5 ways bloggers can give back

My blogging tip of the week

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Life has been HUGE this week. HUGE.

{You can read why here}

So, I’m keeping this week’s blogging post brief. Sometimes that’s a good thing anyway. Saying less really says so much more.

This is something I picked up this week from the messages delivered during all the occasions that marked the end of school for my son’s Year 12 class.

So, I’m going to get a bit Oprah on you 😉

My blogging tip of the week?

Give back

It’s a tip that applies not just to blogging but to life, isn’t it?

But for the purposes of this post, I’ll apply it to blogging.

I’d love you to think about how can you give back to the blogging community – a community that is made up of other bloggers and your readers?

5 ways bloggers can give back

5 ways bloggers can give back:

1. Comment on other blogs. You know what it’s like to receive a comment. Share that feeling.

2. Reply to comments on your blog. Maybe you can’t get to all of them but do try and acknowledge to your readers that you’ve read what they’ve contributed.

3. Share other bloggers’ posts via your social media networks. Sharing really is caring.

4. Support and celebrate the success of others in your blogging community. Every win for a blogger is a win for blogging. True that.

5. Offer to mentor new bloggers in your niche or in the local area in which you live. This won’t be a one-way street. Your mentees will give you back more than you give them.

Now, over to you. As a blogger, how can you give back to the blogging community? Let’s get more ideas brewing?


Share your blogging know-how

Thanks so much to everyone who plays along with my Saturday blogging linky. Sharing your blogging knowledge with other bloggers and potential bloggers really is how this blogging world best goes round. It’s a bit like having a mini online conference here every week.

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  1. Gosh I am on a roll today finding AMAZING posts on your site, am just getting time now to catch up on my reading. Couldn’t agree more with those tips. Comments and sharing are such a powerful tip and always make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

  2. I am a bit late to this conversation {busy week here too!}..

    I often struggle with wondering how I can give back to the blogging community – but – I do all the five things you have listed! Yay!

    I am meeting up with some of my teacher friends from school to talk them through setting up a blog… I am looking forward to that!

    Thanks for sharing – you are such a giver. Always inspired. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks Nikki, so true. And ‘giving’ says a lot about your brand and who you are to potential customers. It is also contagious – so chances are those you help will want to help others.

  4. Without the support of other bloggers, whether it be sharing my posts, commenting on my blog or answering my questions, I don’t think it would be anywhere. There’s only so much you can do on your own. You’re right, in this circumstance, short and sweet was ALL that was needed. Great post.

    Remind me to sign up for the mentor program btw. I love the idea of having someone to bounce ideas off who has been there and more before.

  5. Love these tips Nikki – I find it’s so easy to get caught up in blogging and life and forget how much of an impact these have when I do them. Thanks for motivating me again! And I love that you reply to comments 🙂

  6. Great post! I can safely say, everybody, that this lovely lady walks the talk and this is not just a filler-post for the Saturday bloggy tips. Here is why. Let me turn your attention to #3, 4 and 5 on the post. Nikki has done all of that and more for me. She has been a fabulous mentor to me and was one of the first people that encouraged me to just get stuck in and write and trust that I had a message worthy of sharing. And I am ever so grateful. It has led to all sorts of opportunities. If it wasn’t for Nikki I would not have a sustainable business that is heading in the direction of being “blog”driven” – I barely knew anything about blogging as she gave me all those priceless bloggy tips as we watched (hmmm listened to??…I admit that I was a little distracted)…our sons practice soccer together. If it wasn’t for Nikki I would not have taken the leap to guest blogging, and now finding myself as being published on some major US social media blogs including Entrepreneur.com and a major European blog (translated in Spanish!). I am now being asked back to write for all of them! If it wasn’t for Nikki I would not have been asked to provide comment to the American Marketing Association about Social Media for articles, and if it wasn’t for Nikki I would not have had 2 requests to be an expert presenter at two separate social media summit series late this year and next year. If it wasn’t for Nikki I would not be meeting with the heads of one of my favourite health research foundations next week to help plan a social media strategy that will make a huge difference to their foundation and to the impact they have on the health of Australians (you didn’t know about a few of those things Nikki, so I will have to fill you in). If it wasn’t for Nikki I wouldn’t be considering starting a second, more personal blog that will, I hope, make a difference in a whole other way, closer to my heart, but with the social media know-how behind me to make it work. Ok, so maybe I have to do the work and I am a little jealous (in a good way) of those “gifted leather bags and bottles of Moet for editorial consideration”, but….what I am trying to say is that Nikki DOES actually mentor, and she DOES retweet our fledgling blogposts and she DOES actually set an example, and support us all…. and despite her ever-increasing popularity and busy schedule, she will stop to answer a question from me if I need a quick bit of help. I know that I for one, will be showing that #6 is true, and I thank you Nikki, because the difference you have made is more than you will ever know and the far reaching impact of what you are doing for other bloggers (and for what many of you are doing in paving the way for us) is quite unmeasurable! xx

  7. I love this Nikki – you are such a great advocate of giving back and sharing. I love how you take time to reply to comments and are happy to share other people’s posts. You are such a wonderful role model for all of us bloggers, thank you!

  8. I’m back (so be kind Disqus!)! I like to reply to every comment I get. If I haven’t, it’s an oversight rather than a snub. Except for the I Heart My Body campaign. I was too overwhelmed and didn’t know how to respond! I just commented back on their posts instead. I’ve also started mentoring a friend who is starting a blog. I’ve learned so much in the last year or so blogging and it’s so nice to be able to help someone else out too. I really enjoy your Saturday posts Nikki, you’re giving back a lot of wise advice each week 🙂

  9. I love to RT people’s posts. If you don’t have time in a week to read or comment, RTing is the best option to give back that’s really quick. I do think that you should read before RTing but if I don’t have time, then I just RT a blogger’s post that I know and trust that they write good stuff!

  10. That’s awesome Nikki and I am always reminded that I need to give back as well as receive each time someone takes the time to read and comment on my blog. One thing I have begun to do in a form of ‘pay it forward’ is represent issues/causes/charities which need some highlighting from bloggers. Of course, big name bloggers do this a lot and I am grateful they do. However, in my small way I know that I am furthering exposure to the work of World Vision thanks to my granddaughter’s Ebook on my original website. I was one of the 2 digital parents community bloggers (with Gemma Klamer) who had the RUOK Day and posts work much more effectively with far less ‘blogger burnout’ than in 2011, and now am taking part in awareness of Post Natal Depression blogging week from the connections made via Louisa at Brandmeetsblog. My reason is that I can help this way rather than in a monetary way as I am a staying at home retiree caring for hub and grandkids. Thanks again, Nikki. Always glad to come here for some of your pearls of blogging wisdom. The B&W with red looks awesome as your new logo BTW. Love Denyse xx

  11. I am not a blogger but an avid reader … as a commenter I love it when I get a response because it makes me feel part of a conversation, something you don’t get reading a paper or magazine.

  12. Those tips are great and I am storing them all away in my brain for when I do start my blog,and Thank You Nikki,You do give back…..heaps,that’s one reason I come back day after day x

  13. Yes, some good tips that we should try and apply, often. Thanks Nikki. Another one is I think to just try to have time for people and understand their needs, because I don’t know about you but I can get very insular as blogging takes up a lot of head space.

    1. Totally agree but I think reading other blogs and understanding a wide range of people outside my “normal” associations has brought be a greater understanding of the world – this helps me be a better person in my real life encounters.

  14. 5 Simple but great tips – nice one, Nikki! Goes to show that sometimes simple is the best 😉
    Also just read your piece on The Hooplah – beautiful. I’m going to go give my Mum a hug. xx

  15. Great tips! I also think you can run non sponsored cause/charity posts – like for Sunsmart and RUOK day. Your blog’s profile can help boost the profile of these causes.

    1. Yes, that’s a great idea Carly – and what Eden, Carly and Kel are doing for World Vision – that’s huge! I’ll be aligning with one charity next year too. I give a lot in an ad hoc way to charities but I want to make my efforts more streamlined.

  16. That was a lovely story Nikki. Congratulations to Ben on his achievements. (I’ve got a Ben but he’s just finishing his first year of school. I’m surprised we’re both still standing to tell the tale. Another 12 years to go.) I’m sorry too that you lost your Mum all those years ago. I only lost mine this year. She would’ve been proud of you.

    Anne xx

    1. I’ve got 11 years to go with my youngest too Anne! He watched it all yesterday and I couldn’t help but think the time till his turn will go way too fast! Thanks for your kind words and sending you a hug for your mum too x

  17. Life has been crazy the last few months . I was struggling with a lack of comments on my own blog and then decided it had to start with me. If I was too busy to comment so were my readers. I took extra time the last week and a half to read less but comment more. In the process I found some new blogs thanks to focusing on the posts linked up for grateful this week and some more #IBOT posts, I connected more and felt less worried about my own comment situation on my blog. I was reminded yet again that it is better to give than to receive.

  18. You know what I think about giving back to the community and paying it forward 😉 I find the blogging community to be so amazingly supportive of one another. One thing I need to do more is comment. At the moment time is simply too tight, but I will definitely get back to that. It is one of the easiest (yet most effective) ways to show your support to a fellow blogger.

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