serious case of Post Holiday Blues, post-New York trip in August, we did what everyone suggested we do … we planned our next trip.


We booked and paid for our next trip.

The only thing we didn’t do was actually tell the other member of the SY household just what we were up to. We wanted to mark the changes happening in 2013 with a surprise.

And we kept that surprise a secret.

Until yesterday.

How we’ve managed to keep this one quiet, we do not know.

But we did.

As we picked up the teens from their dad’s to head to my Parentals in Brisbane for lunch, we passed over a gift to each of the three in the back seat.

BuOw27 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

As they tore open the red wrapping and found a new swimsuit or pair of boardies, I could tell they were thinking “yeh mum, thanks, love that you buy us new beach gear every year but why do you have that crazy excited look on your face?”.

And then they found and opened the envelopes tucked in with said new beach gear.

“Why have we got Indonesian money, Mum?” asked my daughter.

“That would be because we are all going to Bali for a holiday,” I answered.


The teens turned to Instagram to share their newly acquired Rupiah millionaire status and Christmas gift news {yes, they’re definitely mine!}.

And just like that, Giving really is more fun that Receiving.

Hope you got to do a little surprise giving yesterday too. 

Here’s a little look at the SY Christmas 2012 in photos …

Christmas 2012

Mr 7: Santa came!

Christmas 2012

I did actually do this. I blame my pineapple obsession.

Christmas 2012 | beach | australia

Nothing beats an early morning swim on Christmas Day.

Christmas 2012 breakfast australia mangoes

… well maybe the breakfast afterwards

Christmas 2012 champagne

Plenty of these were enjoyed. My Parentals never under-cater. Yesterday was no exception. Have not worn glitter on my nails since 1984. Blame Christmas Eve delivery of festive nail colours from ulta3.

bean and goat's cheese salad

Actioned up my Bean and Goat’s Cheese Salad. Never scrimp on the goat’s cheese. Never.

Parko's Mess - variation on Eton's Mess

I call this Parko’s Mess. My variation of Eton’s Mess … with added Cointreau dark chocolate ganache and toasted pistachos on top. May have witnessed bowl being licked.

Christmas 2012 | Storms looming Brisbane

The steamy Brisbane afternoon looked like breaking but didn’t till early this morning when I woke to rain falling on the tin roof. Very Queensland.

What was the highlight of your Christmas Day?

PS. Shopping in the sales? Don’t leave home or click that mouse without reading this advice first.

PPS. Christmas outfit photos to come. Another Nana nap is calling. Get your outfit photos ready though, I’d love you to share them with us. More on that tomorrow.

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  1. I don’t know where to start!!! I could feel your excitement for the Great Reveal! How amazing! There are huge changes ahead here too. Sending good change vibes! Brisbane will love to have you all

  2. What a wonderful idea to surprise your kids with a trip to Bali! It will be super special. A x x ps. Make sure you pack your tropical strength insect repellant 🙂

  3. Nikki, that looks like you had a wonderful day. A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family, and have a fabulous trip to Bali! xx

  4. That is lovely Nikki,I am glad you kept it a surprise ,the kids faces priceless,I love your christmas Pics,so beautiful and Yes I do think giving is better than recieving I got a surprise, a new watch and a beautiful chain and Lots of other goodies.I love giving my children surprises even though they are older and we managed to get them some great things they love.Your holiday will be wonderful,but I think this year I am going to book a holiday without my children cause we deserve it,and It is time for us time now .Not sure where but going to do some” reaserch” soon. xx

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