18 Pink Ribbon event outfit ideas

Let’s go shopping: 18 Pink Ribbon event outfit ideas

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I’m of the age where mammograms are free. Yes. I know. Lucky me.

Seriously. I AM lucky. Lucky that breast cancer, is a cancer that has a detection test.

I won’t kid you. Mammograms are not fun. I do get off lightly though because my boosies are already of the downward sagging pancake variety. What’s a bit more flattening for the good of their health?

Now, of course I’m talking all things boosies because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the month on the calendar awash with pink … an inspirational campaign that continues to grow every year and one that will always have my support.

How about you? Are you attending a fundraiser this month? Maybe you’re hosting one? Maybe you’re buying one of the hundreds of Pink Ribbon products available that contribute funds to ongoing research or support?

I was asked this week by Styling You reader Louise for some outfit suggestions.

So I spent a bit of time scouring the shops online to see what kind of pink ribbon event outfit inspiration I could find.

18 Pink Ribbon event outfit ideas

The way I approach these kind of events – where it really is important to acknowledge and dress to the theme – goes like this:

1. Look in wardrobe. Is there anything there that could work? Anything with a splash of pink that would save me a few dollars on my clothes shopping budget?

2. What about accessories? For a Pink Ribbon event four years ago I bought two Dinosaur Design bangles and a pair of earrings. I considered them an investment and they’ve been worn many a time since.

3. If it’s off to the shops I go, so be it. This season there is a lot from which to choose. Pink is ON-TREND. It’s my current fave nail colour. I have it in a cheap cocktail ring. I love it in my Michael Kors patent kitten heels picked up in New York for a song. I love it in this Boom Shankar dress and Misano sandals.

4. Pink doesn’t have to be super girly. Harness your pink power for good and toughen up a pink outfit with black or tan accessories.

Shop now: 18 pink outfit ideas or accessories

(Click on the caption under each photo for a link to check out and buy the garment featured)


PS. Today (October 4) is Shop Pink Donation Day when David Jones will donate the profit from all purchases made online or in all stores nationally to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Now, there’s a your cue to shop for a cause.

Are you heading to any breast cancer awareness fundraisers this month? What have you planned for your outfit?

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  1. Wow I love that twisted dress and the skirt up the top of the page. They are just stunning! I’m a big fan of pink.. it has to be the right tone though. Bright is best in my view.

  2. Oooooh! Love that Witchery dress, I haven’t got any events so far but will donate. Breast cancer affects everybody by the time we get to our 40’s, we all know someone. Lets all keep checking those bosoms. I never wore pink ever until I had my little daughter and now wear it heaps and love it. All because people always gave her pink clothes and she looked so sweet in them, so I joined in the fun. Thank heaven for little girls.

  3. I love pink! I have the Kalokeri Kaftan pictured here, and it’s beautiful. My preference is for deeper shades, and anything from pink through to orange. As these orangey and pink shades are not in fashion very frequently, I’ve been in my element the last couple of years, buying up while it’s still around! And I wear it no matter what’s in fashion. Love your blog Nikki, so much of what you feature suits me and my life. Thanks!

  4. Yes I will be buying something pink for breast cancer awareness I always do,it is such a good cause and you get something pretty and pink out of it.I am not a real pink girl but yes in a bangle ,shoe or a stripe, pink is great ,though I found it hard when I went to the shops yesterday I wanted a pink yellow and orange bangle set,hard to find,but came home with an orange yellow and coral set that will do for what I need it for.
    I also get free mammograms as well,fun aren’t they,my wet sock boosies barely a b cup get squished so badly and last time I got bruises as the woman tried to do it right up to my collar bone ,ouch,but in saying that I had a scare about 10 years ago and I was sure I had breast cancer I had a mammogram,ultrasound and a biopsy and luckily for me it wasn’t cancer ,I still get them checked every year and also have to have an utrasound as well because the lump is still there in my milk duct.My husbands Grandmother had breast cancer twice and ended up with a double mastectomy so It is a cause close to my heart,Thanks Nikki for the pink fashion ideas.

  5. I have been invited to a few events, I love pink in home bits and bobs but not on me so thanks this is a great post…loveee the shoes x

  6. A group of mums from my children’s school are doing the Pink Triathlon this weekend. It’s our first triathlon ever! We are all excited & nervous! It’s all for a good cause. Love all your pink ideas!

  7. Thank you Nikki for helping me and many other women in styling their PINK outfits. Going through my wardrobe this week and if I need to go shopping SO BE IT 🙂 Will send a photo of what I ended up with next week after the fundraising event I’m attending.

  8. Great tips for a great cause dear to my heart Nikki. I’m not a fan of pink but when it’s a stripe with orange…failing that, flip-flops or nail polish would work! xx

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