Dress for Success 12 12 12 Christmas Appeal

Can you help another woman dress for a job interview?

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There are many obstacles to returning to work. What to wear is one of the biggest.

This is especially the case for women who may have been out of the workforce for some time. Workwear basics that we might take for granted are no longer in their wardrobe.

Getting a job interview outfit together can place to big a strain on a family budget but without the outfit, there is no chance at getting a job to help that family budget.

It’s this frustrating catch 22 situation that international charity organisation Dress for Success aims to break.

Founded in New York City in 1997, Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization offering services designed to help our clients find jobs and remain employed. Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and can return for a second suit or separates when she finds work.  

Since 1997, Dress for Success has served more than 650,000 women around the world. Each year we reach more than 65,000 women in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Ireland and the West Indies. 

There are four affiliate Dress for Success locations in Australia: Brisbane, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Sydney.

Each of these locations relies on local donations of cash and good quality new and pre-loved workwear and accessories.

This Christmas, for Dress for Success’ annual appeal, they’ve got very clever – the aim is to raise enough money by December 12, 2012 to get the first 100 women dressed and through career support programs in 2013.

Dress for Success 12 12 12 Christmas Appeal

So how does the 12 12 12 work?

Simple really … have you got 12 friends who you can ask to each donate $12 dollars by December 12? As a group of 12 you’ll help directly support one woman in her quest to return to work in 2013.

The links to donate are below. I really hope that Styling You readers can support this cause.

Dress for Success 12 12 12 Christmas Appeal

Dress for Success 12 12 12 Christmas Appeal

What my aim is here on this blog is to play some small part in making people feel confident every day, no matter what the occasion.

And when that occasion is a job interview, well, that strikes me as something that we all should be helping our fellow woman with.

Don’t you think?

To support Sydney’s 12 12 12 Christmas Appeal, click here.

To support Melbourne’s 12 12 12 Christmas appeal, click here.

Can you help another woman dress for a job interview?

* All photos supplied by Dress for Success Sydney

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  1. Great cause – thanks for sharing! Job interviews are tough at the best of times but if you don’t feel that you look great its hard to sell yourself to a new employer. I usually donate my old workwear to Vinnies but its nice to know they will really go to a good home 🙂

  2. Happy to help. I’ve always tried to donate any workwear clothes I no longer need/fit to Dress for Success; it’s such a great cause. Getting more women into the workforce benefits their families and the community in so many ways.

  3. I am going to jump on board this very worthy cause,as I know a lot of women my age and older and younger find it very hard to return to work and know what to wear ,and need cofindence to do so ,love the idea of this organisation,as a woman who would love to return to work but cannot due to health issues it is very close to my heart,I worked when the kids were younger when I could doing part time work with wine companies and also minded a little boy for 2 years when my children were young ,it was always my plan to go to back to fashion and be a buyer ,but life sometimes does not turn out the way you think ,my knee has been the cause of that and no one wants to hire a cripple(I can only call my self that,no one else) and have been lucky to have a supportive husband and children and being able to live on one wage,not that it hasn’t been hard sometimes ,but it is true I could not handle working but count my blessings most days that I could have gotten something worse like cancer or MS .
    Thanks Nikki for making me aware of this great idea.

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