Me time: do you get enough?

The Great Health Kick of 2012: Me Time

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Ahhh … “me” time.

When I was thinking about this series of healthy living series of posts* (we’ve already tackled foodexercise and skincare), I knew I had to talk about this elusive concept.

And I couldn’t help but think that hindsight is such a wonderful, joyous thing, isn’t it?

This is how my weekends used to pan out half a lifetime ago … go out for drinks after work, go to a club for dancing and more drinks, get up, put on fluoro leotard, go to aerobics, spend morning lying on the beach, shop for groceries in the afternoon, go out at night or have friends over for a dinner party, go to bed, wake up and repeat.

So. Much. Me. Time.

I honestly did not know how good I had it.

Now, weekends disappear faster than the number of wines I used to get away with consuming back in the day.

I’ve learned to snatch slices of “me” time the moment a small window presents itself.

A walk on the beach and a quiet coffee at a cafe after the morning school run; a cosy lie in on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea, the papers and my iPad; a sneaky hour catching up on my favourite mags and a book I’m meaning to get around to reading …

Me time: do you get enough?

These are all simple things but, if executed without a hiccup, are oh, SO sweet.

The very nature of said “me” time as a mother is that invariably your vision for a few quiet moments to yourself can get interrupted by fighting children, children who apparently need feeding on demand and children who seem to be drawn to your “me time” space like flies to a steak at a summer barbecue.

So, I choose my time wisely. Very wisely.

I do so because without a good injection of me time in my week, I can quickly become someone who even I am not very fond of 😉

Can’t have that, can we?

It took many years to realise that me time was essential to my health and minimising stress levels. Once I realised that it was up to me to put me at the top of our family’s priority list, things changed.

I was no longer relying on there being some chance stroke of luck that an hour of free time would suddenly present itself, allowing me to snavel said time for something completely self indulgent.

Because it’s OK to self indulge. It really is.

Here are my tips for making me time in your life

1. Make yourself a priority.  You can’t be everything to everyone every day of the week. It’s ok to step off the mum-wife-work treadmill but it’s up to you to make it happen. No one else will.

2. Sit your family down and explain to them that you need their help for a little regular time out. Maybe it’s only an hour a week but if you explain why you need it, you have more chance of getting everyone on board. This is especially essential if you have young children and need your partner or old children to help out.

3. Make a list of the things you’d like to do in the time you’ve allocated to yourself. Maybe it’s catching up with treasured girlfriends; maybe it’s reading a book from cover to cover; maybe it’s finally using that spa voucher you were given on your birthday. Knowing exactly how you’d like to use your time will help you to actually carry through with making your me time happen on a regular basis.

4. Make it happen. Don’t just talk about it. You’ve enlisted your family’s support. Follow through. You’ll be happier for it – and so will they.

Me time!


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Comments 45

  1. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I am actually so starved for some ‘me time’ that this week saw me doing a really terrible (but not so terrible for me) thing;

    I lied to my Mother-in-law about having a job interview.

    I did this because she’s 10 minutes down the road, doesn’t work, & never offers to help out with my two year old. And I did this just so I could come back home sans child & just … enjoy every flipping minute of this much needed ‘me time’. And if I go to hell for this? Well, it was worth every minute! 😉

    … oh. And you should know it was one of those particularly LONG job interviews too. Y’know, one of those panel ones 😉

    Good LORD it was good.

    Actually, the only thing missing was a Golden Circle healthy life fruit juice 😉

  2. My ultimate ‘me’ time activity would be jigsaw puzzling!
    It is surprisingly calming, and because you are focusing on the puzzle, any worries or thoughts you have just get put on hold.
    I was first introduced to puzzling by my wonderful elderly father, who completes 1500+ piece puzzles, even though he is colour blind.
    He suffers from ongoing anxiety since the passing of my brother when he was just 12, but dad finds the puzzles a great help. The satisfaction after completing the puzzle is a real confidence booster too!
    I noticed that I was getting a bit stressed (as a busy mum of three), so I had a go, and I really enjoyed it.
    So for me, I would sit down with a big glass of Golden Circle Healthy Life fruit juice, and a jigsaw puzzle, and just relax!!!!

  3. When I was younger I was a compulsive hobby hopper. I’d take up a new hobby almost weekly! Juggling, fire-twirling, crochet, papercraft- you name it and I’ve probably tried it. Now that I’ve started a business and actually have to work (who woulda thought life would involve WORK?!), I’m always itching to get back into my hobbies but I just don’t have the time.

    This year I got a bike and it was the best decision ever! My favourite me-time now involves decking out my vintage bike (complete with cute personalised front basket) and going for a ride to anywhere and everywhere whilst listening to my chillout playlist… and what better way to finish a ride than with a big frosty glass of Healthy Life fruit juice? That stuff is delicious!

  4. My ultimate me time is catching a band with a fruity cocktail in hand (Malibu and golden circle healthy life juice would do the trick) or having a sleep in, but with a 10 month old and 4 year old the closest I get to me time is the rare occasion I get to use the toilet on my own!

  5. Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice
    Will definitely give me a boost
    To jog around the block
    In my new pink and white Reeboks

  6. I splurged on noise cancelling head phones, created some relaxing playlists on my iPhone. now I sit on the balcony and sip Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice in my blissful cone of peaceful music.

  7. my ultimate me time would be something that I have only had the opportunity to do once and that is visit a day spa – oh how I daydream about finding a great day spa that offers GC healthy life fruit juice – and being able to afford it

  8. As a working Mum with a 3 and 5 year old, I have resorted to my “me time” when the little treasures are still asleep. The dog, my iPod and a dawn walk on the beach, just a beautiful way to start the day. Could definitely do with a Golden Circle Healthy Life fruit juice after the walk. Sorry not very creative but very realistic!

  9. Oh how I love ‘me time’ now that I have found the perfect activity for it – Running! Run Mummy Run. There is nothing like hitting the pavement before the day starts with family needing this and that NOW! It’s the perfect way to clear my mind, challenge myself, wake up and stay fit too…. Every runner needs hydration right? Enter Golden Circle Healthy Life fruit juice 😉 😉

  10. The best way for me to get some me time is to use the local occasional care. Best invention ever. Only $25 for 2 toddlers to be looked after and I get a whole 3 hours for myself. Heaven!

  11. I consider opening a drink and finishing it without having to get up To wipe a bum, fetch a water or play patient for the 1000th one then that is “me” time.

  12. I had me time today; albeit a sick day from work with the flu, but me time nonetheless! I took the day off & just stayed in bed a read a book. The only other time I tend to get to read books in one sitting is on a long haul flight! It’s been a long time since I’ve had the luxury of just having a weekend away at the beach to relax & do nothing! Would love a weekend away at a lovely beach retreat (that accommodates sausage dogs!) to relax, eat with the husband, take doggy strolls & just read! Bliss!

  13. I get all 3 of my kids (3 month old, 6 year old & 9 year old) to bed at 6.30pm and lights out at 7.00pm without question… Then it’s me, my iPad and my RSS blog reader. I read blogs not novels 🙂

  14. Go for a stand up paddle. I cannot hear anyone (mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mummy mummy mummy mummy), I cannot see any chores and I cannot be contacted for any child or husband emergency (such as a lost shoe!), no laptops with work can be taken out with me… pure bliss… Even if its only for an hour 🙂

  15. Me time is a such a rarity that I now get up early on a Saturday morning and do an hour of bootcamp. Kids come but play with other kids and I have one hour of sweat, hard work and pure bliss of just doing something for ME!

  16. I enjoy having a good sit on the toilet, or sitting alone in the dark feeding a baby.. oh no, wait, that’s not me time at all! Me time, I’m doing it wrooong!! Aargh!!!

  17. I had me time today; albeit a sick day from work with the flu, but me time nonetheless! I took the day off & just stayed in bed a read a book. The only other time I tend to get to read books in one sitting is on a long haul flight! It’s been a long time since I’ve had the luxury of just having a weekend away at the beach to relax & do nothing! Would love a weekend away at a lovely beach retreat (that accommodates sausage dogs!) to relax, eat with the husband, take doggy strolls & just read! Bliss!

  18. I get all 3 of my kids (3 month old, 6 year old & 9 year old) to bed at 6.30pm and lights out at 7.00pm without question… Then it’s me, my iPad and my RSS blog reader. I read blogs not novels 🙂

  19. I love to swim laps down at the pool it is a great way to clear my head and get in my daily work out! Then I need a Golden Cirlcle Healthy life to quench my thirst!

  20. I was meant to be having a dose of me time this week in Shanghai. I had booked in a Chinese massage, some tai chi, good food, drinks with sky bar views, and an Elton John concert.
    IT was cancelled last minute. Instead I have had a baby who is teething nine teeth and a sinus infection!!! Craig sure is happy my ME time was cancelled.
    Honestly, five minutes curled up with a book gets me bloody happy these days. Even driving to the supermarket on my own can float my boat

  21. Great choice of magazines in your photo Nikki! My favourite me-time activity is to curl up with a good book. Went to a literary luncheon with the lovely Kate Morton yesterday so am about to get stuck into “The Forgotten Garden” over the weekend. Can’t wait!

  22. My favourite me time activity is a big long soak in my corner spa in my ensuite (hubby is banned from using it!) I put bubble bath in it and watch it bubble up and continue to flow over the top towards the bathroom drain, making a hell of a mess. I can’t remember the last time I had a spa in it 🙁 My fave drink is the apple and mango too, I am with your boy on that one. I can’t tell you how much I love that stuff. It never lasts long in this house. I have to stealthily hide some away in the Booze fridge so that the kiddos can’t scull it all before me.

  23. Of course I love a day in the city with shopping, mani/pedi and lunch with girl friends but for a mini-me time break nothing beats 15 minutes alone with the cryptic crossword and a coffee; and I’m sure a Golden Circle Fruit Juice could only add to the experience. 🙂

  24. With two kids under 3 and a job, time for me is something I’m still working at but the one thing I’m going to do this Summer is slip away to the beach (on my own) and read a chapter of my book, drinking a Healthy Juice of course!

  25. Am I reading this right Nikki,I thought you had done this one?? but no matter.Me time is be treasured a sleep in without noise on the weekends, a coffee,a little bit of chocolate,and a good book,or if I am rich a shopping trip or a pedi or hair salon visit,but the me time I am going to have right now,a nana nap,yep that’s right ,I deserve it ,just finished cleaning the house and put away all the washing ,so I’m off for a bit of book reading and a snooze x

  26. Sometimes I feel guilty drinking juice with breakfast each morning, because I keep hearing that it’s not so good for you. High in sugar, etc I like that I don’t really have to feel guilty with Healthy Life, which is good, because I really can’t give up my juice! As for me time. Blogging, that’s my me time at the moment. And grocery shopping. Life with baby triplet’s, the mundane really does become a breath of fresh air.

  27. I love this! My bff wrote off her car yesterday and so as she recovers she’s having ‘enforced’ me time as she picks up the pieces. As a single parent of two, one a gorgeous special needs child, she is always on the look out for non-dairy probiotics and this juice would really help her out. I’d give the travel voucher to her as she needs a bloody break with all her bad luck of late!

  28. My favourite activity for Me time is reading a good book,or just sitting down with a nice coffee,I am not a nice person when cranky so “Me” time is essential for my health and well being.I prefer the apple and mango juice myself as just quietly I agree with Flynn I don’t like oranges either.

  29. Me time for me is dancing naked to some music before I put my pj’s on at night. Then I get thirsty doing all that so a nice glass of sweet and tangy Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice drink gives me back my energy that I have just lost.

  30. Love your list Nikki. It’s taken me 7 years (something to do with my youngest starting school?) to consciously book me-time slots into my day. We’ve just started walking to school, which means no excuses for me not to get some exercise once I’ve dropped them off – I’m already in my exercise gear! So simple but so necessary for my mental and physical health. I’m slowly pushing the guilt away when I grab some reading time in the afternoons too. Oh and reading my favourite blogs! My favourite me-time though is catching up with girlfriends – essential social times in my weekday life as a stay at home mum. P.S. you’ve been looking gorgeous in your spring brights in your last few posts Nikki! xx

  31. Sitting on Point Cartwright hill just watching anything, nothing all of the space and peace and quiet of the coast! A golden circle would be lovely!!

  32. I struggle to find me time, between my kids 3 yrs and 19 months, blogging and developing my business. So I just make the most of tiny windows of time. I’ve been known to take all day to paint my toe nails, by painting a few nails at time amidst trips to the loo on those days where the kids are hell bent on not leaving me alone. Thank goodnes the ensuite door locks.

  33. My perfect ‘me time’ is a warm sunny spot with a book so the Golden Circle Healthy Life fruit juice would be a great addition to my ‘me time’:-)

  34. My ‘me time’ includes a bit of baking, a light walk and some yoga followed by some Golden Circle to refresh me. I think it is extremely important to visit each aspect of yourself that helps you relax, not just one specific one.


  35. I’m reading No Sex In The City at the moment!

    I need my ‘me time’. I am the world’s patient mother (according to my fiance) BUT only if I have one session of ‘me time’ each day. Even if it is only five minutes drinking my coffee in the sunshine or (and this sounds quite lame!) cleaning the bathroom in peace, I just need that little bit of me.

    Great post Nikki. M xx

  36. Ha! I planned a bit of me time yesterday, with a plan of a bit of blogging, but it did not eventuate. Kids were at each other’s throats and that just sucks the life out of me! I am loving that juice. It’s my favourite bev at the moment!

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