12 ways to frock up for Frocktober

12 ways to support Frocktober 2012

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I’ve worn way too many pairs of pants this month.

Pants are my fall back. My wardrobe security blanket. Especially when teamed with a jacket.

All around me fabulous bloggers such as Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes, Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags and Lexi from Pottymouthmama have been getting their frock on since October 1.

Frocking it up to raise much needed money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation as part of the Frocktober initiative.

Next year, I will be with them. All the way. From the start.

October is a difficult month for our family. It’s the month that marks the passing of my husband’s stunningly beautiful mum. She lost her battle with this insidious disease six years ago (I wrote this post last year about it).

Before my mother-in-law’s diagnosis, I didn’t know much about this particular cancer.

Like most people, I thought as long as I had a pap smear every couple of years, I’d be OK. For the record, pap smears are super important in detecting abnormalities on the cervix. Keep having them.

But they won’t tell anyone squat about the health or not of your ovaries.


Which is why most women are diagnosed when the cancer is quite advanced. These women start their treatment very much behind the recovery eight ball. The stats are not good.

The first Frocktober event was held in 2007, when a group of friends decided to raise money for women’s health. After scouring their wardrobes for old frocks, the small group hit the town, passed around a hat and raised $200. Frocktober was born! Frocktober Inc was then established by the group, each with a different background, including business, architecture, health, education and design. The group’s members bring a variety of skills and perspectives to the project, and chose the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation as their beneficiary, in the knowledge that ovarian cancer is an area requiring increased research resources. 

There are still 15 days in October 2012.

It’s not too late to join the cause. Do your own fundraising – or donate at the Frocktober site.

Whatever you do to support, why not do while wearing a dress?

12 ways to frock up for Frocktober

Bring out the frocks in your wardrobe, or add to your frock collection with something from the shopping suggestions below.

I will be. You can follow along on Instagram. I’ll post my frock outfit every day.

Shopping suggestions

(click on the links under each image for link on how to buy)


Will you join me in supporting this cause? And if you’re already frocking up, please leave a link in the comments below to your fundraising page or event.


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  1. I’m not only rocking a frock every day and flogging the hell out of my Frocktobered selfies all over social media (sorry!), but I’m doing my bit to raise awareness by talking to people about Frocktober and the reason for the fundraising. It may surprise you but I do like to talk just a little bit.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, Nikki. x

  2. My mum had cervical cancer and because of this, I am super vigilant when it comes to having regular pap smears and taking good care of my health as a woman. Thank you for bringing attention to this wonderful cause. And you know how I love a good frock…! xx

  3. One of my best friends lost her Mum 2 years ago to this horrible disease and has been through hell and back.

    She decided to be tested to see if she was carrying the BRAC1 and BRAC2 gene (the ones responsible for ovarian and breast cancer) and found out that she was at a greater risk of developing the disease.

    She made the very brave decision to take action and had a double mastectomy, breast reconstruction and a hysterectomy. She is doing really well and is comfortable with her decision to take control and to try to eliminate the risks of her having to go through what her Mum did.

    This is the first year that I have heard of Frocktober and I will join you in it next year for sure.

  4. Brilliant idea, scary cause.

    Ovarian cancer is so insidious- when you read the symptoms I defy any woman not to start ticking boxes. So that means we often put down these things to normal hormonal fluctuations, or think if we ignore them they’ll right themselves.

    Please be vigilant with following up everything that’s slightly unusual or uncomfortable. If the worst thing that happens is the doctor tells you there’s nothing to worry about, well what a great outcome.

  5. Oh, good on you for getting on board with this! I can’t wait to see your dresses. I have loved seeing Kimba’s dresses each day – what a trooper she is – I cannot imagine how many dresses that girl has!

  6. Thanks for linking me up Nikki! Great way to raise funds IMO because…I can’t run, but I can do fashion and it’s for a good cause so why not I say. I don’t have 30 dresses (maybe I do?) but I’ve learnt from last year’s challenge to rotate and make it different by accessorising. And Melbourne’s weather being so unpredictable, it can be pretty tricky to dress up in a frock without freezing our butts off too! But loving this so far! 🙂

  7. I’m doing Frocktober this year and trying to raise awareness of ovarian cancer – not only is there no screening test, which makes early detection incredibly difficult and reduces survival rates, but it seems to be a cancer that doesn’t get the ‘publicity’ either – so many women are unaware of it or how it can affect them and their families in such a devastating way until it’s too late.
    I’m posting my frock pics on Instagram every day (@annasamara) and my fundraising page/blog is here: http://www.everydayhero.com.au/annasamara
    A xo

  8. Love the dresses you have shown,yes I will be on the bandwagon for such a good cause,I love dresses they are my absolute favourite thing to wear,so it won’t be hard to do Frocktober and I will send a donation as well,I wore a dress yesterday and have one on today.
    Hopefully they will get an early detcection test for ovarian cancer soon,though it has so many symptoms we just ignore,my Doctor when she does my Vault smear(what you have when you have had a hysterectomy) checks out my ovaries and all my lady bits,but it is not foolproof ,Thinking of you Nikki in this diffucult month.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother in law Nikki.

    I haven’t joined in this year but I have donated money to a few friends doing Frocktober as my little bit to help. I think next year I will join in as it is such a worthy and important cause. x

  10. What a great way to raise funds and just show support! I had heard of frocktober but had no idea that this was the ’cause’ behind it! I am going to make an effort to join you for the rest of the month.

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