Want to mix and mingle with Aussie celebs at G’day USA in LA?

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I am sad. It is October and I can no longer say I was in the US “last month”.

But humour me please as I continue to reminisce and generally cast a gorgeous, bubbly glow over the whole trip.

I haven’t much talked about the LA part, have I?

It was a bit fleeting, I must admit. Kind of tucked in at the end of almost three weeks as a bit of “well, we’re flying out of LA so we may as well check it out”.


Now, I know we didn’t give ourselves a lot of time in LA or Hollywood (we stayed in West Hollywood) but it was time enough to sample a couple of restaurants (and their margarita menus), get in some last minute shopping on Rodeo Drive (below) and have a final “blow-out”, which as you know is in no way connected to bits of tyre rubber on a freeway but is actually connected with paying someone else for the privilege of doing your hair.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Yes, I packed a bit in but what disappointed me in my lightening visit was the distinct lack of celebrity sightings … there was one. Just one.

It was a good one, mind.

Especially if you are a True Blood fan and especially if you are fond of wolf-like characters in True Blood and especially if you would lose your … *composure* … should your husband point out that the very buffed Joe Manganiello (Alcide) was getting into his car, post workout, across the road from where you were standing.

Alcide, his bulging biceps and my subsequent shortness of breath aside  … it just wasn’t enough.

I mean aren’t celebs meant to be wandering down the middle of the street just like kangaroos do here in Australia?

Aren’t they?

So, now that I’m home and still dreaming of all things US, I’ve since discovered there is a sure-fire way of rubbing shoulders with celebs while in LA.

And not just any celebs. No.

Aussie celebs.

Aussie celebrities: Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Miranda Kerr and Guy Pearce

I’m not sure about you but I’d be very happy to run into Hugh Jackman at any time but if it were at the 10th Annual G’Day USA event, held each year in Hollywood, I would probably lose all power of speech.

I mean he’d be all suited up, wouldn’t he? And probably with his lovely wife Deborra-Lee. And Deborra and I, we’d talk kids … and hunky husbands.

And if I ran into Miranda or Cate in the bathroom, I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself from touching their skin to see if it really was real … and to check that they didn’t walk around with a virtual Instagram filter attached to the front of their faces.

Guy Pearce might also look at me a bit strangely if I wondered up to him at the bar and started talking about whether he glanced back to so much as give Mrs Mangel a filthy look after leaving Erinsborough in 1989 … I wonder if he still sees Charlene and Scott. Oops, there I go again mixing my characters with my actors.

Must. Not. Do. That.

If I’m to become a proper celebrity shoulder rubber.

Now, if you too hanker for a bit of a celebrity shoulder rubbing then listen up.

Travelworld is partnering with Qantas Holidays to offer an exclusive travel package to the Black Tie G’day USA Gala Dinner next January in LA.

As part of the package you not only get flights, accommodation and limo transfers but you also get tickets to the Gala Dinner, which to me is very much sounding like the ultimate girls’ trip (can I suggest you go shopping at The Grove and Beverly Centre too?).

There are only 50 double passes available to the G’day USA Gala Dinner for this once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience.

I can’t guarantee you’ll be dancing to a Grease mega-mix on the dance floor with ONJ but I can guarantee that you’ll be in a flap about WHAT TO WEAR.

Want more info and to book? Click on over here.

Have you been to LA and Hollywood? Spot any celebs? Spill the goss.

Coordinated by The Remarkables Group | This post was brought to you by Travelworld and Qantas Holidays | Celebrity photo credits: shutterstock.com | Other photos: Styling You


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  1. We stopped in LA on our way back from NY last month and stayed in Beverly Hills (was beautiful). I saw Simon Cowell and Britney was apparently staying in our hotel so I was happy with that.!!

  2. You crack me up Nikki,I too get my characters mixed up with my actors ,my hubby thinks it’s funny the way I talk about them…..as If I know them.
    Lovely Prize Thank-You .

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