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Manland: The Movember edition

Kester HubbardManLand 7 Comments

I suck at growing a mo.

I’m very fair haired and even the hair I do have is not that thick.

But this month we celebrate a decade of the Movember fundraising movement that has helped to bring attention to men’s health issues, and so I will again be attempting to craft an upper-lip statement of solidarity.

I can do stubble no problems.

Sure there are a couple of weird patches on my left cheek that refuse to allow anything to grow on them, but otherwise I can slip into the “rough cut diamond” look without too much effort.

I have a Mo Therefore I am | Restyle Retro Design Prints

Print available here and alternative Kiss Me Right Under My Mo print here

But the Movember rule book is pretty strict.

To really join the brotherhood your face needs to remain clean-shaven except for the finest moustache you can craft. No lamb chop sideburns and no goatees.

So, as the calendar ticked over to Thursday, November 1 yesterday morning, I began crafting.

By Friday November 30 it will still look like I’ve just begun crafting, but hey, I’ll be working it all the same.

And I’d like to make a special acknowledgement to the ladies out there who plan to do their bit by becoming Mo Sistas for the month!

Wear a fake mo, skip your wax appointment … the Mo Bros thank you for getting on board.

If you do face opposition from your partner about your hairy new look, just remind them (as I do with The Stylist) that it is all for a very good cause.

The company where I work embraces the cause enthusiastically. Last year we raised about $57,000 and were one of the top 10 fundraisers in Australia.

I’ll be posting progress updates (for what it’s worth) during the month and I’d love your support if you’re feeling generous.

Mo crafting products

I’ve got to deal with the hair around my mo and thanks to the Stylist’s beauty cupboard, that’s an easy task this month. These two products make shaving easy.

Movember tools: NIVEA for Men 2-in-1 Wash and Shave Gel Cleanser | Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

NIVEA always has a spot in my bathroom cabinet. And the new NIVEA for Men 2-in-1 Wash and Shave Gel Cleanser (100ml, $8.99) is a morning time saver. Not only does it provide a light foam for shaving but it’s cleansing your skin at the same time. It preps the skin and the hair ready for a close shave, then the menthol leaves your skin feeling fresh for the day ahead.

I’ve had my first introduction to the Jack Black range of skin care and shaving products and I am very impressed. The range has been winning awards all over the place and after giving a few samples a trial I can see why. The products are fragrance-free, colourant-free, cruely-free and dermatologist tested. The Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave (177ml, $25) is a pre-shave oil, shave cream and skin conditioner all in one, this lightweight formula is no mess, no fuss and very effective. The Eucalyptus and peppermint creates a cooling sensation, while the jojoba and macadamia nut oil soften the skin and new stubble growth.



Forget mos, a new survey shows that beard loyalty is rife amongst Aussie guys with one in five willing to risk their partner, girlfriend or marriage (21%) and even their job (18%) for the sake of their facial hair.

The NIVEA FOR MEN Shave It or Save It Report, conducted by Lonergan Research, is part of NIVEA’s Save It or Shave It initiative, aimed at raising funds for the Black Dog Institute to fight male depression. The campaign encourages guys to put their facial hair on the line to be voted to either “Save It” or “Shave It”. For more info, check out the website, www.shaveitorsaveit.com.au.

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  1. Nikki, when I first started reading this post, I was thinking you had written it! Thought it was a little odd that you would be so disappointed in your lack of mo growing abilities! : )

  2. That’s great Kester,I am glad you “try” to grow a Mo even though you have difficulty in acheiving it and it’s wonderful that your company raised so much money for this cause and support it.The men in my house do not have any trouble growing a Mo ,My husband has one all the time and my son is a hairy wilder beast as well ,he can grow a Mo in about 3 days,but I will pass on growing one thank-you very much and even if I tried I don’t think I would have much luck so I will go with a pretend one,Keep up the good work.More men should get on this worthy cause.

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