2012 Christmas gifts week 5

My fave 2012 Christmas gifts: week 5

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It’s officially Christmas season. Well, that’s the case in our house now that we’re done and dusted with the 16th birthday celebrations.

The tree can go up and the decorations too.

Mr SY is quite particular about the tree and what can go on it. Miss SY has served and passed an apprenticeship by his side for the past 10 years so was visibly horrified at my suggestion that a little neon wouldn’t go astray on the tree this year.

The look on her face? Priceless.

I was, of course, joking.

There is method in my madness for keeping well away from any tree decorating discussions. It means that I do not have to wrangle the tangled lights or tinsel. I can watch from afar, glass of wine in hand.

BTW, is tinsel SO LAST YEAR? Or is it so last decade that it’s now considered hipster? I can’t keep up. Please share your tinsel-y thoughts.

On to the tips and the gift ideas … I know why you’re here 😉

Gift giving tip #13

Never underestimate the power of the stash of standby gifts. Never. Standby gifts in a well-stocked present cupboard are meant to help you through those awkward situations where someone who you thought never in a million years would give you a gift, does so. On Christmas Eve. After the shops have shut. Wine is a very good option here because should said surprise gifting not occur, you can gift yourself. Making it the gift cupboard that keeps on gifting.

Gift giving tip #14

Don’t be afraid to include the receipt with your gift, particularly if you are buying for someone outside of your home. I picked up this one from a few mums at kids’ birthday parties over the years. Folded and sticky taped inside the card was the receipt – there in case we already had six of those same Lego sets – and could easily exchange for something else.

Gift giving tip #15

If you’re planning to do your gift buying via online, whip out your credit or debit card and get cracking. Many online stores will have a guaranteed delivery cut-off within the next week or so.

2012 Christmas gifts week 5

15 more fave Christmas gifts

Here are 15 more of my favourite 2012 Christmas gifts available right now. Click on the caption below each image for a link for more info and to buy.


See anything that you like? 

PS. Pip over at Meet Me at Mike’s featured my very much dream Christmas wishlist this week. 

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  1. The ‘seed’ scarf is divine!
    Unfortunately it’s not available online at the moment, but it’s still on sale in store… Will be picking one up tomorrow for a good friend who rocks those colours 🙂

  2. Hi Nikki
    Love your gift suggestions. Just went to the seed website and they have that gorgeous summer scarf on sale ($28) woo hoo – love a bargain.

  3. No Tinsel around here either. last year I bought 3 yes 3 christmas trees, from a Commercial supplier, they are optic fibre ones that just plug in and have a little motor in them that turns a wheel and sends all different colours up the tree. One went to work with me yesterday and you should have seen the kids. they had all the lights turned off in the library and were oohing and ahhing over the pretty tree! High schoolers too! I don’t believe many of them will have ever had trees up at home. It made me very happy to see them love it so much. Present stashes are the key!! Booze is the best. but we also have plenty of kids presents stashed.

  4. I might have to get that SkII for myself I won a Myer voucher last weekend so maybe I should get that.I love all your gifts and I love my SY phone case when my daughter saw it she said “Mum that is so You ” I got the ‘don’t buy it unless you Love it one”,so does that make me a cool Cat Nikki ???hope so.
    I do not like to decorate the tree either but I may have to this year ,I will see if I can get out of it though 🙂 I hate the untangling of lights and I don’t have tinsel I have those long strands of pearl type thingos like a necklace but long,I don’t know their correct name but I hate tinsel makes a mess everywhere and I don’t like mess.Thanks Nikki for the tip off about the cut off date for online purchases ,I still have a few to go so will get on to that asap.Yes I too have a present stash for the unexpected present ,candles hand creams and wine are great for this and things that I have found during the year that I put away also boxes of nice biscuits and chocs are handy to have too,though do not buy too many or you may end up eating them yourself.

  5. There are some awesome presents (both for others and myself!) on this list. I am keen to try and find somewhere offering that deal with the GHD air – that sounds lovely! I am also loving that summer scarf!

  6. Wow the skII … Great price. I dream of having skin like cate blanchett… Ok, I admit it, I dream of looking like cate blanchett…

    I do love this range. Just my back account doesn’t.

    I’m upgrading to an iPhone 5 in the new year, so I think I may have to purchase one of your cases 😉

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