2012 Christmas gift guide

My fave 2012 Christmas gifts: week 4

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Ok, so last week’s gift guide will be hard to beat.

Seriously loved every gift on the page and would be very, very happy if Santa got wind of that little list.

But. I know you want more. So, I’ve been browsing. And boy have I found more.

And a few more gift giving tips for you too. This week these should be printed out and handed to the man in your life for safe-keeping. This Christmas and beyond 😉

Gift giving tip #10

Buying a woman skincare or makeup can be risky business. Especially if they are, how shall we put it? A little beauty obsessed. The key here is to do a little makeup bag and bathroom cabinet spying. Is there a brand that they seem to own and use more of? Take note and look for a gift pack {technical term is coffret} from those brands. These coffrets usually offer good value and bonuses. Everybody wins.

Gift giving tip #11

In keeping with the theme of risky business, if by chance you happen to be a male reading this here post and thinking that you’d like to indulge the woman in your life with a little lingerie, then please take note. You need to do your research. You can’t go into a store and make two “cup” shapes with your hands to describe her bosies and hope that the sales assistant can translate that to a bra. Dig around in her smalls’ drawer and find a bra she wears a lot. There will be a number and one or two letters after the number. You need this “code” for a lingerie buying mission.

What you also need to remember is that while you may have visions of us in a tiny scrap of fabric, we may not share those and prefer something a bit more on the subtle side of sexy.

Gift giving tip #12

Guys, if the special woman in your life leads a particularly busy life. That the only time out she knows of is something dished out on small children. Then can I suggest a time out voucher. Specifically, a pampering experience voucher. For one hour, one day or a whole weekend. Then make yourself very available to look after any small children when she cashes in that voucher.

2012 Christmas gift guide

15 more fave Christmas gifts

Here are 15 more of my favourite Christmas gifts available right now. Click on the caption below each image for a link for more info and to buy.

See anything you like? Have you bought a pressie or two this week? Let me know.

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  1. Love your gift giving tips Nikki! No. 9 made me laugh – the completely see-through skimpy white lace lingerie set hubby gave me one year isn’t exactly my style 😉 As for your gift suggestions, I’d be very happy with 1 2 3 or 4 or the Burts Bees set. Go Oroton! xx

  2. Of course I see something I like,don’t I always,you seem to choose things that I don’t even know I need:) I love that leather shopper the necklace the little pouch though I have a mimco mim pouch,the benifit cosmetics…need I go one,No didn’t think so.Yes I have bought a present or 2 this week ,a gorgeous mug for my sister ,some body care for my mum and some industrie shorts for my daughters boyfriend though I cheated there and she picked,bought and I just paid,The very best sort of christmas shopping I think and I bought gift tags for the presents as well.
    Love the ideas you have for the men just might have to print that out and put it somewhere near the remote control?maybe ? I love the thought of the pampering packages,I asked my daughter for a facial from my Dermalogica salon and I’m asking for pedi vouchers from my son,Then I can go and get spoilt and not feel guilty .I actually was doing “research” for a whole weekend spa holiday or longer for my birthday next year,to go with my sister and my daughter that sounds like heaven to me.I hope you are having a qiuet day today after your exciting one yesterday Nikki,wow your going to be a TV star congratulations it could not have happened to a nicer person.
    Oh and I nearly forgot I framed your manifesto and put beads around the outside and hung it near my wardrobe,might make some more for gifts for all the girls in my life x

      1. Oh well maybe on the weekend you can have a relax ? Yes I love what I did with the manifesto too,it is a daily reminder to me! Tell your son to have a great time in NZ and be safe x

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